TOP 5: Best Gaming PCs 2023

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Having the right gaming PC can Completely change the quality of your Gaming experience and in this video I'm Breaking down the top 5 best pre-built Gaming PCs so you'll never have to worry About suffering through bad laggy Gameplay again and will be able to play The games the way they're supposed to be Played the only issue is that a PC might Work great for one person but might not Be the best for you because most PCS are Not made to be perfect for everyone Which is why I made sure to include Options for all types of situations so Regardless of what you're looking for I'll have the perfect gaming PC for you All the links to find the best prices on All the products mentioned in this video Will be in the description below the Products mentioned in this video are in No exact order so be sure to stay tuned So you don't miss anything first on my List is the Acer Predator Orion 3000 my Choice for the best gaming PC for most People the Acer Predator Orion 3000 Looks great and has a gaming performance To match it has a sharp looking black Case with a tempered glass side panel That gives you a glimpse of the powerful Components in side it's not too flashy But it definitely looks like it means Business the Predator Orion 3000's front Panel has two USB 3.2 ports a headphone Jack and a mic Jack which is super

Convenient the back panel has plenty of Ports for all your peripherals including HDMI and display ports inside the Predator Orion 3000 packs a serious Punch it's powered by an Intel Core i7 8 Core processor which means it can handle Even the most demanding games and Applications it's also got an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card which Means you'll be able to play the latest Games at high settings without any lag The Orion 3000 also has 16 gigabytes of Ddr4 RAM and a 512 gigabyte solid state Drive which provides plenty of storage Space for your games and files the Orion 3000 has a first class cooling system Designed with sections between the CPU And the power supply each of the cooling Fans include four RGB LEDs which work to Optimize the cooling so the 3000s Components are at a safe temperature Even when you're pushing the system to Its limits the fans are also pretty Quiet so you won't have to deal with a Lot of distracting noise while you're Gaming now it has a killer ethernet e 2600 and Wi-Fi 6E so you'll have fast And reliable internet connectivity even During intense online gaming sessions it Also has Acer's Predator sense software Which allows you to adjust the system's Performance and lighting to suit your Preferences and of course it comes with Windows 11 pre-installed so you'll be

Ready to go right out of the box overall The Acer Predator Orion 3000 is the best Gaming PC for most people in my opinion It's got a powerful set of gaming Components a Sleek design and a great Cooling system and a great all-around Value and experience next on my list is The cyberpower PC extreme VR Gaming PC My choice for the best gaming PC for the Money the cyberpower PC extreme VR Gaming PC is a real powerhouse at a Reasonable price point it's equipped With an Intel Core i7 processor to give You amble processing power for your play It comes with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 RAM And a one terabyte solid-state drive Which means that you'll have plenty of Space for all your games and Applications the CPU paired with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 12 gigabyte Graphics card means that the extreme is More than capable of running all your Favorite games at a reasonable level It's not the most powerful graphics card But it's good enough to play almost any Game at normal settings the Cyber power PC Extreme has all the connectivity Options that you'll ever need it's Integrated with 802 11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity and the ethernet port Offers options for internet access Through either wireless routers or wired Broadband networks it has a total of six USB 3.1 ports two USB 2.0 ports an HDMI

Port two display ports and a headphone Jack and microphone Jack and more so it Is outfitted with a wide range of Options for connecting to other Peripherals it's 7.1 audio Channel Produces Rich powerful audio for your Games movies music and more the package Also includes the cyberpower PC extreme Gaming keyboard and seven colors RGB Mouse so you can add a personal touch Another great feature of this gaming PC Is that it is designed to be VR ready so With VR accessories and applications Which are sold separately you'll be able To experience virtual reality Games and Applications in their full impact the Cyber power PC extreme VR Gaming PC Looks nice the case has tempered glass Panels on both the side and the front it Comes with RGB lighting that adds an Extra level of customization and Personalization to your setup now all in All the Cyber PC extreme VR Gaming PC is The best gaming PC for the money in my Opinion it's well built looks super Slick and delivers high level Performance so if you're looking for a Great value in a machine that delivers Top level performance the extreme is Definitely the perfect PC for you next Up on my list is the Alienware Aurora R14 my choice for the best overall Gaming PC the alien Aurora R14 is a Serious machine designed for serious

Gamers and it's got a huge amount going For it the Aurora R14 has a cool Futuristic look that's instantly Recognizable as an Alienware product Designed to look great from all angles It has an optional clear side and doors On either side and an optimal magnetic Back door so you can easily access and Swap out components it's multiple ports For all your needs are positioned on the Front and rear for ease of use inside The Aurora R14 is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900 12 core processor plus 32 Gigabytes of ddr4 XMP RAM and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card that's Some incredible processing power and it Shows in the performance games run Smoothly at maximum settings for the Ultimate gaming experience the design Prioritizes cooling through a Reorganized internal layout which Creates less airflow obstructions this Allows fans to provide more airflow with Less effort and provide quieter Acoustics and immense storage setup Allows the Aurora R14 to handle the most Intensive applications it's one terabyte Solid state boot Drive provides Lightning Fast load times for your most Used games and applications and a 2 Terabyte hard disk drive provides plenty Of space for games media and other files Of course a gaming PC isn't just about The hardware the software is just as

