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So yeah this is a game we always wanted To see ported over to PC but it was Never done but on the 1X player 2 with The power this thing's put now we can Definitely emulate this awesome Xbox 360 Game What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Pack here again today we're going to be Testing out some high-end emulation on The upcoming 1X player 2. now if you're Not familiar with this device as you can See we do have these detachable Controllers but other than that we're Actually working with a really powerful X86 handheld and if you're interested in Checking out you know Windows running on This with some PC games and things like That I have made one video already I'll Leave a link for that in the description But this video is strictly dedicated to Emulation we're going to be testing out Some GameCube some Wii some Wii U we're Gonna go with some PS2 some 3DS some PS3 And even some Nintendo switch using the Yuzu emulator now before we jump into it I want to give you a rundown on the Specs here just in case you're not Familiar with the 1X player 2 and you Know if you're interested in learning More the Indiegogo is live right now I'll leave a link for that in the Description but just taking a look at The basic specs we got a really beefy System here it's powered by the ryzen

768 800 U so we've got eight cores here 16 threads and a boost up to 4.7 Gigahertz when it comes to the GPU we've Got the new Radeon 680m it's based on Our DNA 2 and it clocks up to 2200 Megahertz in this unit this also relies On LP ddr5 Ram running at 6400 megahertz And they're offering a 16 gigabyte model And a 32 gigabyte model we've also got a 2280 m.2 SSD plus a Micro SD card slot And one of my favorite things about the One X player 2 is the display I'm a huge Fan of these larger displays and we've Got an 8.4 inch IPS at 2560 by 1600 and When it comes to the battery it is a lot Larger than some of these handhelds on The market right now coming in at 65.5 Watt hours And this thing actually offers 100 watt Fast charging now one thing I'd like to Mention here is you know we've got the Detachable controllers but they don't Work independently of each other this Will be officially shipping with a Controller grip so these slide right in There and we can use it wirelessly then But they do make a physical connection To the handheld itself so we don't have To worry about any kind of latency or Anything there and when it comes to the Analog sticks these are using the bigger Hall sensor analog sticks and even the Triggers around that are Hall sensor Based I'm super excited to show you what

This thing can do with emulation and Like I mentioned if you're interested in Checking out some PC gameplay I've got That video link is in the description But let's go ahead and get right into it The first thing I wanted to test out Here was my favorite front-end for Windows this is known as Big Box you Could also call it launch box but we're Actually in the big box version right Now I actually have a lot of viewers Asking about this every time I test a New handheld and I just wanted to kind Of show off the performance here and by The way this is actually running from an External hard drive it's a mechanical Drive and it's running over USB 3 and We're still getting really great Performance here with big box but if You're not familiar with launchbox and Big box what we have here is an easy to Use emulation front end we can import Our games easily set up our emulators And it's going to download all of our Metadata and artwork it'll also download Videos for us we've got hundreds of Different themes that we can use with This just makes it really easy to start Games up from and keeps them very Organized Okay so first up we've got tatsunoko Versus Capcom and I've got afterburner On screen so you can see what's going on Right now I've got the TDP set at 20

Watts but we're not pulling 20 watts With this game running at 1080p if you Take a look at the CPU package power We're right there at 15 watts with this One but you know there are harder to Emulate games when it comes to the Dolphin Emulator be it Wii or GameCube And what I always like to test here is F-zero GX on the hardest track same Exact settings DirectX 11 back in we're At 1080P and as you can see it's now Pulling around 17 Watts so it does take A little more to run this game at 1080p But we could always drop the resolution Down to 720p and at 720p this is only Going to hold 12 watts and for the first One we took a look at tatsunoko versus Capcom it's right there at nine Watts But either way you look at it the 1X Player 2 can emulate Wii and GameCube Games really well Moving over to some PS2 emulation using Pcsx2 1080p DirectX 11 and you could Always go with Vulcan with the latest Development builds if you want to but I've had great luck with DirectX 11 on These x86 chips so I just left it right There and the 6800u can definitely Handle PS2 emulation but it does take a Little more wattage than we saw with Wii And GameCube and it really comes down to The resolution we're running at here and The fact that I don't have any hacks on With pcsx too so we could go down to

