TOP 5: Best Fitness Trackers 2023

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Having the best fitness tracker can make Your life significantly easier and Essentially make you more healthy in This video I'm going to make sure you Find the perfect Fitness tracker for you I'll be breaking down the top 5 best Fitness trackers on the market and Regardless of whether you're a casual User a fitness Enthusiast or anything in Between I'll have you covered so if you Want to find the perfect product for you Stay tuned all the links to find the Best prices on all products mentioned in This video will be in the description Below the products mentioned in this Video are in no exact order so be sure To stay tuned to the very end so you Don't miss anything first on my list is The Fitbit sense 2. my choice for the Best fitness tracker for health Monitoring Fitbit sense 2 focuses on Fitness tracking features and some Intriguing Health monitoring elements That you've probably never seen before One of the most remarkable features Offered by the sense 2 is the stress Tracking app this feature helps you not Only track your stress level during the Day but also enables you to manage your Stress if you work a stressful job or Suffer from daily stress the Fitbit Sense 2 can help you make your days more Attention free thanks to two electrodes On the back of the tracker the sense 2

Emits a low-level electrical current That allows the device to track your Stress levels throughout the day once The Fitbit 2 senses that you're feeling Stressed it alerts you through the app And gives you suggestions to chill out On top of that every time you get Stressed the sense 2 keeps a record of It and provides you with a weekly chart To help you identify what makes you the Most stressed throughout the week Additionally the sense 2 also measures Your body temperature and heart rate and Tracks burned calories specifically for Fitness the Fitbit is an amazing tracker With a built-in GPS smart track and 40 Different exercise modes no matter what Kind of sport you practice whether it be Running swimming or CrossFit the Fitbit Sense 2 will accurately track your Exercise levels the battery although not Exceptional isn't all that bad with a 5 Day total battery life from a full Charge also the design of the sense 2 is A giant leap forward word as the fitness Tracker is Slim lightweight and Extremely comfortable to wear the health Tracking apps are original to the Fitbit And they're great but one thing to keep In mind is that the sense 2 doesn't Support any third-party apps so you're Stuck with the app's factory set on the Fitness tracker but there are other Trackers like the Samsung Galaxy watch 5

That I'll talk about next that provides You with a ton of apps if that is more Your speed Fitbit sense 2 is a fantastic Fitness tracker not just for sporty People but also for those who want to Keep their overall health and stress Levels in check at all times up next on The list the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 the Best Android fitness tracker in my Opinion if you're looking for a fitness Tracker that is also well built stylish And feature-rich Samsung Galaxy watch 5 Is the perfect choice for you among Android fitness trackers the Galaxy Watch 5 is arguably the best on the Market although pricier when compared to The Fitbit sense 2 the Galaxy watch 5 Makes up for the price difference with Tons of features if you don't like a Fitness tracker on your wrist that looks Like a toy the Galaxy watch 5 looks and Feels like a premium watch the smart Watch has a Sleek look to it and on top Of that it is also highly durable and Lightweight you could use the Galaxy 5 To go for a quick jog in the morning and Then take it to a business meeting in The afternoon because it looks and feels Like a high quality watch one of the Best things about the Galaxy watch 5 is The extensive app support unlike the Fitbit sense 2 you have access to an Almost unlimited number of third-party Apps that you can use not just with your

Fitness journey but are also great for Personalization to make your Galaxy Watch 5 more unique the fitness tracking Capabilities of the Galaxy watch 5 are Also astounding and you can track your Sleep habits heart rate and blood oxygen Levels exercise tracking is also Fantastic in the Galaxy watch 5. in fact The Galaxy 5 automatically detects when You're about to exercise without the Need to set up any tracking app in Advance Additionally the GPS is also Very accurate and the bot body fat Measurement feature is a nice touch Because the Galaxy watch 5 is not just a Fitness tracker but primarily a smart Watch the cost is also premium when Compared to the Fitbit sense too plus One of the most significant flaws of the Samsung tracker is the one day battery Life while a one day battery life isn't Much compared to most fitness trackers It might not be a deal breaker if you Don't mind recharging it every night However if you're charging it overnight How is it supposed to monitor your Sleeping habits if this is an important Feature for you then you might want to Check out the Fitbit Inspire 3 which I'll talk about more later overall the Samsung Galaxy watch 5 is an exceptional Smartwatch and fitness tracker with a Premium design huge third-party app Support and Incredibly accurate fitness

