This Was The Most Powerful Mini Gaming PC In 2020, Can It Game In 2023? H31G Hands On

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So this Ultra tiny PC here actually has A dedicated Nvidia GPU and it can Actually game in this video I've done a Little bit of upgrading to it it is a Couple years old now but I think it's Still putting out some decent Performance given the form factor of This Mini PC [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the h-31g now It's been two years since this released And you know when it first hit the Market this was definitely one of the Most powerful mini PCS that was ever Released and that's because this has a Dedicated Nvidia GPU along with the 9th Gen Intel CPU in this video we're going To take a look at the gaming and Emulation performance in 2023 with this Mini PC and along with this I've done a Couple upgrades originally this only Came with eight gigabytes of system RAM And it was running in single Channel I've upgraded that to 32 gigabytes and The CPU was an i5 9400f the only other 9th gen CPU that I have that's higher in Than that is an i5 9600k so I went ahead And threw it in this unit you can Actually find people selling these on EBay for a pretty decent deal for what We're getting here but uh taking a look At the i o up front not much going on

We've got a single 3.5 millimeter audio Jack and our power button moving around Back we've got our power input full size HDMI any DisplayPort gigabit Ethernet And four USB 3.0 ports the PC itself in A hole definitely looks Plain Jane but There's actually a lot going on inside Of this unit this is set up pretty Nicely and hopefully we see more like This with more powerful components but As you can see we've got our m.2 drive Here dual Channel sodim Ram but as soon As we remove the whole main board from The case you can see there's just a lot More going on and that's because this Actually has an mxm GTX 1050 TI attached To this board it's actually right here We've got four gigabytes of vram now I Completely understand that this is only A GTX 1050 TI and 2023 but it's still Pretty amazing to see something like This slammed together Now the cooler itself is actually really Interesting this is cooling the GPU and The CPU at the same time and as you can See the way it's set up is we've Actually got two heat plates here one For that mxm GTX 1050 TI and the whole Heatsink basically sits on top of this 9th gen CPU it's a pretty cool design And it actually does a pretty decent job Keeping this nice and chilly Now like I mentioned I did upgrade the CPU to a 9600k this does pull a lot more

Wattage I've seen it go up to around 85 In this Mini PC but we've got a higher Boost clock there still only six cores And six threads and along with this I've Taken it from eight gigabytes of RAM up To 32 running in dual Channel I've got Windows 11 Pro installed on a One terabyte m.2 drive and overall very Fast little system I5 9600k 6 cores six Threads we've got a base clock of 3.2 Gigahertz and a boost up to 4.6 32 Gigabytes of ddr4 running in dual Channel and of course that NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI with 4 gigs of vram That 1050 is showing its age in 2023 but For older stuff it works out really well Or newer AAA games you might have to go Down to 900p if you want to do medium Settings a lot of the stuff can be done At 1080 low but the first thing I wanted To do here was run a few benchmarks And the first one is geekbench 6 coming In with a single core of 1514 Multi-4876 multi-core is really kind of Held back given that we don't have any Extra threads with this 9600k moving Over to some GPU benchmarks with 3D Mark First up we've got Knight raid we got a Total score of 25 222 fire strike give Us a 7119 and finally time spy with the 2674. it's really interesting to see These new igpus like the Radeon 680m Coming in and beating these GTX 1050s

Now it's time to check out some real World gaming performance and first up We've got Skyrim special edition 1080p High settings I didn't think we'd have An issue with this game here I know it's An older one but it's still a lot of fun To play you're not gonna have an issue Running it on this machine here and I Believe we could actually go up to ultra With this on this tiny PC I put a couple fighting games in here We've got Street Fighter 5 1080p High Running at 60. really good performance Here and when it comes to most of the Fighting games on the market the 1050 Can definitely handle it some of the Newer AAA stuff may have to be dropped Down to medium like Mortal Kombat 11 but You can definitely play it on a machine Like this Doom Eternal 1080p medium settings just To very well optimized game and there Really wasn't a reason we weren't going To get full speed out of it on this Machine I was going to go up to high but It kept giving me that vram warning Given that we only have four gigs on This unit we got an average of 84 FPS With this game The next one here is Injustice 2 1080p Medium settings tried high with this one I was really hoping we could pull it off But I did have some dips down into the Mid 50s when there was lots of particles

