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Having the best Wi-Fi router can Actually completely change your home Internet speeds in this video I'm Breaking down the top 5 best Wi-Fi Routers so you'll never have to suffer Through laggy streams or buffering ever Again the only issue is that some Routers actually do work better for Different situations what might work at Your friend's house might not be the Best situation for you which is why I Made sure to include options for all Types of situations and setups so Regardless of whether you live in a Small apartment or a 5 000 square foot House I'll have the perfect router for You all the links to find the best Prices on all the products mentioned in This video will be in the description Below the products mentioned in this Video are in no exact order so be sure To stay tuned until the end so you don't Miss anything first up on the list is The Asus Rtax86u my choice for the best Wi-Fi 6 Router the Asus RT ax86u is arguably one Of the fastest and best routers for Wi-Fi 6 technology on top of that it Also Sports some spectacular gaming Features excellent parental controls and Robust malware protection the ax86 is an Extremely compact router if you consider Its capabilities as it's just 9.4 by 6.41 by 3.14 inches without the antenna

So it's a perfect choice if you want a Powerful wireless router but also have Limited space the ax86u is a dual band Router with one of the industry's best And fastest Wi-Fi Technologies the top Speed on the 2.4 gigahertz and the 5.0 Gigahertz bands is 5700 megabits per second which is more Than enough if you frequently play video Games or stream music or video the Wi-Fi 6 on this router also uses new Technologies like the ofdma which is Orthogonal frequency division multiple Access to make the signal more reliable When multiple devices are connected to The router at the same time while the Wi-Fi 6 advanced technology makes the Ax86u incredibly fast it also works only With with devices that support Wi-Fi 6 But purchasing the ax86u now is also a Smart future proof move as more and more Devices will convert to the Wi-Fi 6 Technology also the incredible speed Makes the ax86u a fantastic choice for Gamers as it also provides a special Gaming Port specifically for that the A6 Ax86u is incredibly fast but it also is Quite pricey and if you're looking for a More bang for your buck router the Asus RT ax3000 which I'll cover later might Suit you best the Asus RT ax86u is Perfect for those who want incredible Wi-Fi speeds but also want a reliable Wireless signal for lots of different

Devices at all times malware protection Is also exceptional with Trend Micro and The ax86u has one of the most robust Parental controls I've seen in a router Making it the perfect choice if you have Kids at home that access the internet Frequently the Asus AXA 86u is one of The best Wi-Fi 6 routers I've ever Tested and with a fast signal and Substantial parental controls it is Ideal for both Gamers and families with Kids next on the list is the tp-link Archer ax6000 my choice for the best Router for most people with its Straightforward installation staggering Wi-Fi performance and solid parental Malware controls the tp-link Archer Ax6000 is in my opinion the best router For most people if you're not looking For the fastest Wi-Fi router around and You just want a device to provide you With a reliable and strong signal Throughout your house or office the Archer is your solution for the least Tech savvy the ax6000 is shockingly easy To install when you get it out of the Box now you can install it and manage The router in a few minutes from either The mobile app or PC as the interface of Archer's software is straightforward and Easy to navigate through on top of that The software also provides Trend Micro Which is a powerful anti malware system That offers robust parental control

Settings if you have kids who access the Internet performance on the ax6000 is Mind-boggling for a router that is Designed for most people in fact the 2.4 Gigahertz in close proximity the Archer Scores 120 megabits per second and 55 Megabits per second at a distance of 30 Feet on the 5 gigahertz the tp-link Router also exceeded all of my Expectations with a top speed of 775 Megabits per second in close proximity And 315 megabits per second at a Distance of 30 feet the file transfer Performance is also outstanding as the Ax6000 can transfer a folder of Approximately 1.5 gigabytes with mixed Files at a speed of 76 megabits per Second now although the Archer has Incredible performance for its price and Purpose there are better options if you Want the absolute best and fastest Performance such as the Netgear Nighthawk which I'll soon discuss it's Also worth mentioning that the Archer Ax6000 is a bit pricey as well the Ax6000 is the ideal Wi-Fi router for Most people with spectacular Wi-Fi Performance fast file transfers and ease Of use the router is a safe bet up next On the list the Asus Rogue Rapture gtaxe 16000 my choice for the best router for Gaming if you're a hardcore gamer and You want the absolute best and most Reliable performance at all times while

