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Having the right gaming TV can Completely change your gaming experience In this video I'm breaking down the top 5 best gaming TVs so you'll never have To suffer laggy bad gameplay again the Only issue is that a TV might work great For one person but might not be the best For you because most TVs are not made With gaming in mind which is why I made Sure to include options for all types of Situations so regardless of what you're Looking for I'll have the perfect TV for You all the links to find the best Prices on all the products mentioned in This video will be in the description Below the products mentioned in this Video are in no exact order so be sure To stay tuned so you don't miss anything First on the list is the Samsung S95b OLED my choice for the best gaming TV for most people the Samsung s95b OLED Is one of the top end gaming TVs on the Market and it comes packed with features Specifically designed for gamers the First thing you'll notice about the s95b Is it's very slim and attractive design The TV has ultra thin bezels which give It a modern and sophisticated look the Stand is also sturdy and durable Providing a really solid base for the TV The s95b features a 65-inch organic Light emitting display or OLED display Which delivers incredible picture Quality it has 4K resolution and Quantum

HDR which provides amazing bright color And dark image details for a rich Experience making games and movies look More immersive and lifelike although it Also comes in other sizes like a 55 inch Model with essentially the same specs The TV has a high refresh rate of 120 Hertz which eliminates motion blur and Makes fast paced action look smooth and Seamless a standout feature is the S95b's sound experience with Dolby Atmos And object tracking sound you'll envelop In terrific cinematic surround sound With its well-placed speakers behind the Screen you'll hear the rain from above And the explosion from behind to even Feel like you're inside the sound the TV Also eliminates screen tearing and Stuttering making games look more fluid The TV also has an extremely low input Lag which means you won't experience any Delay between your movements and what You see on screen the s95b OLED has a Wide range of connectivity options Including four HDMI ports and two USB Ports it also comes with multiple voice Assistants built in including Alexa Bixby and Google assistant so This TV Has all you need to keep you connected For your gaming sessions overall the Samsung s95b OLED is a fantastic gaming TV that is a great option for most People it delivers excellent picture Quality responsive gaming performance

And immersive sound next on my list is The Sony XR x90k my choice for the best Gaming TV for consoles the Sony XR x90k Gaming TV is an overall top of the line TV option for gamers looking for a high Quality experience when it comes to Performance the x90k delivers it is a Full array LED TV with 4K resolution and HDR compatibility so you can expect Stunning visuals with deep blacks and Vibrant colors the TV uses Sony's Cognitive processor XR engine which Ensures that every image is upscaled to Its best potential it also supports HDR Which brings the picture to life even Further another selling point of the X90k is its low input lag if you're a Competitive gamer you know how important It is to have a TV that can keep up with Your fast-paced gaming the x90k won't Slow you down giving you a seamless and Responsive gaming experience the x90k TV Meshes really well with PlayStation 5 Because of exclusive features for the PlayStation 5. input lag will run as low As 8.5 Ms and exclusive features include Auto HDR tone mapping and auto genre Picture switch that optimizes the Picture for gaming of course no gaming TV will be complete without built-in Support for all the popular gaming Systems the x90k has all the right ports Including four HDMI 2.1 two USB ports And an Ethernet input which means you

Can connect your PS5 Xbox series X or Any other gaming console without any Issues last but certainly not least the X90k has a sleek and modern look with a Thin bezel that gives it a premium feel The stand is sturdy and the TV itself is Well built so you can feel confident in Its durability the Sony XR x90k LED TV Is a great option for gaming and for Integrating with gaming consoles with Its Sleek design stunning visuals low Input lag and built-in gaming support it Is a perfect choice for serious Gamers If you're in the market for a new TV and You want the best gaming experience Possible the x90k is definitely worth Checking out next on my list is the LG OLED Evo C2 my choice for the best Overall gaming TV the LG OLED Evo C2 is A real powerhouse for gaming the OLED Panel provides Rich deep blacks and Vibrant colors that really bring games To life and its Gen 5 AI powered Processor 4K resolution the level of Detail is simply stunning it features Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound to Enhance every moment of your experience So whether you're playing the latest Trip AAA title or watching a movie the LG OLED evoc2 delivers an immersive Experience that is sure to impress now Let's talk about gaming specifically the C2 has built-in Nvidia g-sync and AMD Freesync modules which means you'll have

