TOP 5: Best Laptops 2023

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I'm going to make it easy for you to Find the perfect laptop for you I'll be Breaking down the top 5 best laptops on The market and regardless of whether You're a student gamer professional or Anything in between I'll have the Perfect laptop for you in this video so Stay tuned all the links to find the Best prices on all the products Mentioned in this video will be in the Description below the products mentioned In this video are in no exact order so Be sure to stay tuned till the very end So you don't miss anything First on the list is the HP Specter X360 14. the best two in one laptop the HP Specter X360 is a powerful two-in-one Laptop with a staggering OLED screen and Great performance and it is also Convenient to carry around if you travel Often and have to work on the go if You're someone who often travels and you Want a lightweight yet powerful Two-in-one laptop the Specter is an Amazing Choice the Specter X360 is Lighter and more compact than the Acer Swift 3 I'll mention later in the video Which makes it much more portable with a Weight of fewer than three pounds you Won't even feel the Specter in your Suitcase the design of the Specter is Premium and elegant the materials used To make it feel and look luxurious while Also costing less than something like

The XPS 13 plus although less powerful Spec wise compared to the XPS 13 plus The Specter still packs a punch under The hood with an Intel Core i5 8 Gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of Internal storage Bridge you'll rarely Find yourself with the Specter Underperforming even for performance Heavy tasks whether you need to use Google Docs or photoshop the Specter Will handle everything easily battery Life is surprisingly good on the Specter With an average of 10 hours with a full Charge of continuous use it is an Outstanding achievement by HP for a Two-in-one laptop of this caliber if you Need a high quality display the Specter Has a stunning OLED panel with a three To two aspect ratio Rich colors and Excellent brightness you'll love Specter's display if you're an artist or A photographer who needs a crisp panel On your laptop the touchpad is smooth And roomy but it requires more Force to Click which can become a problem after Hours of extensive usage HP Specter is a Fantastic device and arguably the best Two-in-one laptop on the market on top Of that it also has lots of power and a Beautiful OLED screen Next up on the list is the Lenovo Yoga 7i gen 7. lenovo's yoga 7i gen 7 is an Incredibly well-built and designed Two-in-one laptop with a comfortable

Keyboard for those long work sessions And a colorful touchscreen the base Model of the yoga 7i is equipped with an Intel Core I5-1235u processor 8 gigabytes of memory A 512 gigabyte hard drive and an Integrated Intel Iris XE graphics card On top of that you can upgrade the yoga To an i7 processor 16 gigabytes of RAM And a sharper OLED panel however these Upgrades don't come cheap now Performance wise The Yoga 7i Works Flawlessly with most productivity work Whether you need to use the laptop for Heavy or light tasks lenovo's laptop Handles word processing web browsing With multiple tabs video conferencing And content creation with extreme ease Due to the integrated graphics card you Can't use the yoga for demanding video Games however the two-in-one laptop is a Great option for casual gaming the Design is where the yoga 7i really Shines and it's one of the most premium Laptops that I have ever tested with a Solid and light anodized aluminum build The yoga 7i feels and looks premium and On top of that it's also comfortable to Hold and measures .68 by 12.5 by 8.7 Inches with a weight of just 3.2 pounds The yoga 7i is easily one of the most Portable laptops on the market you can Even carry it around if you need it Often for work the panel on the yoga 7i

Is a beautiful 14 inch IPS 2.2k Touchscreen that will make your Productivity task a joy especially if You often do video editing and content Creation the screen is not as sharp as Something like the XPS 13 but it's up There with overall color quality the Display is colorful and sharp looking Particularly Vivid when viewing HDR Content on Netflix this makes it an Ideal choice if you love to watch your Shows while laying in bed or on the Couch and lenovo's yoga 7i is built like A tank but looks like a luxurious car And with its spectacular performance Colorful screen and two-in-one Capabilities you'll hardly find a better Quality laptop Next on the list is the Apple MacBook Air M2 my choice for the best laptop for Most people now if you're looking for a Device with a breathtaking display All-day battery life and robust Performance the newest Apple MacBook Air M2 is the best laptop for most people The air M2 is so slim Compact and light That it can be mistaken for an iPad when Closed the laptop is just 0.44 inches Thick and weighs 2.7 pounds making it One of the best picks if you travel Often but need a light and robust laptop For work and a perfect option for a Student when it comes to the display the Air M2 is nothing short of incredible

