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I'm going to make it easy to find the Perfect Android Smartwatch for you in This video I'm going to simplify dozens Of hours of research to help you find What the best Android Smartwatch is Going to be for your specific needs all The links to find the best prices on all The products mentioned in this video Will be in the description below the Products mentioned in this video are in No exact order so be sure to stay tuned Until the very end so you don't miss Anything For starters a smart watch is going to Be helpful if you actually want to wear And use the watch and the fossil Gen 6 Is designed to be a daily use SmartWatch With a Sleek design smooth navigation And a spectacular display its design Aesthetic matches something a lot closer To a traditional analog watch with all The performance of that you'd expect From a high-end smart watch the Smartwatch looks sleek but it's also Actually pretty large and heavy compared To other Android smart watches like the Fitbit sense too now having said that The fossil 6 isn't so heavy that it'll Weigh your wrist down during the day and It's an extremely portable device for Those who like having a smart watch that Doesn't look like one fossil 6's display Is a 1.28 inch ammo LED with a 416×416 Resolution now the screen is relatively

Big and it's ideal for those who don't Like to squinch their eyes when trying To read the notification on a small Display now although the fossil 6 is More of a productivity tool you can also Use it as a fitness Smartwatch if you Work out or go for occasional runs this Smartwatch is equipped with a cardiogram App that measures your heart rate a Blood oxygen tracker and a simple Exercise tracking app when it comes to Performance the fossil 6 is incredibly Powerful and the navigation feels smooth And fast the Smartwatch is actually so Powerful thanks to the Snapdragon where 4100 plus chipset and the one gigabyte Of ram so if you're looking for a speedy Smart watch that doesn't lag and Transitions smoothly from app to app the Fossil 6 is a fantastic choice the Fossil 6 is a great Android Smart Watch For daily use however one of its flaws Is the poor battery life with a full Charge the fossil will last no longer Than 24 hours which is much less when Compared to the Fitbit sense too but It's still more than enough to get you Through the whole day fossils Gen 6 is Arguably the best Android smart watch For daily use with its powerful chipset Crisp display and Sleek design but the Thing is not everybody is going to want An analog style Smartwatch which is why I've included multiple options in this

Video so whether you're a fitness Junkie Or just want a good watch for daily use I've got you covered Next up on my list is the mob void tick Watch E3 the best Android smart watch For the money if you're looking for an Affordable but powerful Smart Watch The Mob void tick watch E3 is the best value For money device on the market in my Opinion the design of the mob void is Pretty basic which is a good thing for Those who don't like wearing flashy Smart watches and just want a perfectly Functional one the display is large and It's ideal for users who wish to see all Their notifications with a quick glance The Smartwatch is made of polycarbonate Which might feel plasticky initially but It also means that the mob void is Incredibly light at 1.13 ounces it's Also so lightweight that you'll often Forget that you have a mob void on your Wrist making it the ideal pick for users Who frequently do Fitness and don't want A heavy device one of the mob voice Biggest perks is that it's almost Limitless in precise Fitness Capabilities the mob voy runs on Google Wear OS meaning you can use your Google Fit app fit heart rate and fit workout On top of that the mavoy has its own Fitness apps such as tick exercise which Has more than 20 workout modes including Running pool swimming and yoga there's

Also an accurate GPS building if you Love running in the wilderness the mob Voy also Sports a heart rate sensor and Oxygen blood sensor and can flag various Health issues like asthma with ease Overall the mob void is incredibly Precise when it comes to Fitness Tracking and it's as accurate as the Fitbit sense too performance wise the Mob void does not disappoint and with Its Qualcomm Snapdragon where 4100 chip And 1 gigabyte of ram it's lag free and Fast the battery of the mob void is good And can last up to two days with a full Charge Additionally the Smartwatch Charges relatively quickly as it takes An hour and a half to get from zero to One hundred the mob void though is a Stunning smart watch for the price and Even better than some much more Expensive competitors with its Snappy Navigation large screen and accurate Fitness tracking the mob voy is a Tremendous Android Smartwatch if you Don't want to break the bank Next on my list is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 my choice for the best overall Android Smartwatch Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 is a terrific SmartWatch with One of the sleekest designs I've seen Accurate Fitness features and a durable Build when it comes to design the Galaxy 5 is the most premium looking Android Smart Watch you can find on the market