And health tracking next up I've got the Fitbit charge 5 which is my pick for the Best fitness tracker for most people the Fitbit charge 5 is a fantastic tool for Gym goers who don't care about the bells And whistles for more elaborate smart Watches and only want an accurate Fitness tracker at an affordable price The charge 5 will be a perfect fit for You especially if you've never tried a Fitness tracker and don't want to spend Hundreds of dollars on your first one Fitbit's charge 5 equips an excellent GPS tracker and an Eda sensor for Measuring stress levels and other Crucial health related features such as A heart rate monitor and sleep tracking The stress level tracking is neat but Not as good accurate and useful as the One on the Fitbit sense 2 which was Specially designed around that also the Charge 5 although great for every sport Is especially great for runners due to The GPS and 20 different workout types Available on the fitness tracker on top Of that the charge 5 is also lightweight And comfortable to wear even for longer Exercise sessions and won't get in the Way while running or lifting weights the Charge 5 battery is impressive and much Better than the sense too not to mention The battery is Leaps and Bounds ahead of The day one battery life of Galaxy 5. if You're already fed up with all the

Electronics you have to charge daily Before you go to bed said the Fitbit Charge 5's battery easily lasts up to Seven days the only drawbacks of the Charge 5 are the limited screen size Which means limited on-screen workout Data and the lack of music controls the Latter could be a deal breaker as most People love to blast music while doing Workouts or running fitbit's charge 5 is Overall an amazing Fitness tracker for Most people who are new to the item with A ton of Fitness tracking features a Great battery life and a Sleek design The charge 5 is an excellent beginner Tracker if you're interested in updated Pricing on any of the items mentioned in This video be sure to check out the Links below prices update on these Products almost daily with sales and General price drops so if you want to Find the most updated information check The description if you find this video Helpful please help us out by giving This channel a like next up I've got the Fitbit Inspire 3 the best fitness Tracker for the money if you're looking For the best bang for your buck Fitness Tracker then the Fitbit Inspire 3 is the Great choice it offers almost the same Tracking features and accuracy as the Sense 2 or charge 5 but also more Affordable the Inspire 3 is a very basic Fitness tracker but that's a great thing

If you only need a tracker for its Accuracy and you're also not a tech Savvy person in fact the Inspire 2 is Extremely easy to set up and use and if You're a newcomer in the fitness Tracker World the Inspire 3 is the ideal Choice Even though the Inspire 3 is mainly Equipped with essential features for Fitness tracking it doesn't mean you Don't get some cool things to play with The Inspire 3 provides highly accurate Heart rate monitoring 24 7 and also has An sp02 sensor to monitor oxygen levels In your blood too on top of that Fitbit's tracker also monitors your Sleep and gives you suggestions on how To improve your sleeping habits fitbit's Inspire 3 battery life is impressive as You don't need to charge it for almost 10 days in a row the Inspire 3's battery Lasts even longer than the one on the Charge 5. the Inspire 3 has fantastic Value for the money and is optimal for Beginners but the low price point also Affects its tracking capabilities and Accuracy if you're a serious Runner or Practice sports professionally the Inspire 3 won't be accurate enough as it Only provides surface level data plus There's no on-device GPS if you want to Track your position in real time if You're looking for more in-depth metrics The Galaxy watch 5 or the sense 2 will Probably be a better fit for you

Fitbit's inspire 3 offers incredible Value for its cost with its outstanding Battery life and great Fitness tracking Features you'll hardly find a better Option to get your foot in the door of The fitness Tracker world last but Certainly not least I've got the Apple Watch series 8 which is my pick for the Best fitness tracker for iOS Apple's Watch series 8 offers an outstanding Smart watch with amazing Fitness Tracking capabilities a sturdy design And some unique features you rarely have On a fitness tracker as a fitness Tracker the Apple series 8 watch is Nothing short of incredible both for the Number of features offered and its Accuracy Apple's Fitness tracker Provides many exciting features such as 24 7 temperature detection unique Options for runners and a car crash Detection system the Apple watch 8 might Be one of the best fitness trackers for Runners especially if you frequently run Outdoors with the new compass app you Can create waypoints to Mark locations That you want to revisit in the future This feature is Handy if you love hiking Especially because you can often run Into a campsite or a gorgeous waterfall That you might want to check out with a Few friends at a later date the crash Detection app is a unique and valuable Feature that only Apple watches have in

Case you get caught in a car crash or a Wreck of any kind the Apple watch will Automatically detect it notify you with A message and give you the option to Make an emergency call if you don't Respond to the crash notification the Apple watch will automatically call Emergency services and provide them with Your location design wise the Apple Watch 8 looks and feels like a premium Device almost luxurious but the design Hasn't changed in Years also Apple's Watch battery only lasts for 18 hours Which is even less than the Galaxy watch 5. although the Apple watch 8 works with All devices it is much more efficient When connected to the iPhone and the Fact that Apple's Fitness tracker is Equipped with iOS could be a deal Breaker for some people Apple's watch 8 Is a state-of-the-art engineering piece That is not only extraordinarily well Built and looks like a classy watch but It is also feature packed and is one of The best fitness trackers on the market If you guys like this video or learned Something please give it a like and be Sure to check out the description below For links to find the most up-to-date Pricing on all the products mentioned in This video that's all till next time

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