On screen so medium is kind of where It's at with the 1050. God Next on the list we've got GTA 5 1080p With a high normal mix I actually wasn't Expecting to get over 100 FPS with it And I know this is an older game so is The GPU but you know taking a look at The performance when that GP was Released along with this game here we Weren't getting anywhere close to this With these kind of settings so drivers And game optimizations really do make a Big difference I was pretty disappointed with The Witcher 3 Performance here where at 900p Medium settings and as soon as I go to 1080 it's right there on the edge of 60. Only got an average of 62 but I did have Dips down into the mid 50s so 900p with This setup here and The Witcher 3. by The way this is the latest update to the Game and I am using DirectX 12 so there May be a little better performance going Back to DirectX 11. of course we had to Test out God of War 900p original Settings not too bad and you know given That this is one of the newer games on The list here I think it's performing Pretty decently given the age of Everything but you're not going to be Doing 1080p with this game on this Machine unless you like a lot of Resolution scale I actually tried it at

1080P and we are under 60 FPS I mean low 50s in some cases So with cyberpunk 2077 the 1050 is Definitely showing its age we had to Drop it down to 720p so we've got a low Medium mix here and as you can see we're Right there on the edge of 60. it Actually does dip under 60. so setting Up Dynamic resolution scale with this Game would really help out but you could Always lock this down at around 45 FPS And have a pretty decent time with it And the final PC game I wanted to test Here was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I'm just using the built-in Benchmark And I went into this using the Recommended preset but it was kind of All over the place so I went back to the Settings and chose the basic preset Which kind of takes everything down to Low and we got an average of 87 FPS but We had a low of 47 and if you take a Look at the system information it Actually scaled it down to 960 by 544 so We're under 720 we'd have to take Everything down to very low on this game To keep that super steady 60fps so That's it for the PC games now it's time To test out some higher end emulators And we're going to start out with Xbox 360 using the Zinnia emulator we've got Red Dead Redemption I do have vsync Turned off I was really hoping that we Could hit 60 with this but if you take a

Look at afterburner we're under that so Turning vsync back on will lock this Specific game to 30 FPS and it's really Playable I mean you could play it just Like that it's not going to dip under 30. team and just seeing this Performance I figured I'd go ahead and Test another 360 game one of my Favorites Forza 2 and with this one we Got an average over 100 FPS so yeah Emulating Xbox 360 games on a system Like this is totally possible it's Really going to come down to a Game-to-game basis but overall I mean You should see really good 360 Performance on a system like this Next thing I wanted to test was some PS3 Emulation using rpcs3 and I'm going to Tell you right now if you want to Emulate PS3 games make sure you have Some extra threads unfortunately these 9th gen Intel CPUs with no extra threads Really do struggle with the harder to Emulate games skate 3 can't hit 60fps on This machine and it really comes down to The CPU those extra threads really do Help out with PS3 emulation but there Are games that will run at full speed Like Demon Souls Tekken 6 and a lot more But the harder to emulate stuff like Skate 3 and God of War is pretty much Out of the question on the CPU But the final thing I tested was some Switch emulation using Yuzu and we're

Getting great performance here so the GTX 1050 does have more than enough Power to take this up to 1080 where in Dock mode right now and it looks like The 9600k is Trucking right along here I Also tested Odyssey seeing the same kind Of performance at 60fps So two years later we're not getting a Horrible performance out of this Mini PC With the GTX 1050 TI but you know with All of the advancements to integrated Graphics recently from Intel and Especially AMD with their rdna 2 and Upcoming rdna 3i gpus I think the 1050 TI n2023 isn't the best choice right now But you know if you've already got one There are a few little upgrades you can Do taking that CPU up from the I5 up to An i7 would definitely help out with Newer AAA games but you're still going To be held back by that GPU we can do a Little bit of overclocking but it's not Going to help out much but that's going To wrap it up for this video really Appreciate you watching if you've got Any questions let me know in the Comments below like always thanks for Watching

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