This Super Low Budget PC Runs SteamOS 3 Better Than The Steam Deck!

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So yeah this isn't bad at all using that Steam deck preset with cyberpunk 2077 And getting over 70 FPS out of it I'd Say this is some decent performance for A custom steam machine under 200. [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Putting together a custom steam deck OS Machine for under 200 bucks using used Parts from eBay now this is going to Outperform the steam deck it actually Does a really good job of surprised by The performance this thing's putting out And of course if you wanted to scale the Performance up from the get-go you could Always go with a better CPU and GPU but We're going to be keeping the cost as Low as possible while achieving decent Performance using Steam OS 3 otherwise Known as Steam DAC OS now before we jump Into it this video is sponsored by Ugreen whether you're looking for a Charger for your Android device your IPhone your Nintendo switch or maybe Even your laptop that supports up to a Hundred Watts they've got you covered With their Gan Chargers now the next Note 45 watt charger is great for Plugging in a couple Android devices or Maybe even two iPhones it supports up to 45 watt quick charging or if you need a Little more you can go with their 65 Watt version here we've got two USB

Type-c and a full-size USB this will Would actually be great for charging up A Macbook or maybe even your iPhone and A Nintendo switch at the same exact time But my personal favorite one that they Make is the Gan x 100 watt so this thing Is absolutely amazing we've got three USB type-c ports and one full-size USB Here and obviously it supports 100 watt Quick charging but what makes this great Is we can actually get 100 Watts out of Either of the top two USB type-c ports Now when it comes to USB C3 the third Port here 22.5 watts and USB a 22.5 Watts and this comes in really handy for All of the newer devices that support up To 100 watt PD fast charging like these Handheld devices laptops and even some Of the newer phones to the market Support 100 watt charging I wanted to Give you a quick demo here I've got the New AOK Zoe handheld gaming device and I've got the charger plugged into a Kilowatt meter so we can see exactly What's going on as you can see it jumps Up to 96 Watts here so we can charge This at 100 Watts over that single USB Type-c port which makes this charger Come in really handy especially for These newer devices but if you don't Need anything this heavy duty you can go With the 45 watt or even the 65 watt if You're interested in any of these Chargers I will leave links in the

Description Okay so what we have here is a low-cost Lenovo mp93 small form factor PC that I Picked up on eBay you can get these for Around sixty dollars if you're bidding Them out and I would highly recommend Getting one with the 4790 I'll leave Some links in the description and if you Don't want to go with Lenovo there are a Ton of other PCS small form factor or Even mini tower with that 4790 that you Can pick up for really cheap right now These really are a dime a dozen and a Lot of my viewers have actually been Able to get these at least the Optiplexes for free with similar specs The one that I picked up didn't come With a hard drive and we've got 12 Gigabytes of RAM it's kind of mix Matched here but it does work I just Made sure of it we've also got that i7 4790 so we've got four cores and eight Threads up to four gigahertz and those Extra threads really do help out with Newer AAA games I actually was going to Go with the I5 7500 because you can pick Those up for real cheap also but we've Only got four cores there and Performance just wasn't going to be the Same now obviously I'm going to be Running steam deck Os or Steam OS 3 on This machine and since I don't have a Hard drive I'm actually going to be Running it from an external drive that I

Already had laying around this is a one Terabyte Toshiba mechanical drive not The fastest but we can boot the Operating system over USB and this Lenovo does have some USB 3 ports on it Now it's obviously going to be slower Than an internal drive or an SSD but I Already had this one terabyte drive and It's going to save me some money now the Operating system we're going to be using Is known as Hollow ISO I've done an Install tutorial but since then they've Done a lot of changes it's actually Really easy to get set up if you're not Familiar with it basically what they've Done is taken the steam deck recovery Image and reworked it so it'll boot up On other systems now with the latest Updates we don't have Nvidia support so We're gonna have to go with that AMD Card and obviously running on the igpu Here with this 4790 really isn't going To work out and you know it would be Nice to throw a big card in here like an RX 6750xt but it's not going to fit and It's definitely going to drive the price Up so we're going to go with something a Bit cheaper and a lot smaller this is Actually one of my favorite cards of 2022 it's the RX 6400 I've seen these For around 100 on eBay now if you want To pick one up new you can get them for Around 130 to 150 but I would just kind Of wait it out and pick up a used one on

EBay now a lot of people don't like These cards because it is a lower Powered card and obviously that's what It was meant to do it's a single slot Low profile card doesn't require any Extra power and it's fully compatible With Steam OS 3 or steam DAC OS now While ideally using something like a GTX 1650 would be the way to go no power is Required for those low profile versions But I just like I mentioned Hollow ISO At least right now doesn't support Nvidia cards so we had to go AMD and When it comes down to it this is the Most powerful low profile single slot Radeon card on the market right now and I'll tell you if you end up going with a Mini tower something a bit bigger that Can fit a larger card in I would just go With the r RX 580 you can pick those up Super cheap on eBay and you're going to Get better performance out of it and I've tested that same card does work With Hollow ISO now one thing I always Recommend doing with these used office PCS is reapplying some thermal paste now This one here I've done it was pretty Dried up but these things run Continuously and that thermal paste has Probably never been changed on the one That you're gonna pick up I just used Knock two really easy to do we're just Going to pull the heatsink off clean up The CPU and the heat sink reapply a

