Tiny 11 Is A Super Fast Stripped Down Version Of Windows 11, Needs On Only 2GB Ram!

Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Detective Dev

You've got to see this stripped down Version of Windows 11. it is absolutely Amazing this is known as tiny11 and if You've got an older PC or a newer PC With a limited amount of ram then this Is definitely for you the creator of the Image NT dev has been able to get this Up and running on systems with as little As 384 megabytes of RAM and one of the Other things that's great about this and Only takes up about eight gigabytes of Storage so if you've got one of those Newer cheaper PCS with like a Celeron That you can pick up for 100 to 150 from Walmart then you might want to try out Tiny 11. Foreign [Music] Pack here again today we're going to be Taking a look at and installing tiny 11. If you're not familiar with this Basically it's a cut down operating System based on Windows 11 and it'll run On as little as 384 megabytes of ram I've actually seen somebody booting this Up on 200 megabytes of ram which is Absolutely insane so what we're looking At on screen right now is a 120 dollar Laptop that I picked up from Walmart This is a Lenovo low end laptop it's got Four gigabytes of RAM and it's Non-upgradable this is the stock Operating system that came pre-installed And we basically max out all of that

Four gigs there's no way to upgrade this And unfortunately four gigs of RAM just Isn't enough for Windows 11. we're just Sitting at idle and with all of the Bloatware installed we're basically Maxed out but here's the same laptop Running tiny 11. as you can see my CPU Utilization is way down because we don't Have all of that bloat running in the Background and we're only using 1.9 Gigabytes of RAM right now now there are Some drawbacks here because there's a Lot cut out of Windows 11 like we don't Have the edge browser pre-installed and I know a lot of people don't like using It but we do have access to the Microsoft store so as soon as we get This installed we can actually head over There download Chrome or Firefox it's Really up to you but I'll tell you what I've been messing around with this Operating system on this low-end laptop For the last couple days and this is how It should have ran out of the box I mean It's definitely a Snappy system now We're not running out of ram just Sitting there at idle and this laptop is Now more usable than it ever was I've Actually got a review video coming up With this specific model at 120 dollars With tiny 11 installed I think this Would be well worth it but in this video I'm going to show you how to install Tiny11 on your system there's no system

Requirements so if you've got an older PC that you know doesn't support the Official version of Windows 11. tiny 11 Will be installable on there it doesn't Require TPM there's no Ram requirements There's no CPU requirements so you could Get Windows 11 up and running on an Older system that really just didn't Support it in the first place or my Personal use case with tiny 11 would be Install on these cheaper laptops that You can pick up for like a hundred Dollars but they only have four gigs of RAM which is usually non-upgradable There's only two things we need to get This installed first one being a USB Drive I recommend a 16 gigabyte drive But an 8 gig will work and a functioning PC so we can actually download the image And install it to that USB drive so if You're ready to get tiny 11 installed on Your PC let's go ahead and get started Installation is pretty straightforward But you will need two things obviously We'll need the tiny 11 ISO and there's a Few to choose from and we'll need Rufus This will allow us to kind of flash that Image to a USB drive and successfully Install it on another system And uh real quick NT Dev is over on Twitter leave a link for this in the Description it's got a few screenshots Here running on 384 megabytes of RAM and Another user managed to get this

Installed with only 200 megabytes of ram Which is absolutely insane now I'll tell You what with 400 megabytes of RAM and 200 megabytes of ram there's not much Else we're going to be able to do on That system without it you know really Slowing down but it's still impressive It even booted the tiny 11 image is Being hosted over on the internet Archive and you will need an account to Get in here and download it correctly From the iso image there's the B1 we've Got B2 with no system requirements in B2 I would go with B2 no system Requirements if you've got an older CPU Or something like that this is the one That I'll be using and if you download The ISO from the internet archive it's Going to be a bit slow so there is a Torrent available and this is going to Be much quicker it's going to download All three of those versions for you or You can pick and choose once you load The torrent up But once that's downloaded we now need To get an application that's going to Allow us to flash the tiny 11 image to a USB drive so we can install it on a Separate system I'm going to be using Rufus for this really easy to use just Go ahead and download as making this Video is 3.21 on my desktop I've got the Tiny 11 image and I've got Rufus we're Just going to go ahead and start up

