You Can Build An Awesome Emulation PC For $130! PS2, WiiU Switch & PC Games!

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Thank you So yeah for the price paid I mean I Don't think we're getting bad Performance here with these older AAA Games you got to keep in mind I mean We've only got 130 dollars into this Thing What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again uh feeling a little Under the weather so my voice is a Little jacked up today but I really Wanted to get this video out because I Was really impressed by the performance Of this little PC so in this video Basically what we're going to be doing Is putting together a 130 gaming slash Emulation PC with parts I've picked up On eBay and when it comes to the price Here I mean it's really not that bad for Older AAA games and when it comes to Emulation this will actually emulate Wii U and even Nintendo switch using the Yuzu emulator now one thing that really Struggled on it was PS3 given the CPU We're using here but uh PSP PS2 you want To do some GameCube and Wii it's gonna Handle it just fine even 3DS emulation Is possible on this system but before we Go any further with this video I do want To mention that this video is brought to You by urcd Keys I've actually been Using this site for a couple years now They do offer steam Keys origin you Played they even offer Microsoft

Applications like office but the main Reason that I use urcd Keys is for their Windows keys right now their Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 cents but if you Use code ETA at checkout you can get 25 Off and another great thing about buying From here is they do accept Paypal I Just did this build here I need to Activate Windows I'm going to head over To my updates and security we're going To go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it They'll email your code once your Payment is processed and that's Basically it if you're interested in Picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for Your new pc builds I'll leave a link in The description All right let's go ahead and take a look At this thing now it is totally possible To put something like this together for 130 dollars picking up parts from eBay But you might be able to get out a bit Cheaper if you keep an eye out for local Deals with this set up here I did add an Extra eight gigabytes of RAM and the Video card was not included but the base Of the unit is an Optiplex 3050. I got

This on eBay for 62 dollars with an SSD Pre-installed and this actually uses an M.2 SSD and these things really are a Dime a dozen this one here didn't have a Hard drive bracket installed so we also Didn't get that disk drive but that's Something I wouldn't use anyway and one Of the big reasons you can pick this up So cheap is there's not a lot of upgrade Room here especially when it comes to The video card given how close that pcie Slot is to the power supply so you have To go with a low profile card and Initially going into this I really Wanted to go with something like a GTX 1650 but it's not going to fit unless I Do some modification or use a riser Cable and have the card you know totally Inside of the PC so again we're limited On choices here you could go with Something like an RX 6400 but that's Pcie4 so you are losing out on some Performance there So I just did a quick search on eBay and Picked up a good old GT 1030. I paid 56 Dollars for mine obviously it's a low Profile version and it is using gddr5 Vram and if you are interested in Building something like this make sure You do not pick up one with ddr4 ram the Performance is going to be much less and We already have a lower end card here so We want it as much as we could and you Know it would be nice to put something

Much more powerful in here but given the Space we have in the small form factor Chassis this is the card that I opted to Use plus I wanted to keep the price as Low as possible and just doing a quick Search here for an i5 7500 sff you can Find a ton of them the one that I picked Up came with eight gigabytes of RAM and It was a single stick so I did want to Upgrade this to 16 and I just picked up A 12.8 gig ddr4 stick on eBay and once It's all put together I'll give you a Quick rundown on the specs here for the CPU we've got the Intel i5 7500 four Cores four threads it would have been Really nice if they would have added Some some extra threads of the CPU but Unfortunately we're kind of stuck here With what we've got it does have a max Turbo up to 3.8 gigahertz we've got 16 Gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400 Megahertz a 256 gigabyte m.2 SSD and of Course we've got that Nvidia GT 1030. We've got two gigabytes of dedicated Gddr5v Ram do not buy the ddr4 version Of this you actually might see it for Much cheaper but skip the ddr4 version And this did come with Windows 10 Pro Pre-installed so I'm going to leave it There but I mean we could always install Linux or even Windows 11 if we want to And if this works out well with Windows 10 I actually might do a Linux video With this machine if that's something

