You Need Steam Deck Plugins In Your Life! Easy Decky Loader Install

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Foreign What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again have you ever wanted to Install a custom theme on your steam Deck or maybe some Custom Sounds uh Totally customize a fan curve or even Get better battery life out of it well It's actually pretty simple to do with Plugins and in this video I'm going to Show you how to use an application Called decky loader using decky loader Is super simple it's basically three Clicks and you're installed but uh you Know when it comes to decky itself it Has been on the market for a while and If you're not familiar with it it allows Us to inject plugins made by different Developers on our steam DAC and using Deckyloader couldn't be any simpler if You can navigate the steam deck then you Can get this up and running and download Your favorite plugins I mean within a Matter of minutes So if you're ready to get this installed Let's go ahead and get started now I Will show you a few plugins that I Personally like to use and I will demo Them but uh first things first we need To head over to desktop mode on the Steam dag in order to do this what we're Going to do is press the steam button on Our steam deck scroll down to power and Now we're going to choose switch to Desktop now you can actually do this all

On the steam deck you don't need a mouse Or keyboard you can use the built-in Trackpad and there's only a few clicks We need to do but we will have to open Up a browser and download the Application Okay so now that we're in desktop mode On the steam deck we're just gonna open Up a browser you can use anything you Want and head over to the decky loader GitHub link for this is in the Description super easy to use We're going to click right here to Download And this is actually going to go Directly to your downloads folder but We're going to move it to our desktop Just to give it super easy access Now that it's downloaded I'm just going To place it right here We'll just move here And now it's time to install we're just Going to double click Continue We've got the release or the pre-release We're just going to go with the release It's going to download everything we Need and the install is finished So we can go ahead and close this out And move back over to handheld mode or Gamepad UI mode Now that we've got it installed it's Super simple to use we're going to press The Three Little Dot button on the right

Hand side of the steam deck And at the very bottom you can see it's Integrated right here so from here we've Got our decki settings there's really Not much we need to mess around with in Here but we're just going to head back Out Go back to that menu And we're going to choose this little Store icon All of this is free to use you don't Have to purchase anything and now we've Got easy access to all of these plugins So we've got the CSS loader gives you a Nice brief description of what this Thing's going to do we've got our system Toolbox deck FAQs vibrant deck which is Actually one of my favorites you can Change the saturation levels on the Steam deck screen and I love a lot of Saturation so I'm going to go ahead and Install this one we'll just install And now we have it so if we want to Adjust this plug-in we're just going to Scroll right down to it vibrant deck and From here we can change our saturation And Gamma and I'll show you that in real Time in just a second but let's go with Another plug-in so we're going to head Over here we're just going to scroll Down and find something good proton DB Badges we've got the audio loader Replaces the steam UI sound effects with Custom Sounds

We've got a Bluetooth connection Assistant quickly connect to your Already paired Bluetooth devices Notebook power tools this is something I Personally love so I'm going to install This one also Quick to download quick to install Basically does everything for you and The final one we're going to download And take a look at is CSS loader this Allows us to install custom themes we'll Go ahead and install it this way we can Totally customize our steam DAC so we've Got power tools we've got vibrant deck And CSS loader but uh you can just kind Of go through here and see exactly what You need for your steam deck and Download it fantastic would be another Great one this allows us to set a custom Fan curve got music control and Basically just scroll through here find Out what you need what you want to mess Around with and you can download it Directly from here super easy to install Everything but now that we've got a few Installed we're going to move over to The steam deck screen so we can see What's going on when we mess around with These new plugins Okay so this is going to give us a Better idea of how vibrant deck is going To look and we can take a look at some More themes and that power tools so from Our plugin section we're going to go to

Vibrant deck and you can see we can Actually disable enable color settings But uh for this I want to set my Saturation out of the box this is at 100 You know if you want to go old school With it or new r with it you can go to Zero and get that black and white look On your steam deck not sure how many People are going to be doing this but uh We can definitely take that saturation Up and for me I like around 140 you Could go higher you could go lower it's Really personal preference and I've Always been a big fan of a little more Saturation that's one of the big reasons I love the AMOLED displays or the Super AMOLED displays but around 135 to 145 is Where I like to sit I'm not exactly sure how it's coming Across on camera but it's definitely Taking that saturation up and if you Kind of want to blind yourself you could Go on up with it if you want to but I'd Say 135 to 145 personal preference That's where I like to sit with vibrant DAC and with vibrant deck we can also Adjust the color so we can go red green And blue with it I haven't really messed Around with it that much I just kind of Like getting a little more saturation Out of this display I thought it was a Little dull in the first place Next plug-in we're going to be taking a Look at is CSS loader this will allow us

