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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Frost V3 PC build the third iteration And one of the most iconic PCS on the Channel right next to Big Red which is My personal system for those of you who Are new to the channel let me give you a Quick Refresher Just like every new iteration of a PC Build It's gotta be much faster than the Previous version and well we got the Parts to do that So you just build a brand new shiny PC And you're greeted with this nasty Notification on the bottom right corner Of your screen well instead of going out There and paying full price for a Windows key you guys can actually get One for less than 15 that's right you Guys can get a Windows 10 Pro CD key for Less than 15 by visiting your or By clicking my link below and using my Code ts20 for that extra 20 off they Also sell Windows 11 and Microsoft Office keys and the same discount code Applies now once you get your CD key all You have to do is go into the activation Settings on Windows and put in the new Key and watch The Watermark disappear so This time we're going with amd's fastest Zen 4 consumer CPU the ryzen 9 is 7950x It's got a nasty disgusting filthy 16 Core 32 thread processor which is just Going to shred through every application We toss at it and while it might not be

The fastest gaming CPU on the market it Did exceptionally well in single and Multi-core performance compared to the 30 t900k this PC will be a high-end Gaming system as well as a productivity System so for streaming and editing Videos this is gonna this is gonna do it All now when it came to the motherboard There weren't that many options out There for a beautiful white themed x670 Board with all the bells and whistles so The choice for me was very simple on This the Audi strix xx70e was pretty Much the perfect choice for this build With its 16 plus 2 power stage design And besides the silver vrm heatsinks and The armor will blend in nicely with the Color scheme now for memory it was a bit Tricky originally I wanted to toss in Four 16 gigabyte kits for a total of 64 Gigs running at 5600 megahertz but on Amd's website it stays that the 7950x Only supports up to 3 600 megahertz if You use all four dim slots so it will Automatically underclock our frequency If I use all four of the sticks so that Is why I've decided to just go with two Sticks to maximize the fastest speed After all I will benefit in gaming with Faster memory as opposed to going with Higher capacity memory but you know what Just for fun at the end of the video I'm Gonna toss in the other two sticks as Well to occupy all four of the dim slots

And I'm gonna test the games with all Four sticks just to see if there's a Huge difference between the two for Storage we're tossing in a four terabyte M.2 SSD from Corsair this is the mp600 Pro it's a PCI Gen 4 mvme SSD which Means we get much faster read and write Speeds perfect for the operating system And all the games which will be Benchmarking foreign Remember Frost V2 was a full custom Loop PC build and as much as I want to do the Same thing with Pros V3 there just Aren't any water blocks for the MSI Supreme RTX 4090 so I will water cool The CPU but I can't water cool the GPU So I will be using the xc7 RGB Pro in White from the Corsair Hydro series to Water cool the CPU this is the Corsair IQ 5000 x Ql Edition not only does it come with Four pre-installed ql fans but the Entire case is in white I didn't like The subtle gray accents that Corsair Used on their previous IQ cases it would Just ruin the whole color scheme I was Going for in fact I had to repaint the Gray Accents in white for frost B2 so It's nice to see that they eventually Made a true white version of these cases However I will be swapping the four Included qo fans with corsair's new RGB Elite fans just for consistency I want

The entire build to have the same fans Foreign Not bad at all it's coming together very Nicely I'm not too concerned with the Silver accents from the vrm heatsinks And the armor because I feel like it's Going to blend in a lot better once the Lights are on right now you can tell the Difference between silver and white but It's not going to be that noticeable Once the build is completed but yeah we Got the motherboard in place I did swap The ql fans that came with the case with The ml Elites so we have three intake in The front one in the back for exhaust Which leaves us room to add three more Exhaust on the top so we're going to be Installing the xr5 360 white 360 Millimeter radiator as I mentioned Earlier we are doing basically a half Loop so we're only going to be custom Water cooling the CPU and rule of thumb Is you're going to need at least one Radiator per water block that you're Installing in your custom Loop to help With heat dissipation so since we're Only doing the CPU this will be plenty To cool it we do have plenty of face Over here to install our pump and Reservoir combo so that's going to be Perfect so yeah let's get this out of The box and then hook up three Additional ml Elite fans on here for Exhaust

I'm so glad Corsair makes white Radiators this saves me the trouble of Having to paint it so yeah look at that Even the fins are all white this is Going to work beautifully all right so Here is the tricky Parts figuring out With position to install the radiator With the inlet and Outlet ports on the Right side or on the left side I can Make it work either way it really just Comes down to how clean I want the run So the CPU block is over here ideally I Would want one really close to the Radiator so the ones are a bit short but Then the second one from the radiator is Going to be a bit longer going to the Pump and I don't know how the runs are Going to be until I have the pump and Reservoir installed as well so I guess I guess let's do that first before I Install a radiator because I don't want To take out the fans and then we do this If I change my mind so this is the pump And res combo I'll be using for frost B3 This is the xd5 RGB and white I think It's the same one I used in Frost V2 Actually I just love the fact that you Can buy all the water cooling gear from Corsair that's super convenient and the Fact that they offer a white color is Just an added bonus it saves me the Trouble of having to paint this as well So thank you Corsair all right these are