Rufus we need to select our USB drive I've got a simple 64 gigabyte SanDisk Drive here doesn't need to be this large Boot selection disk or ISO image we're Going to leave it right there we want to Select the image mine's right here on my Desktop tiny11 Partition scheme we're going to go with GPT there's not much else we need to do Here we're just going to go ahead and Start but you need to make sure you are Flashing to your USB drive or MicroSD Whatever you want to flash this to Another system with once you're sure We'll click OK and let Rufus do its Thing this is going to create a bootable Tiny 11 USB installer When the installation to the USB drive Is finished it should look something Like this so we've got all of our files Here to go ahead and install Windows on Another system all we need to do now is Remove our USB drive and move over to The PC we want to install tiny11 on So I'm going to go with this low end Laptop here we'll just plug that USB Drive into one of the free ports and While we're booting our system up we Need to enter the boot menu or the BIOS This key on a Lenovo laptop is F12 so While it's booting up we're going to tap This a few times it'll bring us to the Boot menu from here we can choose which Drive we want to boot from other

Manufacturers do use different hotkeys It could be F9 F10 F2 or even delete Just do a little bit of research so you Can get to that boot menu on your system But once we're here we're going to Choose that USB drive to boot from And this is going to boot us right into The windows installer we're going to Choose our language and now it's time to Choose a drive to install this to now You could actually run this from an External drive if you wanted to but I'm Going to be installing it to the Internal drive of this laptop it's only Got 128 gigabytes of storage and from my Menu here I can see that that's the only Drive listed I've got a few partitions I'm going to go ahead and delete each One of these partitions but you need to Make sure you're installing to the Correct drive if you have several hard Drives or ssds in your PC just be sure You're installing to the one you want to Now you can see I've just got this Single partition we're going to choose Next and the windows installer is going To do its thing All right finishing up it'll Automatically reboot and I'm actually Just going to remove this drive as soon As it reboots that way we don't boot From that USB again now it's going to Boot from the drive we just installed Tiny11 too

Windows is now getting everything ready For that first Boot and I mean it's Self-explanatory if you've ever set up Any kind of laptop we're just working With Windows 11 now it's just kind of a Cut down version Initial setup is super easy just like Any other windows 11 installation we're Going to choose our location we're going To choose our language keyboard layout You can sign into your Microsoft account If you want to usually I bypass this but Uh once we've got all that set up it's Going to boot us directly into Windows 11 or tiny 11. So I've got the setup finished we're now Going to boot into tiny11 and as soon as We boot in here I'll go ahead and pull Up that task manager just so you can see What's going on this should only be Using around 1.8 to 1.9 gigabytes of RAM And that's what Wi-Fi and everything Going and it only took up 8.1 gigabytes Of storage on my internal 120 gigabyte SSD now like I mentioned there's no Browser installed but we do have access To the Microsoft store so if we head Over here we can go ahead and download Whichever one you want you could go back With Edge if you want to but I'm going To go with Firefox Chrome would be Another good choice but uh it's listed Right here you actually don't even need To sign in to the Microsoft Store to

Download it go ahead and get this And now we've got a full-fledged PC here You can go through install Steam install Your games if you want to but you know Having that browser is very important so We can download other applications now Once we start loading this up with more Bloat of course it's going to start Eating up a little bit of ram but if you Can keep this thing nice and clean you Could have a quick little system Especially with these cheaper low-end Laptops that usually only come with Around four gigs of RAM and you know you Just can't upgrade it this is soldered To the board I was hoping we could Upgrade this one here but like I Mentioned I will have a full review with This laptop coming up and with tiny 11 Installed I do think it's worth 120 Dollars but that's gonna wrap it up for This video really appreciate you Watching links for everything I Mentioned are in the description and if You've got any questions let me know in The comments below like I mentioned I've Been messing around with this for a Little while now and I think I'm going To install it in a couple other lower End PCS that I have laying around right Now but like always thanks for watching

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