Important as the Aurora R14 doesn't Disappoint Alienware Command Center is a Powerful tool that lets you customize The lighting monitor system preference And optimize game settings for maximum Performance it's also very user friendly So even if you're not a tech expert you Can still get the most out of your Gaming PC the Alienware Aurora R14 is The top of the line on all fronts Powerful well-designed and easy to use With features that will satisfy even the Most demanding gamer if you're in the Market for a top quality gaming rig the Aurora R14 could be the perfect gaming PC for you if you're interested in Updated pricing on any of the items Mentioned in this video be sure to check Out the links below prices update on These products almost daily with sales And general price drops so if you want To find the most updated information Check the description if you find this Video helpful please help out the Channel by giving this video a like and Subscribing next up on the list is the HP Omen 45l my choice for the best Gaming PC for Competitive Gaming the HP Omen 45l is a beast of a machine that's Geared towards hardcore competitive Gamers and it doesn't disappoint for Starters it comes equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5900 x 12 core processor 32 Gigabytes of ddr4 RAM and a one terabyte

Solid state drive this thing is an Absolute Powerhouse designed to handle Everything you throw at it with ease the Omen 45l does a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080i Graphics card one of the top end Graphics cards on the market which Features an enhanced RT course and Tensor cores new streaming Multiprocessors and super fast memory For an amazing gaming experience and When it comes to sound The Omen 45l's TS Headphone technology is hard to beat it Provides spatially accurate sound so you Can get a depth of immersion version for The best and most accurate experience Possible the build quality of the omen 45l is solid and the Machine has a nice Weight to it so you know you're dealing With a serious piece of Hardware a Tempered glass panel shows off the Internal components with the RGB Lighting effects a clear Emi protective Coating helps reduce the risk of Electrical or magnetic interference with Other devices and the package includes The HP 310 wired keyboard and mouse Combo and in terms of ports and the Connectivity The Omen 45l is well Equipped it has a healthy selection of USB a and USBC ports as well as HDMI and Display ports there's also built-in Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 so you can Connect wirelessly to your network and Devices another great feature is the

Omen gaming Hub software this lets you Easily control and monitor your system Performance as well as adjust settings For specific games you can easily Customize the RGB lighting for Customizing the look through the omen Lighting software overall the HP Omen 45l is the best gaming PC for Competitive Gaming in my opinion it's Super powerful and fast with first class Graphics it's easy to manage and has Great connectivity and customization Options so if you need the best Performance for Competitive Gaming this Is likely the perfect option for you and Last on my list is the Corsair Vengeance I-7400 the vengeance i-7400 is a high Performance gaming machine with an Intel Core i7 13700k processor 32 gigabytes of Ddr4 RAM and a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 TI graphics card it also comes with a One terabyte nvme SSD which provides Lightning Fast storage for all your Games and applications and with this Power it can handle everything you throw At it so you can play at high settings With solid frame rates and no lag Whatsoever and the RTX 3070 TI graphics Card really shines when it comes to Ray Tracing delivering stunning visuals it's A step down from the 3080i on the omen 45 but still enough to get very similar Performance at a more reasonable price Tag one thing that really stands out

About the Vengeance I I-70 400 is how Quiet it is even when you're gaming at Full Tilt the fans don't make much noise At all this is a huge Plus for long Gaming sessions where you don't want to Be distracted by loud fans the vengeance I-7400 is a modern and stylish mid Tower With an all-black case and subtle Corsair branding it has a healthy Airflow through its front panel and Features 88 individually controlled RGB LEDs that are visible through its Tempered glass panel the i-7400 comes Equipped with Windows 11 and has 2.5 g Ethernet Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 plus Tons of other ports for your other Devices on both the front and rear of The unit these include multiple USBS Type A and C PS2 three display ports a Headphone and microphone combo Jack 7.1 Audio Channel and an HDMI corsair's User-friendly IQ software will monitor System performance adjust fan and pump Speeds customize RGB lighting and more Plus the Corsair Vengeance i-7400 comes With Corsair standard comprehensive Two-year warranty covering parts and Labor along with 24 7 customer support So you can rely on help being there if It is needed all in all the Corsair Vengeance I-74 is a top tier choice for Gaming and it looks great too plus with The easy upgrade ability and quiet Operation it's a machine that will keep

You happy for years to come if you guys Like this video or learned something Please give it a like and be sure to Check out the description for links to Find the most up-to-date pricing on all Products mentioned in this video that's All till next time

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