The two brackets that came with the pump This one gets mounted to any 120 Millimeter fan I'm going to be mounting It to the bottom fan over here and then The pump sits into this one and Afterwards this attaches to this and you Can control the height of the pump so Pretty straightforward stuff here Foreign Before I do anything else I want to Install the power supply inside the case That way I know how I want to Route the Cables I'll be going with the Corsair Hx1500i this is an absolute overkill for This build we don't need this much power For the 4090 but I want to Future proof The system for years to come I feel like This will last me long enough until the RTX 8000 series from Nvidia this is also Corsair's new power supplies that They've designed specifically for the RTX 40 90 and 4080 grams cards because They come with their very own 12 VH Power cable that way you don't have to Use these ugly default 16 pin cables From Nvidia but luckily we're not going to be Using any of these because would it Really be a frost build without custom Cables Foreign Custom 16 Pin cable came out yes it even Has a little Shield over here to prevent The cables from bending

Corsair Corsair Corsair I don't know What you guys are thinking well I don't Know what your design team is smoking on Like I still don't understand what the point Of this is I I'm guessing it's to cover Or hide the cables behind it but the Design is so stupid like it's so close To the motherboard tray where it's Difficult to Route the 24 pin cable do The Grommet look what it's doing to the Freaking cable look how much it's Bending just so I can get it out of There How did this get past the design stage Honestly it just it frustrates me so Much alright so decided to mount the Radiator with the ports facing the right Side of the case this is going to give Me the cleanest runs inside the build This is going to be a little trickier to Do because we're missing a GPU block and A second radiator the GPU block is kind Of like a bridge when you're doing a Full custom loop it's a lot easier to do Clean runs because you have this extra Set of ports over here to run the tubes From the top red or even from the CPU Block but because this entire piece is Missing It's a bit tricky to do nice runs Oh God this is gonna be Kind of difficult The EPS cables are

Getting in the way of course there you Got to give us more clearance from the Top please oh I think I think we can do It it's gonna be super tight let me try And plug the EPS cables closer To the back of the case If we can bend it all the way here in This corner I think we can make it work Let's give it a shot Oh yeah that worked That worked thank you Oh man look at that it's a very tight Fit uh I don't like how it's just kind Of going over The io cover over here but that's Literally the only way I can get that Freaking top red installed all right all The cables are plugged in ready to go The only thing I need to do is plug in a Graphics card that way I know how much Space it's going to take up inside the Case and then I can plan my tube run so Without wasting any more time let's pop In this bad boy the MSI Supreme X RTX 4090 That just that brings chills down my Bones just by saying that Supreme RTX 40 90 folks oh look at this chunker Ding oh no look how close it is to the Pump oh no no no no this can't happen This cannot happen This could not happen right now no no no You can't you can't do this to me please You can't do this to me let's remove

This these PCI brackets first Please of course so don't do this to me Oh my Lord and Savior this is This is not gonna work is it Why didn't I think to check the GPU First Look how massive this card is you guys It is blocking this entire area for the Pump there's no way I'm gonna have to do Some modding to the case If I can somehow lower the pump to Over here it can work there's plenty of Space between the GPU and the fun fans Because this section of the reservoir is Narrow it's narrower than this area Where the pump is this is what the issue Is right now It's it's just too wide and with the Bracket included there's no space but There's no way for me to lower the Bracket unfortunately there's no other 120 millimeter fan on the bottom where I Can hook this up to so I'm gonna have to Find a way to monitor the case Because I still need something to hold a Pop I can't just leave it down here that Is not safe man this build is going so Damn well it was it was too good to be True and I knew it something had to go Wrong I just I wish I had a freaking Water block for the Supreme that would Have solved the problem okay I would Have got rid of 90 of the damn GPU most Of it is just the heatsink and the

Cooling this is where the PCB ends the Pcbn is right here guys look how short The uh the actual GPU is it would have Freed up so much space but the blocks Aren't available so I have no choice I'm Gonna do some brainstorming figure out What the hell I need to do with the with The case and I'll be right back One eternity later all right here is one Thing I can do and it's not the Prettiest option but it is an option I Can remove the bottom 120 millimeter fan And push in the pump bracket a lot Closer to this entire Um fan bracket instead so this will Basically push the entire pump bracket About an inch in this way which will Give me plenty of space to slide in the Pump that is one option that I can do But it's not the prettiest like I said Because we're gonna have only two fans In the front and you're gonna see a Nasty bracket In the front but it is doable that way The second option which in my opinion is Probably the best option for this build Right now without having to mod the case Or drill holes into it is to bring all Three of the fans And install it on the front of this Bracket This way it's still going to look nice From the front because we're not gonna Have a fan missing on the bottom but