You're interested in seeing just let me Know in the comments below Okay I mean so overall I mean using this As a normal PC it actually works out Really well we don't have any built-in Wi-Fi but I've got ethernet plugged in Right now and we do have more than Enough power for you know web browsing Video playback email checking document Editing this I5 7500 is a good little Workhorse when it comes to everyday Tasks but we kind of put this together For gaming and emulation so that's Exactly what I want to check out And first up we've got Street Fighter 5 1080p medium settings no resolution Scale or anything like that and I mean We could probably go up to a medium-high Mix but I still think it looks good Enough and we didn't have to drop that Resolution down that's one of the most Important things now another fighting Game that I tested was Injustice 2 and With that one I did have to go down to 900b with a low medium mix to get a Constant 60 out of it Next up we've got Doom Eternal and I was A little disappointed with the Performance here I completely understand What kind of system we're working with This is a lower end system but this is a Very well optimized game and I figured We could at least get 60 out of it at 720p low but unfortunately I only got an

Average of around 48 fps When it comes to GTA 5 I've always had Really good luck with this game on this GPU the GT 1030 right now we're at 900p Normal settings which is basically like Low for this game there's really no low Settings it's all normal and we get an Average of 88 FPS now if you wanted to Run this at 1080p we can do it but I Would recommend turning vsync on and Just kind of locking it right there at 60. You got lucky buddy and the final PC Game I wanted to test at least in this Video is a newer one we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 720p low and it Didn't do a great job at all I tried all Of the scaling modes and I really just Couldn't get any kind of good Performance out of this GPU with this Game but this is the newest game that we Tested on the list right now so when it Comes to the newer AAA games I mean this Little GPU just really can't hang if you Wanted to go with Indie stuff then yeah You'd be fine with it but I mean some Older AAA games that are a few years old Will be able to run on the system like This but I'd say where this thing shines Is actually emulation so we're starting Off light here with PSP using PPSSPP DirectX 11 back in chains of Olympus 4X And we could go up even higher than this But I mean it still looks great and of

Course since we're running this game Which is a harder one to emulate we'll Have access to full speed PSP with a ton Of games I mean I'd say as long as the Game's compatible with the PPSSPP Emulator it's going to run it just fine I also wanted to test out some PS2 Emulation so here's pcsx2 1080p DirectX 11 backend Gran Turismo 4 running gray And I don't have any kind of cycle skips Or anything like that going on with the Emulator itself and another one I tested Was God of War 2 but with that I did Have to take it down to 720p as you can See with afterburner we're right there At around 70 GPU utilization at 1080 With this game and God of War just takes A little more GPU to render So far this little system has been Handling emulation very well but I think These next two systems were the most Impressive given the price point of this Unit Here's senyu the Wii U emulator Bayonetta 2 Vulcan back in and we're Running at 1080p with this really great Performance now when it comes to breath Of the wild the system is good for 720p 30 FPS on that game which is more than Playable And the final thing I tested here was The Yuzu emulator and going into this I Actually didn't know what to expect I Had a good feeling that the GT 1030

Could keep up with this emulator but I Was a little worried about the CPU but Lo and behold I mean it actually runs These games at full speed dock mode with That Vulcan back in but yeah I'd say That this is pretty impressive given That this is one of the newest emulators On the market and of course a lot of This performance comes down to the Development of Yuzu they have done such An amazing job with this and seeing it Running on a 130 dollar budget PC is Pretty amazing So overall a machine like this is going To struggle with newer AAA games and you Know I kind of expected that going into It but given the price at 130 dollars if You know what you're getting into I Think it would be well worth it it would Work out as a secondary PC for everyday Normal tasks as you saw it's actually Offering way better emulation Performance than I ever thought older AAA games and any games are going to run Phenomenally on this and if you just Wanted to build something like this for Roblox and Minecraft for the kids then It's also going to handle those games no Problem at all so after seeing what kind Of emulation performance this thing put Out I will be doing a dedicated video I Think turning something like this into a Nice little emulation setup would be Perfect especially given the price and

The form factor this would be great for An arcade cab or even a pinball machine But the big question is are we going to Be running Windows or Linux depending on How we have it set up so you know if you Do want to see Linux emulation on this Let me know in the comments below but That's going to wrap it up for this Video really appreciate you watching if You're interested in putting something Like this together I will leave some Links in the description sometimes you Got to be patient with it you might have To bid on a few things but yeah you Could definitely put something like this Together and keep in mind check your Local listings you might be able to find Something with a little more power for Less money and I also wanted to Apologize for the voice thing going on Right now every year around Christmas Like clockwork I get sick and it just Happened if you have any questions let Me know down below and like always Thanks for watching

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