Gaming there's no better choice than the Asus Rogue Rapture gtax 16 000 with its Breakneck speed gamer Friendly settings and three Multi-gigabit ports you can't go wrong With the Rapture if you're a video game Enthusiast or you're into Esports the Design of the Rapture has an edgy and Aggressive look making it appealing to Gamers now keep in mind that this much Power also requires significant space in Fact the Rapture measures 7.6 by 13.9 by 13.9 inches and you need quite a lot of Room to situate the device Rogue Rapture's performance is absolutely Insane with 128 megabits per second in Close proximity at 2.4 gigahertz and a Whopping 938 megabits per second in close Proximity at 5 gigahertz the router also Has a Wi-Fi 6 technology however it's Not as good as what you get on the Asus RT ax86u file transfer speeds are also Good at 50 megabits per second with a 1.5 gigabit folder containing photos Videos and music looking at Rapture Software it has everything you would Expect from a gaming router it has an Aggressive design and multiple features To optimize your in-game experience Through the mobile app with a tap of Your finger you can actually assign Bandwidth prioritization for gaming Media streaming or web surfing also a

Status Circle in the middle of the Screen tells you your internet traffic Stats CPU and wired Wireless users Connected in real time time the Asus Rapture is one of the best gaming Routers on the market however you also Pay a hefty price for such power the Rapture costs significantly more than The ax6000 so if you don't want to break The bank on your first gaming router Other choices might be better for you The Asus Rogue Rapture is a spectacular Device for video game enthusiasts who Want top-notch performance at all times With its astonishing speeds fantastic Gaming software and beautiful RGB design You'll hardly ever find a better router Suited for gaming if you're interested In updated pricing on any of the items Mentioned in this video be sure to check Out the links below prices update on These products almost daily with sales And general price drops so if you want To find the most updated information Check the description if you find this Video helpful please help out the Channel by giving this video a like next Up on our list is the Netgear Nighthawk Raxe 500 my choice for the best overall Wireless router powered by the newest Wi-Fi 6 technology the neck gear Nighthawk Rax 500 is the best overall Wi-Fi router with 6 gigahertz radio band And light speed file transfer

Performance this router is for you if You want incredibly fast Wi-Fi one of The flagship features of the Nighthawk Is the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology now This Tech allows you to upgrade to 6 Gigahertz band which offers wider Channels much faster speeds and less Congestion when multiple users are Connected the Nighthawk Speed and Performance are mind-blowing and one of The fastest Wi-Fi routers that I have Ever tested with a maximum speed of 961 Megabits per second with the 6 gigahertz In close proximity you'll be able to Download even the biggest files in just Seconds but keep in mind that the Wi-Fi 6 technology is still in its infancy and Very few devices support it transfer File performance was also Stellar this Makes the Nighthawk also significantly Faster than the ax6000 Additionally the Netgear Nighthawk Rax c500 has an Incredible potent chipset designed to Handle 8K video streaming and heavy Traffic loads with ease also the Parental controls are limited there are No qos settings and the Netgear armor Protection which is a premium security Feature for your router requires a paid Subscription but if you're ready to pay A premium for the best overall Wireless Performance the Netgear Nighthawk Rax 500 is the perfect fit for you with Heightens performance Speedy file

Transfer rates and brand new 6 gigahertz Technology it is no wonder why this is My top pick for a wireless router and The final item on my list is the Asus Rtax 3000 Wi-Fi 6 router which is my Choice for the best router for the money So if you're tired of the cheap and Plasticky routers with poor Wi-Fi Connectivity the Asus rtax 3000 has Terrific Wireless performance for an Affordable price not all users want the Shocking performance of The Rapture and If you don't want to empty your wall Call it on an expensive router the ax 3000 is The Logical solution as it cost Even less than the tp-link Archer while Having similar performance the ax 3000 Is a very tiny router that will fit in Every room no matter how little space You have left it measures 8.82 by 6 by 6.3 inches excluding the antennas and if You have limited space for a router in Your room the ax 3000 is ideal one of The most unexpected features of the ax 3000 is the Wi-Fi 6 support which is a Feature that you'd typically find in a Much more expensive router on top of That the Wi-Fi 6 technology actually Works exceptionally well for a router at That price point however it's not as Snappy and smooth as the Asus rtax8u so If you want to buy a future proof router With Wi-Fi 6 technology the ax 3000 is One of the best bang for your buck

Options on the market performance on the Ax 3000 is actually surprisingly good And it can reach a maximum speed of 890 Megabits per second on five gigahertz in Close proximity now however the further You get the less potent the signal Becomes exponentially although the ax 3000 has an overall better maximum range Than other competitors in this price Range the 80 feet maximum reach may not Be enough if you have a bigger home Asus Ax 3000 is packed with great features Like parental control malware protection And a great qos however it does not have As many unique features as the Rapture Also if you're not tech savvy and you Don't want to waste half a day trying to Get your router running the ax 3000 is Extremely easy to install thanks to its Intuitive software the ax 3000 is one of The best value routers with stable Performance tons of useful features and An affordable price for mid-range users Who don't want to spend a fortune on Their router now if you guys like this Video or learned something please give It a like and be sure to check out the Description for links to find the most Up-to-date pricing on all products Mentioned in this video that's all till Next time

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