The frame is in a brushed aluminum which Contrasts incredibly well with the Polished disc of the watch the Galaxy 5 Comes in two main sizes 40 millimeter And 44 millimeter and both sizes feel Incredibly comfortable to wear as a Smart watch and it's also lightweight The silicone band on the Galaxy 5 is Also hairy wrist friendly so if you had Past experiences with smart watches that Pull your wrist hair the Galaxy 5 is a Great pick the screen on the Galaxy 5 is A spectacular 1.19 inch OLED and 1.39 Inches on the 44 millimeter the colors Appear crisp and the text is easy to Read on top of that the display's Brightness is staggering at thousand Nits which makes it incredibly easy to See your notifications outdoors and a Much better display when compared to the Mob void performance is fantastic on the Galaxy 5 with an exynos w920 chipset and A 1.5 gigabyte of ram performance wise The Galaxy 5 is solid and has zero Slowdowns crashes or lags although the Galaxy 5 looks more like a productivity Watch Samsung Smartwatch is one of the Best tools for accurate Fitness tracking Out of the box the Galaxy 5 syncs with Google fit and is equipped with a ton of Different useful apps such as a sleep Tracking system heart rate monitoring System and blood oxygen monitoring Exercise tracking is also very

Consistent and accurate on Samsung's Smartwatch as it also detects the type Of exercise that you're doing on its own In no more than 10 minutes the GPS is Also accurate for hiking enthusiasts and The Galaxy 5 tracks over a hundred Different workouts with ease now if You're a fitness Enthusiast looking for An accurate but powerful tracking device To slap on your wrist the Samsung Galaxy 5 5 is a perfect choice If you're interested in updated pricing On any of the items mentioned in this Video be sure to check out the links Below prices update on these products Almost daily with sales and general Price drops so if you want to find the Most updated information check the Description if you find this video Helpful please help out the channel by Giving this video a like and a subscribe Up next on my list is the Fitbit sense 2. my choice for the best Android smart Watch for Health Management Fitbit sense 2 is the ideal device for those who want To keep their health in check constantly And Fitbit is arguably the best Health Management smart watch on the market now One of the most remarkable features of The sense 2 is the stress tracking app This feature helps you not only track Your stress levels during the day but Also enables you to manage it if you Work a stressful job or suffer from

Daily stress the Fitbit sense 2 can help You make your days more attention free Thanks to the two electrodes on the back Of the tracker the sense 2 emits a Low-level electrical current that allows The device to track your stress levels Throughout the day once the Fitbit 2 Senses that you're feeling stressed out It actually alerts you through the app And gives you suggestions to chill out The stress tracking features are the Most accurate and useful on the market And are Leaps and Bounds ahead of other Similar options like the mob void on top Of that every time you get stressed the Sense 2 keeps a record of it and Provides you with a weekly chart to help You identify what makes you the most Stressed throughout the week Additionally the sense 2 also measures Your body temperature and heart rate and Tracks burned calories specifically for Fitness the Fitbit is a fantastic Tracker with a built-in GPS smart track And 40 different exercise modes no Matter what kind of sport you practice Whether it be running swimming or CrossFit the Fitbit sense 2 will Accurately track your exercise levels The battery although not exceptional is Excellent with a five day total battery Life on a full charge also the design of The sense 2 is a big leap forward in Terms of design as the fitness tracker

Is Slim lightweight and highly Comfortable to wear the health tracking Apps are original to the Fitbit and They're actually great but one thing to Keep in mind is that the sense 2 doesn't Support any third-party apps so you're Stuck with the native apps of the Fitness tracker fitbit's sense 2 is a Fantastic Health monitoring system for Sporty people and those who want to keep Their health and stress levels in check At all times And the final smart watch on my list is The Google pixel watch the best Android Smart watch for Pixel phone users so if You own a pixel phone and you love Google's native features the Google Pixel watch is a fantastic choice with Its minimalistic design reliable Tracking and snappy performance the Design of the pixel watch is Bare Bones But it doesn't look cheap the face Sports a rounded edge with a robust 3D Glass Dome giving the pixel a unique Look the pixel manages to feel and look Premium with a simplistic design which Makes it perfect for those who love Minimalistic looking devices regarding Fitness capabilities the pixel watch is Spectacular as it's entirely powered by Fitbit the Smartwatch doesn't have the Same variety as the Galaxy 5 but it Still has more than 40 workout types and An accurate step counter and heart rate

Monitoring capabilities for runners the Google pixel watch has a built-in GPS That's very accurate and the distance Readings line up almost exactly with What you have on the Galaxy 5 because The pixel watch is a Google device it Has all the services that you would Expect with wear OS such as Google Maps Google pay and Google Assistant although Most Android smart watches run wear OS The native software installed on the Pixel watch is Leaps and Bounds better When compared to other Android devices Now for instance Google assistant is Much more accurate and easily picks up Your device even in loud environments Battery life isn't exceptional on the Pixel watch but it will still get you Through the day with a 24 hour battery The battery might be a deal breaker if You don't like charging your Smartwatch Every night and wants a device that Lasts for days performance wise the Pixel watch comes with an exynos 9110 Chipset which makes it lightning fast And snappy especially if you consider It's optimized wear OS Google's pixel Watch is still in its infancy as it's The first generation of pixel watches However there's no better Smartwatch if You own a pixel phone and want a great Looking powerful and durable smartwatch If you guys like this video or learned Something please give it a like and be

Sure to check out the description for Links to find the most up-to-date Pricing on all products mentioned in This video that's all till next time

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