Little bead of thermal paste and put it Back together And there was one last thing that I Wanted to add to this PC given that I'll Be using a controller with it and that Was just a Bluetooth dongle this doesn't Have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and for internet Connection I'm going to be using Ethernet with this machine here it does Have gigabit Ethernet built in you can Go with an Xbox controller and a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle you can pick Them up real cheap on Amazon I'll leave A link in the description or you could Go with the steam controller it comes With a 2.4 gigahertz dongle or you could Still connect it over Bluetooth if you Wanted to but uh I've got the PC ready To go here we've got that RX 6400 Installed I've got hello ISO installed On this one terabyte external drive and All I need to do is boot it up and see How this thing performs Okay so we're booting from that external Drive and this will be slower than an Internal drive I mean it's not painfully Slow given that we're running Linux here But it's definitely noticeably slower Than an SSD and if I was to go with an External SSD it'd be a lot quicker but I Had this mechanical Drive laying around Already So if you've ever messed around with the Steam deck or even seen one then this

Interface is going to be very familiar That's because this is Steam OS 3 the Same operating system that's on the Steam DAC and with Hollow ISO running on This PC we've got access to all of the Features we do with the steam deck Except for TDP control and GPU clock Control from the menu here now to open Up this performance menu you can press Your home button and a if you're on an Xbox controller you're going to press Your Xbox button in a at the same time But we still got system-wide FSR and if I head over here to the settings I'll Show you that we've got that 4790 Scroll down a bit Four cores eight threads and we've got a Max clock up to four gigahertz I haven't Seen it go up to four I mean every once In a while we might get a Core two go up There but uh yeah it's usually around 3.7 and for the GPU we've got that RX 6400 with four gigabytes of G ddr6v Ram Now with this set up here the overall Interface is very Snappy we can get in And out download games you can set up The performance overlay like you see on The left hand side if you want to but uh Really when it comes down to it this is About gaming so let's go ahead and jump Right into it with the Witcher 3. So I had a good feeling we were going to Get great performance out of this and as You can see I mean it's running really

Well we're at 1080p with a low medium Mix and to tell you the truth we Probably just could have taken Everything to medium here and still been Over 60. and I don't have FSR on now if I took this down to let's say 900p and Then enabled system-wide FSR might get a Little boost there but at 1080 I mean we Don't even need it with that low medium Mix it's looking really good Cyberpunk 2077 did a really great job With this little setup we're at 720p With the steam deck preset but we don't Have system-wide FSR on and we can get An average of around 81 FPS taking this Game up to 900p with the same settings Does give us a pretty decent steady 60fps but we do get a few dips down into The mid 50s it's not continuous at all But I kind of wanted to see what we Could do at 720 so I'd say to run this At 900p we'd have to drop a few of these Settings down to low you know from The Medium steam deck preset here and you Could run this at 60 all day and have a Really good time with it Here's Doom Eternal 1080p medium with no Dynamic resolution on now I did lose Sound here because I was messing around With the proton presets I tried a few Different ones but yeah experimental is The way to go I could get sound back by Clearing the cash out but I totally Forgot to before I even started it up

But I mean as you can see this is one of Those games that does run really well on This system Here's project cars 2 still one of my Favorite racing games specifically for The rallycross and we're at 1080p Medium As you can see we're locked at 60 and I Did run into an odd issue with this one Disabling vsync from the game and steam Deck OS itself uh just kept vsync on as You can see we're right there at 16 and I've seen this in the past on other Systems with Hollow ISO usually you just Have to go into the game settings and Change it from window to full screen or Vice versa Related and finally we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales 900p low settings now this Is one of those games that is really Hard on these lower end gpus and we just Don't have a super powerful CPU either But it's definitely trying its hardest So we are over 60 we're actually getting An average of around 67 FPS with it at 900p but at 1080 does kind of fall on Its face with the RX 6400 at least in Steam OS right now and of course we Could alleviate a lot of those dips at 1080p by taking FSR to Performance or Ultra performance but in my opinion it Kind of looks the same set up at 1080 With that FSR turned on versus 720 with No FSR but either way I mean this little PC is actually doing a pretty decent job

With steam deck OS given the price here And of course going with the mid tower Case and adding something like an RX 580 Will netch a better performance than Everything we saw at 1080p but I wanted To keep the price as low as possible and Really when it comes down to it Hollow ISO at time I'm making this video does Not have great support for NVIDIA and it Really comes down to the updates that Valve has put out recently now hopefully They do release a Full Steam OS 3 that We can install on basically any PC with Full AMD and Nvidia support but until Then with Hollow ISO we need to go with A Radeon card and I do think that this Is a pretty decent little setup if you Can pick everything up for under 200 Bucks which really shouldn't be that Hard if you keep an eye on eBay but That's going to wrap it up for this one I really appreciate you watching if You're interested in putting something Like this together I will leave some Links in the description eBay Amazon and I'll also leave a link to the hollow ISO GitHub they have a full explanation on How to install it it's actually really Simple to do and as you saw in this Video it can be run from an external Drive now if you have any questions let Me know down below and like always Thanks for watching

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