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Having the right laptop can completely Change your user experience in this Video I'm breaking down the top 5 best Budget laptops so you'll never have to Suffer through slow glitchy laptop usage Again one of the biggest issues is that A laptop might work great for your Friend but might not be the best for you Because some laptops work better for Different situations this is why I made Sure to include options for all types of Situations so regardless of whether You're a student a professional or Anything in between I'll have the Perfect affordable laptop for you all The links to find the best prices on all Products mentioned in this video will be In the description below the products Mentioned in this video are in no exact Order so be sure to stay tuned till the Very end so you don't miss anything First up on our list is the Acer Aspire 5 my choice for the best budget laptop For most people the Acer Aspire 5 is a Solid entry-level laptop and is the best Budget laptop for most people in my Opinion with a solid build excellent Battery life and good performance so Generally you're not going to get a Cutting Edge or mind-blowing design for This price and while the Aspire 5 has a Pretty Bare Bones look it is sturdy and Gets the basics right because of how Robust this laptop is it is a superb

Option for frequent Travelers Not Just Because it has a solid build that can Easily survive bumps in your backpack But it's also fairly portable at a Weight of just 3.7 pounds and a size of 0.71 by 12.9 by 8.8 inches the Aspire 5 Is lightweight and easy to store in most Backpacks the 14-inch screen on the Aspire 5 provides a maximum resolution Of 1920×1080 but the panel is bright and Clear with great viewing angles the Laptop also comes with a good 720p Webcam if you plan on using the machine For work and you frequently do online Business meetings while the built-in Speakers are pretty good for watching YouTuber Netflix they're not ideal if You're an audio file looking for a a Laptop to listen to high quality music If you're looking for a budget laptop With great speakers then the HP laptop 17 might be a better choice the Aspire 5 Model also Sports an i5 processor with An integrated Iris XE graphics card Which provides respectable gaming and Video editing performance now naturally The laptop will struggle if you try Gaming with recent games at a higher Resolution or if you edit in 4k however The Aspire 5 offers outstanding Performance for the price range the Battery life is also surprisingly good And can last up to 6.5 hours with Intensive usage and a full charge Acer's

Aspire 5 is a fantastic budget option For most people and users who want to Get their foot in the door of laptops Without breaking the bank with its Highly competitive price solid build and Respectable performance the Aspire 5 is A spectacular machine in the next spot On my list is the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 my Choice for the best budget laptop under Or five hundred dollars so if you're Looking for an incredible laptop under Five hundred dollars the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is hard to beat with solid performance Sturdy chassis and a staggering keyboard So performance wise the idea 3 is Mind-blowing for the price range in fact It actually Sports an AMD ryzen 5 500u processor 8 gigabytes of ddr4 RAM 256 gigabytes of SSD storage and an Integrated Radeon graphics card all of These numbers translate into extremely Solid performance for productivity Content creation and even gaming now Unlike most affordable laptops the idea 3 stands out with thrilling performance And it's a fantastic entry level choice For both semi-professionals who do lots Of video editing and for gamers who want To play with consistent 60 frames per Second at 1080p resolution when it comes To build quality the idea 3 is nothing Short of incredible and arguably one of The best affordable laptops that I have Ever tested it the keyboard is extremely

Comfortable which is a big plus if You're a writer or use the keyboard Frequently throughout the day the Touchpad is also incredibly responsive And the overall build quality is Impressive the battery is fantastic for A laptop in this price range and Taps Out about after 10 and a half hours Which is usually more than enough time For most tasks when it comes to the idea Pad 3's panel while it generally has Good colors and good brightness the Screen could have crisper colors on top Of that the screen is just a 14 inch one So if you're looking for an affordable Option with a larger and more colorful Screen the HP laptop 17 which I will Discuss later might be the better choice But the Lenovo IdeaPad feels and looks Premium with its Snappy performance and Sturdy build it's hard to find a better Option for under 500 for a laptop the Next laptop on my list is the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i my choice for the best Budget two in one laptop with its insane Battery life Snappy performance and Comfortable keyboard the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i is probably the best budget two In one laptop the flex 5i is especially Good for those who work frequently from Home due to its excellent performance You can use most of your productivity Software and apps without a single Stutter or slow down now regarding specs

The idea 5i has an MD Radeon 7 Integrated graphics card 8 gigabytes of RAM 512 gigabytes of SSD storage and an AMD ryzen 5 4500u processor this makes It the perfect machine for work movie Watching and sunlight gaming the Day-to-day performance is smooth and Enjoyable thanks to the incredibly Powerful ryzen 5. the idea 5i runs most Productivity apps with no lags or screen Freezing and works flawlessly even if You need to open 10 plus tabs at a time For work the IdeaPad Flex 5i is a design Masterpiece and for the affordable price You'll hardly find a better design Laptop it has soft touch metallic Coating the IdeaPad 5i looks and feels Absolutely premium on top of that the Two in one laptop feels very sturdy and Is also as portable as it gets with it Weighing only 3.3 pounds the IdeaPad Flex 5 comes with a 14 inch display with A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and 250 Nits of brightness the colors on the Idea pad are crisp and the display is Decent overall however the brightness is Not enough if you love working outside But the battery life is outstanding on The IdeaPad Flex 5 and by far it's the Best I've tested on an affordable laptop Of its size and even better than the Aspire 5. the two in one laptop can last Up to 10 hours of consistent work with a Full charge which is actually