The bright and colorful 12.6 inch panel Is one of the best laptops for watching And editing videos with the sharpest Colors you can find on the market on a Display of this size brightness is also Staggering with a peak of almost 500 Nits the rm2 is ideal for those who love Working outside during the day and Performance wise the air M2 does not Disappoint and even with the base model Specs the new M2 Chip will do wonders For your productivity tasks the air M2 Will perform flawlessly without a single Lag even with a dozen Chrome tabs open While also working on heavy Photoshop Tasks if you're a hardcore gamer the air M2 won't allow you to play with Everything maxed out as it is not a Laptop designed for that specific Purpose however thanks to the M2 Chip And the 10 core GPU you can achieve a Fairly smooth 30fps even with more Recent games battery life is almost Unbelievable on the air M2 as it's one Of the few laptops on the market that Can last nearly 17 hours with one charge Which is perfect for those who don't Want to be constantly charging their Laptop while working on the go this is An incredible feat especially if you Factor in how gorgeous the macbook's Display is for comparison the XPS 13 Which has similar specs only lasts 8 Hours with a full charge Apple's air M2

Is the ideal laptop for most people Especially those who want an incredibly Crisp display a powerful productivity Tool and a professional looking laptop To carry around And if you're interested in any updated Pricing on any of the items mentioned in This video be sure to check out the Links below prices update on these Products almost daily with sales and General price drops so if you want to Find the most updated information check The description if you find this video Helpful please help out the channel by Giving this video a like and subscribing Next on the list is the Dell XPS 13 plus My choice for the best overall laptop Dell's XPS 13 build quality is Exceptional the metal chassis makes it Very sturdy but also stylish at the same Time and the XPS 13 looks and feels like A premium device and has a comparable Build to the MacBook Air M2 one of the Best features of this laptop is its Staggering screen with a 3.5 K panel Specifically 3456 by 2160 pixels in resolution it is An eye-catching OLED panel with near Perfect viewing angles true blacks and Incredibly Vivid colors the XPS 13 Screen is also pretty bright at 400 nits Which makes it perfect for the outdoors If you enjoy working in Parks during Sunny days the performance on the XPS 13

Is also spectacular as the unit includes An outer Lake core i7 processor that Will handle most of your work flawlessly Now whether you need a laptop for light Or heavy duty work the XPS 13 will Handle it with ease unfortunately the Battery isn't great as it lasts an Average of six hours but that is also to Be expected with an incredibly detailed Screen and the power that this laptop Packs you could squeeze some more Battery life and reach about 10 plus Hours but you need to do only light work And keep the brightness low a unique Aspect of the XPS 13 is its keyboard the Keyboard looks very futuristic and there Are no bumps in it as it has the Specter's keyboards on top of that the Keyboard is actually constantly backlit If you love working during the night and The typing feels exceptionally Satisfying also the touchpad is Invisible and it Blends in with the Chassis of the laptop the touchpad is Embedded in the glass running across the Laptop's wrist rest and although it Might seem weird at first you'll get Used to it in no time Dell's XPS 13 plus Is a premium product regarding specs Build quality and feel and if you're Looking for the best laptop overall on The market there is no better choice at This price point than the XPS 13. with Its spectacular performance and

Eye-catching OLED display And the final laptop on my list is the Acer Swift 3. my choice for the best Laptop for the money Acer Swift 3 is a Laptop for those who don't want to break The bank but still want a powerful and Robust machine if you're thinking Affordable laptops are all plasticky and Cheap looking the Swift 3 might change Your mind entirely as it has a durable All-metal chassis that makes it feel Like a premium laptop now the Swift 3 is Pretty portable as it measures 0.63 by 12.7 by 8.4 inches and weighs around 2.71 pounds the air M2 is a more Portable option because it's lighter and More compact but it also costs about Double the Swift 3. so if you want an Affordable and portable laptop the Swift 3 might be your best bet when it comes To the overall design the Swift 3 looks Sleek with its all aluminum chassis the Overall build quality feels extremely Solid and the keyboard is also quite Firm and robust the keyboard is Comfortable to use with shallow travel Which makes the keys feel quick and Responsive and if you're a right or Someone who types long documents on a Daily basis the Swift 3 is a fantastic Value for money laptop the 14-inch 1920×1080 is an exemplary display with Excellent brightness levels however it Does fall short when compared to the

Retina display of the MacBook Air M2 Having said that the colors are sharp And accurate for a panel of that Resolution performance wise the Swift 3 Comes with an Intel Core i5 processor 8 Gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte hard Drive although the Swift 3 isn't as Powerful as the Specter the laptop Works Flawlessly with light productivity work Such as web browsing and office Centric Tasks it can also perform surprisingly Well with heavier tasks such as light Video editing and photoshop on top of That the battery life of the Acer laptop Is absolutely mind-blowing and it comes Close to an already impressive air M2 One in fact the Swift 3 lasts almost 16 Hours with a full charge Acer Swift 3 is An incredible value for money machine For those who want to row robust and Relatively powerful laptop for everyday Tasks and don't want to spend a fortune On a top of the line device If you guys like this video or learned Something give it a like and be sure to Check out the description for links to Find the most up-to-date pricing on all Products mentioned in this video that's All till next time

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