Also we're gonna have plenty of space in The back for the pump The downside to this is unfortunately we Won't be able to install the filter Anymore because it's sitting in the Front of bracket and it's also going to Be really close to the front panel so I'm not sure how that's going to affect Thermals but this is really the only Option without having to damage the case It's a beautiful case I hate to poke Holes into it so this is the best route To take right now while still building An aesthetically pleasing system which Is very important for frost or Frost V3 I should say Foreign Try this one more time Oh let's go baby I knew it oh yeah look At that guys beautiful beautiful Beautiful beautiful tucked away nicely Between the GPU and the front fans we Have plenty of space it's not going to Interfere with my runs to the CPU block Downside Unfortunately like I said earlier we Cannot install the filter anymore and It's going to be sitting really close To the front panel this will definitely Still close though right yeah it Definitely closes but oh my god look how Close it is it's practically touching it I don't even know if we're going to get Any uh any intake in fact there's a few

Millimeters of space between the front Fan and the side paddle I'm able to Slide in the um the xt7 booklet from Corsair pretty easily so yeah it's not Completely touching the panel but I'm Really curious to see how this will Affect thermals regardless we're gonna Check it out at the end of the video so We're going to start with the CPU Block In case you haven't noticed I did rotate It to its side and that way the outlet Is on the top and the inlet is on the Bottom this is going to help with super Clean tube runs so we're going to start With the outlet of the CPU block head Towards the top red from the top red Into the pump out from the pump and back Into the CPU block so here's I'm going To turn some music on work on the bends And I'll be back just in time for the Review Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Well here it is ladies and gents Frost V3 finally completed it looks nice However I do have to admit it's just not The same doing a half loop as opposed to Doing a full loop the massive GPU there Is an eyesore and it just ruins the Overall aesthetic of the build in my Opinion I feel like if you're going to Be doing a custom water cool build for

Your PC you have to fully commit but as I mentioned earlier unfortunately my Hands were tied because there are no Water blocks available for the Supreme RTX 4090 but aside from that I think it Still looks very clean and the specs Certainly live up to Frost's reputation I was able to pretty much play any game I want in 4K resolution with Max Settings I was getting close to 200 FPS In Modern Warfare 2 in 4K Ultra settings Buttery smooth gameplay amazing Graphics I mean what more kid you ask for Honestly the Frosted tubes look very Nice with corsair's xl8 blue coolant and The custom cables from cable mod just Help tie everything together nicely look At how clean the 16 Pin cable from the GPU looks I highly recommend anyone Using a 40 series car to grab a custom 12 VH power cable from cable mod not Only does it look super clean in your Build but it will also prevent your Cables from melting due to improper Insertion I knew that in order to Achieve super clean tube runs in this Build I had to do a double bend on both The runs for the top and the bottom and After only two failed attempts for the Top run I was successfully able to get a Double 90 degree Bend and I was able to Get the bottom one done on the first try So I got pretty lucky there the top tube Has a 90 degree Bend coming out of the

CPU block and another 90 degree band Into the top rad and the bottom one has A Bend towards the bottom of the GPU Going up and over into the CPU block I Call this one the anxiety Bend because If any of the fittings get loose and the Coolant starts to leak the first thing It's going to touch is the graphics card And I don't know about you guys but Nothing screams anxiety more than having An expensive GPU sit underneath a Constant stream of liquid if there's any Sort of leak in the system I'm out two Grand that's a very expensive problem to Have all right let's talk temps first Off it's freezing here in California so I have the heater at my office set to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit so do keep that in Mind I hope the 7950x averaged around 52 Degrees Celsius with Peak temps of 56 And the Supreme 4090 average around 47 Degrees Celsius with a peak temp of 48 Degrees during gaming we were seeing the CPU hit a maximum temp of 72 degrees Celsius which is pretty good for 7950x And the GPU stayed at a constant 66 Degrees but what's even more impressive Is that the fans didn't kick on the Entire time I was gaming it's nice to See that the fans in the front are still Able to push air through the case Despite being that close to the front Panel you also might have noticed that I Have all four sticks of memory installed

Instead of two while it turns out the 7950x actually does support higher Frequency memory even while populating All four dim slots as you can see here Here in the task manager all four sticks Are running at 5600 megahertz and CPU ID Confirms it as well either amd's website Has some false information or my peanut Brain probably misunderstood it but Either way I'm really glad I can use all Four sticks for more capacity and plus It just looks so much better inside the Building but yeah that's all I got for Frost V3 let me know what you guys think About the builds is there anything you Would have done differently let me know In the comment section down below I'll Drop a link to all the parts I used Below if you guys want to check it out Subscribe for more awesome PC builds Coming your way thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you very soon in The next one Foreign

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