Smooth tear-free gaming with no screen Stutter and with a 120 hertz refresh Rate you can be sure that even Fast-paced games will look smooth and Seamless the low input lag also ensures That your actions will be translated to The screen as quickly as possible when It comes to connectivity the C2 has four HDMI ports for your gaming devices Another great feature of the LG OLED Evo C2 is its smart platform it has easy Access to all the major streaming Services like Netflix Disney plus Prime Video and Apple tv the interface is Intuitive and easy to use so finding the Content you want to watch is a breeze it Also comes with Alexa built in the C2 is A stylish TV that will look great in any Home and gaming setup the thin bezels Around the display give it a pre premium Look and the stand is sturdy and Provides a solid base for the TV overall The LG OLED Evo C2 is my pick for the Best overall gaming TV it features a Fantastic display and great gaming Response times plus other built-in Gaming features all in a sleekly Designed package so if you're in the Market for a new TV with great gaming Capabilities this TV could be for you if You're interested in updated pricing on Any of the items mentioned in this video Be sure to check out the links below Prices update on these products almost

Daily with sales and general price drops So if you want to find the most updated Information check the description if you Find this video helpful please help out This channel by giving us a like and Subscribing next on the list is the Samsung qn 90A my choice for the best Qled gaming TV the Samsung qn 98 is a Top of the line 4K TV that is packed With gaming features the qn90a looks Amazing right out of the box the TV is Incredibly thin with a sleek and modern Design design that would look great in Any room the qn98 qled uses Samsung's Quantum processor 4K which automatically Optimizes the picture for each scene it Also supports HDR content which makes The colors pop even more let me tell you The picture quality is fantastic the Colors are rich and vibrant the blacks Are deep and Inky the qn98 also features Object tracking sound Plus for an Immersive sound experience the TV has a Fast 120 hertz refresh rate which means You'll get smooth and fluid gameplay Even in fast-paced games and one of the Most important features for a gaming TV Is the input lag the qn90a has a very Good response time so you won't have to Worry about any delay between your Inputs and what you see on the screen And with its HDMI 2.1 ports you'll be Able to connect your gaming console or PC and take advantage of 4K at 120 hertz

There are other gaming features as well You can broaden your view with 21 to 9 And 3 32 to 9 screen ratios to give your Extra Edge and max out your gaming Experience the qn 90A comes with a Samsung's game bar which lets you Quickly access gaming settings and make Real-time adjustments to things like the Screen ratio lag input check HDR Settings wireless headset setting and More the Samsung qn 98 gaming TV is an Amazing TV that is packed with features And delivers incredible picture quality If you're looking for a gaming TV that Will take your gaming experience to the Next level this is the TV for you last On my list is the Sony a80k the Sony A80k is one of the most anticipated TVs Coming out in the past year and I'm Excited to dive into all the features That make this TV so special first and Foremost the Sony a80k is a 4K OLED TV With a large 65 inch display that offers An incredible viewing experience the TV Uses Sony's cognitive processor XR Engine which ensures that every image is Upscaled to its best potential it also Supports HDR which brings the picture to Life even further the picture quality is Simply stunning and colors really pop And enhanced audio with acoustic surface Audio Plus and Dolby Atmos gives a truly Immersive sound experience as well but This TV isn't just a pretty face it's

Also packed with some serious gaming Technology it supports next-gen gaming With 4K 120 hertz support and a variable Refresh rate which makes games look even Smoother the TV uses an auto low latency Mode when a gaming console is connected And powered on to minimize any ghosting Or tearing for PlayStation 5 Gamers You'll experience input lag as low as 8.5 Ms and the Bravia XR exclusive Features Auto HDR tone mapping and auto Genre picture switch the Sony a80k is Also an incredibly smart TV you'll have Access to your favorite content and Services hands-free with the built-in Google Assistant making it easy to Control your a80k with just your voice Now in terms of connectivity the Sony A80k has everything you could ever need There are four HDMI ports three USB Ports and an ethernet port so you can Connect all of your devices without any Issues overall the Sony a80k is a great Gaming TV that offers an amazing viewing Experience with stunning picture quality Next-gen gaming technology and smart Features it's one of the best gaming TVs On the market today if you guys like This video or learned something please Give it a like and be sure to check out The description for the links to find The most updated pricing on all products Mentioned in this video that's all till Next time

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