Worst PC Cases #shorts

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are the worst PC cases that were Ever made imagine if a Bionicle and a Vacuum cleaner had a one night stand Well the mistake child would be to ventu 3600 by Asus I guess it's supposed to Hint at good airflow but I'm glad They're not making this Abomination Anymore up next is the NZXT H1 which Caused a spark in the PC Building Community as it was a literal fire Hazard because of the PCI Riser Cable's Faulty design a metal screws thread Could make contact with an exposed Trace In the PCB this could cause a short and Eventually even a house fire NZXT recall The cases before any major damage was Done coming back to ridiculous cases This 1895 absurdity is the zynos G3 it's Made from 100 Billet aircraft grade Aluminum has a 7 inch 480p display in The front which isn't too bad looks like A Lego speaker and has a side panel that You can lock with a key for whatever Reason with the current prices of the GPU Market who wouldn't lock their side Panel last and certainly the least the MSI Sakura 500x it's a mixture of God-awful airflow and overly expensive Engineering that didn't result in Anything useful

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