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I'm going to make it easy to find the Perfect drone for you I'll be breaking Down the top 5 best drones on the market And regardless of whether you're a Casual flyer a personal drone pilot or Anything in between I'll have the Perfect drone for you in this video so Stay tuned all the links to find the Best prices on all the products Mentioned in this video will be in the Description below the products mentioned In this video are in no exact order so Be sure to stay tuned until the very end So you don't miss anything starting off I've got the DJI Mini 3 Pro which is my Choice for the best drone for beginners I believe the DJI Mini 3 Pro is the best Drone for newcomers as it's a compact Drone with an impressive camera useful Obstacle avoidance and a couple of Handy Automated flight modes to help beginners On their first few flights the Mini 3 is For those who want to spend the extra Dollar for a high quality quadricopter That will be able to shoot jaw-dropping Footage of your trips or Landscapes on Top of that it's ideal for beginners due To the numerous newcomer friendly Functionalities the first feature that's Extremely useful for beginners is the Tri-directional obstacle sensing if You're worried that you're going to Crash your Mini 3 on your first flight Don't worry because the obstacle

Avoiding sensors equipped on the Drone Are spectacular and work flawlessly the Tri-directional obstacle avoidance Works In tandem with a-pass 4.0 the advanced Automatic pilot system that stops the Drone automatically if you're running Into an obstacle and avoids it on its Own on top of that the Mini 3 pro has Some fantastic automated flight modes to Shoot movie quality footage even if You're a beginner for instance there's Quick shot which lets you easily shoot Dynamic videos and focus track Suite Which allows you to track subjects Autonomously while you fly the Drone When it comes to image and video quality The Mini 3 does not disappoint thanks to The 12.1 megapixel 1 in 1.3 inch sensor It's able to capture staggering 48 Megapixel photos that are incredibly Good for a drone at this price and small Weight video is also excellent and the Mini 3 can capture crisp and Vivid Video Up to 4K resolution and the video image Quality are on par with much more Expensive drones however if you want Professional level camera quality the Mavic 3 is a better choice dji's Mini 3 Pro is Tiny and lightweight making it The perfect pick for travelers plus the Drone weighs less than 250 grams meaning It doesn't require an official Registration to be flown the Mini 3 Pro Won't disappoint you if you want to

Start your drone Journey with Exceptional camera quality portability And beginner friendly features next on My list is the DJI air 2s my choice for The best drone for most people so if You're looking for the best drone for Most people the DJI air 2s is hard to Beat with its unbelievable camera great Portability and numerous helpful flight Modes now design wise the DJI air 2s Looks and feels very similar to its Predecessors however compared to the Mini 3 you will need to officially Register this quadcopter before flying It as it weighs over 250 grams although The air 2s is not as beginner friendly As the Mini 3 and is more for advanced Drone Flyers it is still straightforward To use for newcomers too the air 2s has Incredibly precise anti-collision Features which makes it easy to fly even For a first timer on top of that there Are automated photo and video modes to Make your footage look like it was Professionally shot even if you're not a Pro drone photographer or videographer For example there's quick shot which Allows some exciting shooting modes like Boomerang Circle and Rocket additionally A focus track mode enables you to follow Subjects with the camera automatically And master shot which makes the Drone Perform impressive Maneuvers around a Selected subject for mind-boggling

Footage now when it comes to the camera The air 2s's image and video quality is Staggering and arguably the best when it Comes to Consumer drones it Sports a 20 Megapixel 1 inch sensor that allows you To take bright crisp and vivid pictures Of your favorite moments in terms of Video quality the air 2s can shoot up to 5.4 k at 30 frames per per second which Is unbelievable for a drone this small And if you're an aspiring professional Videographer and don't want to break the Bank on professional drones the air 2s Is the perfect pick the battery on the 2s isn't too great at 31 minutes of Total flight with a full charge but it Is to be expected for a drone with this Video and image quality dji's air 2s is A magnificent drone with fantastic video And image quality packed in a small Lightweight quadcopter up next on the List is the DJI mavic 3. my choice for The best overall drone with shocking Video quality excellent safety features And a boosted battery life the DJI mavic 3 is probably the best drone overall Right now naturally you can find a Better drone than the mavic 3 but you'll Be paying double triple or even Quadruple with the mavic 3 cost while Only getting marginal improvements the Design of the mavic 3 is very basic However the Drone is quite compact when It comes to weight the mavic 3 is not

