Worlds Smallest VR Headset! #shorts

Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by Detective Dev

Only you will be able to use this Headset let me explain big screen are Making their first VR headset and it Might be the world's smallest it does Look a lot more Compact and weighs six Times lighter than other VR headsets at A measly 127 grams this could help a lot In terms of neck fatigue and heat if You're planning for long VR sessions the Offer pancake Optics combined 5K Resolution micro OLED displays with up To 90 Hertz of fresh weight for that Sweet sweet immersive gameplay do you Know the way the pre-order starts at a Steep 999 dollars for the US after which You will have to make a 3D scan of your Face this will be used to custom build a Headset to the shape of your face and Eye distance the downside you'll need an IPhone XR or newer to be able to perform The scan all things considered it would Mean that

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