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I'm sure at this point we've all heard Of the insta 360 link which has been Dubbed as the world's best 4K web camera But I'm not going to beat it around the Bush Okay this thing costs 300 freaking Dollars so it's gonna be really tough to Swallow for most of us it's jam-packed With a butt load of really cool features And it's powered by AI but is it worth The 300 price tag well that's what I'm Gonna find out in this video so before You guys buy it make sure to watch the Full video I do want to quickly say that Insta360 did send this out to me and Sponsor this video but they have no Control on the direction of the video And what I'm going to say in it so the Insta360 comes with a double end USBC Cable however they do include a USB a Adapter to convert it if your laptop or PC doesn't have a USB type-c port Installation is pretty straightforward You just plug the cable into your PC and Download and install the insta360 app Afterwards it's recommended to download And install the latest firmware and You're up and running the webcam gets Attached on the top of your monitor There is a lip in the front that Prevents the camera from slip being off And you can use the flap in the back to Adjust the angle this will fit most Laptops and even some of the more Thicker monitors up to an inch

Comfortably one of the things I really Like about the insta 360 link is how User friendly their app is it's Extremely easy to navigate around since All your settings are right there in Front of you on the bottom left you have The option of changing the resolution of The webcam and it does support at 720p 1080P and even 4K resolution the next Option on the bottom enables tracking But you can also enable this feature by Simply holding up your palm every time The camera recognizes a command it will Blink blue as a confirmation so in this Case I recognize my palm gesture to Enable tracking which by the way the Tracking feature on this webcam is Incredible it has a built-in AI Algorithm that detects the presence of People in the frame and attracts them With the three access gimbal it's Extremely accurate and it's able to keep Up with me quite well one thing to note Is that you can also adjust the tracking Speed in the settings so so if you're Constantly moving around it's best to Leave it on the fast option just for fun I actually tried my hardest to outrun The tracking software and I was able to Succeed a few times but for normal use Case scenarios it's able to keep up Easily Zoom is another really cool Feature you can manually make the camera Zoom in on your beautiful face you can

Activate this feature by simply using The L gesture from here you can raise Your arm for the camera to zoom in and Lower your arm to zoom out but it's Important to keep your hand in the frame Otherwise the camera will stop tracking It but if you don't want to keep Throwing the fortnite L around you can Enable AI Zoom instead this will Automatically zoom in for you depending On what setting you've selected you can Have the camera zoom in on your head Half of your body Or keep your entire body in focus it Just depends on what you're doing the Insta360 also has an autofocus feature That they're calling true focus and for The most part it works pretty well until It doesn't I noticed that it would have Trouble focusing smaller objects you Would have to position the object Directly in the center for it to Autofocus but most of the time it works Really well the smaller the object is The more trouble it has fishing for a Focus this is because the focus Algorithm is set to the human face as The highest Priority First so if it Detects a face even by a little bit it Will try its best to focus in on it as You can see in this video the best thing To do is cover your face or step aside Speaking of autofocus the camera will Also balance the highlights and shadows

In your video ensuring your background Isn't Overexposed this is done by Enabling HDR underneath the settings However keep in mind this does not Support 4K resolution or higher FPS it Only works in 1080P and 720 AP Whiteboard mode is also pretty cool the Camera will basically enhance the Whiteboard in your frame and it makes it Easier to read you just have to apply These markers to the corners of your Whiteboard and the camera will do the Rest you can also activate whiteboard Mode using a two-finger gesture overhead Mode is my favorite the camera will Automatically face downward at a 90 Degree angle which is perfect for Unboxing videos or demonstrations where You need a top-down view in order to Achieve this angle you will need to use A desk Mount of some sort desky mode is Kind of similar except it's not a 90 Degree angle from the top it's more of a 45 degree angle from the top of your Monitor however the cool part about Desky mode is that the camera uses Software to distort the image and make It seem like it's an overhead mode it's Actually pretty nuts the cool part about Desk View mode is that you don't need a Tripod or a desk Mount streaming mode is Another really cool feature this rotates The camera on its side to give you a Vertical format you can do this in both

HD and 720P key unfortunately 4K is not Supported this mode is great for Streaming live to your audience as it Provides a better viewing experience and Image quality on mobile devices also With Tick Tock Instagram reels and now The release of YouTube shorts almost Everyone wants to be a content creator And this mode makes it really easy to Shoot content in that aspect ratio I do Recommend using a tripod for this However as it will provide the best Tracking and viewing results since you Can move the camera around freely as Opposed to having it attached to a Laptop or a monitor insta360 actually Sells one separately which is cool Speaking of streaming the preset feature Is also very neat you can set up to six Presets and have the camera switch Between them with a click of a button But what really impressed me the most is Actually the built-in microphone it Doesn't sound terrible but what's Impressive about it is the built-in Noise canceling feature it actually Works pretty damn well so here I am Knocking on the table as I'm talking Directly into the webcam you guys Probably can't hear it Here's the same exact test but now I'm Using the microphone that's attached to My camera I'll let you guys be the judge all right

Next test I'm going to be using a heat Gun and I'm going to put it to a Max Setting so here we go it is currently on And I'm talking directly into the webcam With the heat gun Pretty much close to my mouth and then I'm going to switch over to the audio From the microphone that's hooked up to My camera again you guys can be the Judge my conclusion is this if you're an Online instructor business professional Content creator or anyone who can Benefit from using these features then I Really think it's worth the investment It's a it's icy I'm not gonna lie to you Guys okay but I do think the price is Justified here especially considering There aren't any other webcams out there With these features at the end of the Day this is an investment okay if you Think this can make your job a lot Easier or you can do your job a lot Better than I do think it's worth the investment now If you're gonna buy this and stick it in One spot just to use it as a webcam then You're not getting any value out of it Especially since you can find much Cheaper 4K webcams out there the Insta360 link is only worth it if you're Using the awesome features it comes with I'll drop a link to it down below if Anyone is interested in picking one up But yeah that's pretty much it for the

Video thank you guys so much for Watching and I'll see you very soon in The next one Foreign [Music]

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