The most portable drone to carry around As it weighs 899 grams so if you're Looking for a great drone that won't Weigh you down in your backpack the Mini 3 Pro is probably a better option flying The mavic 3 is an adrenaline boost as The quadcopter is very responsive and Best suited for more experienced Pilots Rather than beginners due to its highly Responsive commands it could still be Used by newcomers but in my opinion There are more suitable options at more Affordable prices such as the Mini 3 Pro Or mini 2. the mavic 3 is not just Powerful but also remarkably safe with Multiple Vision sensors for obstacle Detection a return to home feature and The new apas 5.0 for obstacle avoidance Video and image quality are arguably one Of the best I've ever tested in a drone With its dual Hasselblad camera and the Main 20 pixel 4 3rd CMOS sensor you'll Be able to capture breathtaking pictures Of your trips or Landscapes the video on The mavic 3 is also fantastic and the Drunken shoot crisp and colorful videos At a resolution of 4K so if you're a Professional videographer or Photographer looking for creative ways To shoot content the mavic 3 is the Drone to get the battery is also Surprisingly good for a drone this big And powerful in fact the mavic 3 can fly Around for 44 minutes before needing

Recharge although the mavic 3 has Staggering capabilities it doesn't come Cheap the main drawback for this Quadcopter is the Hefty price but it is Worth every single penny if you're Looking for a professional level camera Quality the mavic 3 is a fantastic Machine and arguably the best drone Overall due to its shockingly good Camera sensor flying features and great Battery life if you're interested in Updated pricing on any of the items Mentioned in this video be sure to check Out the links below prices update on These products almost daily with sales And general price drops so if you want To find the most updated information Check the description if you find this Video helpful please help out the Channel by giving this video a thumbs up And subscribing next up on my list is The DJI Mini 2 2. my choice for the best Drone for the money if you're a beginner In the Drone world and don't want to Spend a fortune on your first quadcopter The DJI Mini 2 has many great features At an affordable price the mini 2 is Incredibly Compact and weighs only 249 Grams so you don't have to register the Drone to fly it the compactness of the Mini 2 is also great for newcomers who Love to travel the world and want Breathtaking footage to show friends and Family unlike the Mini 3 Pro the mini 2

Doesn't have obstacle avoiding sensors On the sides front or back which could Be a deal breaker if you're a newcomer And you plan on flying this drone in Areas with multiple obstacles the Controller on the mini 2 is ideal for Beginners as it has automatic takeoff And Landing buttons for the first few Times you'll try to fly the Drone right Out of the box and after a few tries you Probably won't need them anymore however It's a wonderful addition for those who Feel insecure about their flying Capabilities when it comes to camera Quality the photo and video capability Of the Mini 2 are fantastic for an Affordable drone with its 23 megapixel One half point three inch CMOS sensors The mini 2 can capture great images and Video with crisp quality video Resolution can go up to 4K and the Results are impressive for a drone with Such a small sensor so if you're a Professional videographer or Photographer the mini 2 isn't going to Cut it for you however if you're a Casual traveler who just wants cool Footage to show the mini 2 is the best Drone for the money with its remarkable Camera quality lightweight and Affordable price point and the final Drone on my list is the DJI Avada my Choice for the best first person view Drone the DJI Avada is one of the most

Unique drones on the market due to its First person view mode dji's Avada is Different from most other drones right Out of the box thanks to the goggles it Comes with which allows you to have a First person view through avada's camera When flying the Avada you feel like an Eagle speeding through the clouds and The whole experience is actually quite Breathtaking if you're looking for a One-of-a-kind experience to see how it Feels to fly like a bird in the sky the Avada is the closest thing you can get To that feeling now design wise the Avada is not a large drone however it's Not foldable and for obvious reasons the Avada cannot have obstacle detection Features as it would make the first Person flying experience a complete mess So DJI decided to equip the quadcopter With rubberized protective Rings making The Avada extremely sturdy as you'll Probably crash the Drone a few times When testing the fpv mode because it Lacks obstacle avoiding sensors and due To the fpv mode I wouldn't recommend the Avada to newcomers as there are much Better options such as the Mini 3 Pro on Top of the unique fpv experience the Avada has a surprisingly good camera That's capable of shooting fantastic Videos in 4K resolution and 60fps the Photos are also gorgeous with a 48 Megapixel sensor the camera operates in

An ISO range of 100 to 6400 but it also Has manual settings for professionals Even though the Avada offers a unique First person experience and has a great Camera it's also quite expensive but I Think the first person view alone is Worth the money if you've always wanted To feel like a bird flying through the Clouds the Avada is the closest thing You'll get to that feeling and if you Consider the beautiful footage you can Shoot with the Avada this drone is a Must buy if you guys like this video or Learned something please give it a like And be sure to check out the description For links to find the most up-to-date Pricing on all the products mentioned in This video that's all till next time

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