720p turn on some cycle skips if you Want to but I wanted to have the Emulator set up for accuracy and as you Can see even God of War 2 is running at 60fps of course we are over 15 watts but Again dropping that resolution down will Definitely help out with that I think it Looks great at 1080P and it's playing Just fine in my opinion So in the past with these ryzen apus We've always had issues with Xbox 360 Emulation using the Zinnia emulator up Until recently there's a canary build of Zinnia you can head over to the Zinnia Canary GitHub page and download it lots Of great optimizations and when it comes To the ryzen 6800u we can even play Red Dead Redemption now you see we're at 30 FPS I don't have vsync off if vsync was Off we'd only be running at about 45 so We can't quite hit 60 with it but at 30 We've still got a playable version of Red Dead Redemption on PC now And we can even run Xbox 360 games like Forza 2 here at 60. now actually with Vsync off this will run at about 90 FPS On the 6800u but again I've just left Vsync on and it's fully playable Personally huge fan of this emulator Here and I've been testing out a lot of Stuff in my free time on the 6800u it's Doing a really great job I also wanted to see how well this thing Ran 3DS games using the Citra emulator

And due to the latest Radeon drivers With better opengl support we're getting Great performance with 3DS on these Chips even if you were to go over to Ryzen 5000 with Vega Graphics you'll Notice a big jump with those newer Radeon drivers so this is really awesome To see When it comes to Wii U emulation using The cemu emulator a lot of the stuff Actually runs really well at 1080p 15 Watts using the Vulcan back in so just Like a lot of emulators out there I mean We've got some easier to emulate stuff We've got some harder to emulate stuff And even something like Bayonetta 2 at 1080p Vulcan back in runs great at 15 Watts but if you wanted to do let's say Breath of the wild at 15 watts you'd Have to do that one at 30 or you could Take it up to 30 watts and do 60fps at 720p with that game Okay so here we have some PS3 emulation And we're only at 15 watts with Tekken 6. it is an easier one to emulate for PS3 along with games like demon souls And even Ninja Gaiden those will run at Full speed at only 15 watts on the 6800u But just like a lot of emulators out There we've got some harder to emulate Games that do require a little more like Skate 3. as a lot of us already know This is a harder to emulate one loves Those extra cores and threads and we've

Got to use them with the 6800u I mean We've got a lot of them here that we Could spare we're pulling 30 Watts from The Apu right now to get this to run at 720p 60fps now there are a few things we Could do to kind of lower this wattage Like lower the resolution from the Emulator itself but I just kind of left It with the out of box experience and I Mean it does perform great And the final thing I wanted to take a Look at was some switch emulation using Yuzu so we're in dock mode right now With the emulator which allows us to run This game at 1080P and as you can see We're pulling around 30 Watts now we Could go to handheld mode and what That's going to do is actually take the Resolution down to 720p and with both of The games that I tested we're only going To pull around 24 Watts from that Apu to Get these to run at full speed but I Mean overall this does a really great Job with switch emulation The One X player 2 can definitely handle Our favorite high-end emulators and in This video you didn't see any lower end Stuff like N64 PSP or Dreamcast and That's because it's going to run it even Under 15 watts you're not going to have An issue with those easier to run lower End emulators I just kind of wanted to See what we could really do with it and Yeah as you saw even up to Nintendo

Switch and PS3 is possible on the 1X Player 2. with that ryzen 7 6800u now if You're interested in learning more maybe Even back in the Indiegogo I'll leave a Link in the description but that's going To wrap it up for this video if you're Interested in checking out the PC gaming Performance of this device link for that Video is in the description and by the Way this also supports usb4 so I did Some e-gpu testing and we can unlock a Lot of graphics performance depending on The GPU you add to this device I'd also Like to know your thoughts in the Comments below I mean what do you think About the performance here I know we've Seen the 6800u in the past but not in This kind of form factor I really love This 8.4 inch display I know it's got a Much higher resolution than we're really Going to be running a lot of our games At but it's still really nice to have For media consumption and even playing Some older like source-based games Left 4 Dead 2 can run at 2K on this it'll Actually run at 4K but we've only got a 2.5 k display here and it looks Absolutely amazing so yeah let me know What you think about the 1X player 2 in The comments below and like always Thanks for watching

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