This Super Tiny AMD Ryzen X86 SBC Now Runs Steam Deck OS!

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Foreign [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be running steam deck OS otherwise Known as steamos 3 or Hollow ISO on the World's smallest ryzen powered single Board computer this is known as the DFI Ghf 51 they have a couple different Variants but yeah I mean as you can see This thing is absolutely tiny and we've Got a real ryzen Apu built in here with This single board computer it's a fully Functional PC and a super small form Factor and just to give you an idea of The size here it is beside the Raspberry Pi 4 and it's actually a bit smaller Than the Raspberry Pi 4 and it's putting Out a lot more performance than the arm Chip in that Pi 4 can so in this video I've installed Steam OS 3 otherwise Known as Steam deck OS I'm using a Hollow ISO to get this up and running And we're going to be testing out some Games in just overall performance on This SBC but before we get into it I do Want to mention that this video is Sponsored by ugreen and their new lineup Of nexo desktop chargers they offer a 100 watt and a 65 Watt and I've actually Been using these U green chargers for a While now if you're a regular view of The channel you know we've got a lot of Handhelds and devices that need a good

Charger and these ugreen desktop Chargers definitely get the job done my Go-to is the 100 watt nexode and my Favorite thing about the desktop Versions is we've got a lead from the Wall so we don't have to worry about Long USB cables I've got three devices Plugged in here and this is a high-end Gaming phone it'll charge you up to 65 Watts but remember this is a 100 watt Charger and it does a true 100 watt so Right now from the wall pulling 100 Watts charging all three of these but if You've got a device that does support 100 watt PD quick charging it'll do it Directly from that top Port here we are With the AOK Zoe handheld and while I'm Running a benchmark right now you can See it jump up to around 90 Watts so This will do a true 100 watt output out Of a single port and in fact the top two Ports are 100 watt rated but mixing it Up does take it down because in total we Can do 100 Watts with this so for Instance if we had both top ports Plugged in the very top would do 65 the Second Port would do 30 and so on and so On so in total we've got three USBC Ports and one full-size USB that'll do 22.5 Watts Max so if you're in the Market for a new charger definitely have A look at you Green's website I'll leave A link in the description This singleboard computer is

Manufactured for embedded systems I mean You can do a ton of stuff with it you Can set up signage you can control a Robot you can do basically whatever a PC Can in a really small form Factory here But it doesn't stop us from running Different operating systems on this unit Given that it has an x86 Apu and when it Comes to the specs of the ghf 51 we've Got the AMD ryzen R1606g this is an embedded Apu two Course four threads at 2.6 gigahertz Unfortunately this chip has been a Little nerfed given that we're working With such a small form factor due to Heat constraints and power constrictions We can only go up to 2.6 this can Normally go up to 3.5 but it is disabled This uses a Radeon Vega 3i GPU up to 1200 megahertz you can pick this up in a Couple different variants with four or Eight gigabytes of RAM I've got the four Gigabyte model here this is the only one I could get my hands on and it's running At 2400 megahertz it's got 64 gigabytes Of em C Storage and this is where I Installed my operating system we're Running Hollow ISO you could run from an External if you wanted to but we also Have two micro HDMI ports and one USB 3.1 Port it also has gigabit Ethernet Now keep in mind this was never meant to Game on but that's exactly what we're Going to be doing in this video

And in order to get the maximum Performance out of this board I do need A cooling solution you could go with a Custom solution if you wanted to go with An actively cooled heatsink but I just Went with their passively cooled case That they offer the Apu is going to make Contact with that copper plate in turn Drawing all of the heat out of this Thing in total this can pull 22 Watts The way I have it set up right now so we Definitely need to keep this thing cool And once we have it all assembled it Looks something like this we've got Access to all of the external ports and This runs on 12 volts we can use a Barrel Jack with this case here Unfortunately it doesn't support PD Charging so we can't use that USB type-c Port to power the board up but with all That out of the way let's go ahead and Get into it all right so I've got Everything set up remember we've got a Micro HDMI on this board here I've also Plugged in this USB hub just so I have a Few more USB ports because we've only Got one USB type-c on the front I've got A mouse and keyboard plugged in just in Case I need it but I'm going to be using The steam controller here I'm using the Dongle that comes along with it Foreign Properly but it should get us right into Steam OS 3 or steam deck OS and of