Astonishing if you factor in how Powerful this machine is on top of that The flex 5 supports fast charging which Can take the laptop from 10 to 100 Battery in just 90 minutes lenovo's IdeaPad Flex 5 is is arguably the best Two-in-one affordable laptop for writers And work from home professionals who Love a Snappy premium built and portable Machine if you're interested in updated Pricing on any of the items mentioned in This video be sure to check out the Links below Price's update on these Products almost daily with sales and General price drops so if you want to Find the most updated information check The description if you find this video Helpful please help out the channel by Giving us a like and subscribing next on The list is the Acer Aspire 3 my choice For the best overall budget laptop if You're looking for a large screen a Comfortable keyboard and horsepower for Productivity and semi-professional work The Acer Aspire 3 is the best overall Budget laptop design wise the Aspire 3 Is a very bare bone laptop and has Nothing too flashy when it comes to Materials and finishing the computer is Also quite heavy at 4.3 pounds and thick Making it a poor choice for those Looking to buy a portable option however The aspire 3 is also incredibly sturdy Because of its thickness in fact the

Hinges that hold the display feel very Robust and keep the screen in position With no Wobble the keyboard on the Aspire 3 has very well spaced keys and Feels premium making the Acer Aspire 3 a Fantastic choice for writers who are Looking for an affordable option the Aspire 3 Sports a large 15.6 inch screen Which is ideal for those who need lots Of space for productivity or to Comfortably watch movies or TV shows Although the Aspire 3 screen is large The native resolution is quite Underwhelming at 1366 by 768 pixels and The brightness could have been improved For a screen of this size the speakers Are pretty good for General usage but if You're looking for a high quality sound The Acer Aspire 3 might disappoint you The performance is where the Aspire 3 Really shines with its ryzen 5 2500u Processor 8 gigabytes of RAM 256 Gigabytes of SSD store storage and an AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card with This much horsepower the Aspire 3 Handles most productivity work with Extreme ease and on top of that thanks To the powerful processor and graphics Card you'll run most games at 30 FPS and 720p flawlessly the battery isn't Mind-blowing and lasts no more than 5 Hours and 30 minutes on average so if You're looking for a device that can Last you a full day of work the IdeaPad

Flex 5 is a much better option Acer's Aspire 3 is a solid machine with Spectacular performance for the price And a robust keyboard for productivity Work and the final laptop on my list is The HP laptop 17 which you've heard Before in this video my choice for the Best display budget laptop most Affordable laptops have incredibly dull Displays however the HP 17 pairs an Extremely sharp colorful screen with Spectacular power under its chassis if You're looking for an inexpensive laptop With a big screen that doesn't Compromise the colors brightness and Resolution the HP 17 is the best choice For you the display on the HP 17 is a 17 Inches 1920×1080 OLED panel that is one of the Brightest screens that I've ever seen on The laptop at this price range the Brightness is staggering which makes it A perfect solution for those who love Working outside and on top of that the OLED screen has Vivid and crisp colors Making it an ideal pick for those who Love watching TV shows movies or online Content although the design of the HP 17 Is pretty basic it looks professional And it's also quite portable for a Laptop of this size in fact the HP 17 Weighs 4.58 pounds which is pretty hefty But also lighter than most of the 17-inch laptops on the market the

Keyboard on the HP 17 is also Surprisingly good and the keys are Satisfying to press typing on the Keyboard is extremely comfortable and if You write a lot for work the HP 17 is 100 the right choice spec wise the HP 17 Isn't the most powerful machine out There with it's AMD Athlon gold 3150u 4 Gigabytes of RAM and an integrated Radeon graphics card but after a few Tests the HP 17 can handle daily Productivity tasks and general content Creation exceptionally well if you Consider the basic specs on top of that If you want to spend the extra dollar The more powerful models of the HP 17 Have a ryzen 5 processor which will be More than enough for productivity and Light gaming the battery life is Actually pretty mind-boggling for such a Large screen on a laptop the HP 17 Taps Out after 11 hours of continuous use Which makes it an even better choice Than the IdeaPad Flex 5 for battery Quality with its incredibly colorful and Bright panel the HP 17 is the best Affordable laptop for screen quality You'll be hard-pressed to find a better Budget laptop for the price if you guys Like this video or learned something Please give it a like and be sure to Check out the description for links to Find the most up-to-date pricing on all Our products mentioned in this video

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