To install custom themes and there's Actually a bunch to choose from so we're Going to go to manage themes and we've Got kind of a little bit of a storefront Here we can filter by day added date Updated most popular I'm gonna go with Most downloaded and you can just keep on Scrolling find something you like and Download it we're gonna go with three or Four here some of my favorites and most Downloaded is going to give you an idea Of some of the best ones right now We're gonna go with the switch like Theme Give us kind of a little switch-esque Interface Round is going to be one of those that Kind of gives us those round borders on Our game images I think it looks great And one of my favorites is actually the Outrun theme kind of a cyberpunk deal And we do have some customization with Most of these inside of the theme itself So we've got three to take a look at And we'll just back up and we'll go Ahead and apply the first one we're Gonna go with the switch like theme First And as soon as we enable it it'll give Us the custom settings that we have and Uh from here we can disable that friends List if you want to but this gives us That straight across switch-like look Some people love this some people don't

Like it but you can actually mix and Match also so adding the round theme to Something like this will give us those Round borders on all of our game images But uh we're gonna disable the switch Like and just go with round with this One we can set the corner around this And it might not look like a big change But yeah I mean it really is when you've Been using the steam deck for a long Time with those straight across edges Having those round borders does look Pretty good and uh one of my favorites Is the outrun theme we're going to Disable the round and just go with that But yeah this does kind of change it up Quite a bit and there's quite a bit of Customization we have with this we can Change the accent color we can change The font uh I personally like it with This pink and blue I think it looks Really good but you know there are other Colors to choose from we could go with Kind of an all blue look but this really Does change the whole aesthetic of the Steam dag so uh let's go with the blue There we go This theme really gives off kind of a Cyberpunk Vibe and I really do like it It's system wide so if we head into Settings we're going to get that same Coloration over here and like I Mentioned you can mix and match these Themes I'm not sure how well some would

Go with others but I know like with the Round theme it does go quite well with a Lot of these so we'll just head back in Here and I'm actually going to enable Round along without run it's going to Round up those borders for me and it Looks pretty great Foreign The final one we installed here was Power tools now this really isn't for The faint of heart but it will give us Better battery life and in some cases we Can actually get better performance out Of the steam deck by using a tool like This We can disable smt from up top and uh Remember we've got four cores and eight Threads and when it comes to thread Count here a lot of these indie games Really aren't going to utilize those so You can actually totally disable them Using that smt or you could just lower Them so instead of going with eight Threads we could go with four threads or Even two threads we can set the minimum And maximum clock of the CPU and GPU so Again for indie games this will really Help out with battery life we don't need A boost as high with games like Shredder's revenge so we can actually Take that maximum clock all the way down We can also set a minimum or just kind Of lock it at a certain clock we can Also set the charge current limit and

You know there's a lot of settings here In power tools that will either you know Give you a little better performance With your steam deck or lower the Performance and in turn it'll actually Increase that battery life and I want to Give you a little demo here on how well This does work So I've got a simple little demo here This is Sonic Mania running we've got The brightness on the steam deck set to 100 and this game is pulling anywhere From 10 to 12 Watts from the battery now This is exactly what we need to look at Right here we can also check out how Much is pulling directly from the GPU And CPU but we're talking about total Power consumption which is really going To affect battery life on the steam dag So this is actually a really easy game To run I mean it's a 2d game we're Pulling 10 to 12 Watts from the steam DAC but it doesn't have to be that way If we head over to the power tools Plugin that we just installed with decki We can actually either lower the clock Speed on the CPU we can lower the clock Speed on the GPU but really the only Thing I'm going to change here are the Threads so we're set to eight we're Gonna go to two that's all we're gonna Need for a 2d game like this and in turn It's actually going to take our power Consumption down to seven Watts now

Going from 11 to 12 Watts down to 7 Watts might not sound like a lot but When it comes to battery life if you Think about it this way we've got a 45 Watt hour battery in the theme deck Let's just say total power consumption Was 10.5 Watts from the battery that's Around 4.2 hours But at 7.5 Watts it actually comes out To around six hours now these aren't Real world numbers these are just rough Calculations but obviously I mean the Less we're pulling from the battery on The steam deck the better battery life We're gonna get out of it and that's one Of the big reasons I love using this Power tools plugin But yeah I mean if you're interested in Installing this super easy to do as you Saw in this video want to give all of The developers a big shout out I mean This is definitely making the steam deck A lot better for a lot of people I will Leave the decky loader GitHub Link in The description but let us know in the Comments below what your favorite plugin Is and why you like to use it but that's Going to wrap it up for this video if You've got any questions leave them down Below and like always thanks for Watching

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