Course we've got a low end system here Two cores four threads we've only got a Clock up to 2.6 gigahertz and Vega 3 Graphics but it does have enough power To play older games and Indie titles Quite well plus we can also stream from Another PC using remote play right here In Steam OS 3. so like I mentioned I've Got the steam controller connected and To tell you the truth I've had this for About two years I still haven't been Able to get used to the trackpad over on The right hand side Have a lot of issues playing uh first Person shooters and things like that With it but I'm going to use it Throughout the video and as you can see I've already installed a bunch of games Here we've only got 64 gigabytes of emmc Storage and if I head over here to Settings we can take a look at the specs Just to show you that it is running on This little board we've got the ryzen Embedded R1606g up to 2.6 gigahertz two cores Four threads and we've got four Gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400 Megahertz and I've dedicated one of Those gigs to vram you can do it from The bios so we basically have access to Everything here that we would on the Steam deck except for TDP control and Manual GPU clock control from the Performance settings we can enable

Variable refresh rate we can also turn On system-wide FSR but of course since We're not using the same Apu that's in The steam deck we just can't adjust the TDP over here you can do it from the BIOS and this thing is running at 22 Watts so that's about as high as I can Get this little thing and that gives us Plenty of power here to keep the CPU Clocks up to 2.6 gigahertz on both cores And all four threads plus it gives us Enough power to keep the maximum GPU Clocks up on that Vega 3i GPU so uh the First game I'm going to be testing here Is Dirt 3 this is not steam deck Verified but it does work quite well in Steam OS 3. So I've turned the FPS cap off just to See what we could do here and we're Averaging around 74 FPS medium settings 720p not bad for a little single board Computer like this but of course it's Definitely an older game and that's Really what we're gonna have to stick to On something like this we don't have Enough vram to really run something like God of War or even The Witcher 3 on this Board there is an 8 gigabyte version of This thing out there but you know even Adding a little more vram here we're Just not going to have the power to run Those AAA games we could probably do 25 FPS very low settings on something like The Witcher 3.

Next up Left 4 Dead 2 medium settings 720p every once in a while I will see it Kind of fluctuate there gives me a Little bit of a stutter and I'm going to Chalk this up to you know using proton Here plus we've got the frame rate on Capped here if we just locked it at 60 That CPU and GPU doesn't have to work so Hard so we'd get a much smoother Experience it will run this at a Constant 60 all day Here's Skyrim and going into this I was Really hoping we could get a nice steady 60 out of it 720p low settings but as You see we're dipping under 60 there and It really comes down to that CPU power If this little chip would boost up to Three gigahertz I think we could Definitely keep this at 60. you might Notice I've got a little fan on top of The case and this was just kind of an Experiment that I did I'm not sure how They have this set up in the bios for Thermal throttling it's probably at Around 90 degrees Celsius but I never Saw it hit 80. I was just kind of Interested to see if we could up the Performance and you know since we're Under that threshold really doesn't help Out And of course I had to test out Half-Life to 1080p medium settings we're Getting an average over 100 FPS which is Really good but again all of these games

That I tested are old and it really Comes down to the power this thing's put Now now when it comes to Indie Games I Tested cuphead Sonic Mania and dead Cells all three of those games ran at Full speed Yeah So obviously we're not working with a Lot of power here so we're not going to Be able to run something like cyberpunk 2077 or a Spider-Man remastered Spider-Man Miles Morales but we can set Up remote play quite easily on this Machine so you can stream from your Higher end PC I've got this connected to The same network in my house I'm going To be streaming from my main gaming PC Going down on my watch and we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales remember all The hard work is being done on my other PC this is just a low powered unit to Kind of stream it to and the way I've Got everything set up is my main gaming PC is connected to ethernet so is this Thing here so there's really no latency There I mean it's very very minimal it Really does feel like you're playing on This little machine here but yeah I mean Overall it's a pretty cool little Experiment this is something I've been Wanting to do for a little while now I Mean it's definitely a super small Singleboard computer powered by ryzen And since we're using ryzen it's really

Easy to get Steam OS 3 otherwise known As Steam DAC Os or Hollow ISO up and Running on a little board like this now Obviously I wouldn't run out and buy This board specifically for steamos 3 But it's pretty cool to see that we can Install it and have a functioning system That's going to wrap it up for this Video if you're interested in learning a Little more about this board I'll leave Some links in the description and you Know if there's anything else you want To see running on this or if you've got Any questions let me know in the Comments below and like always thanks For watching

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