This New Phone Has A Game Console Mode! A Crazy Fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Hand Set

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I wish more manufacturers would jump on Board with something like console mode I Mean we're spending a lot on our Android Devices already we might as well be able To use them in several different ways Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be taking a look at console mode on The new red Magic 8 Pro Plus now this is The most powerful Android device that We've tested on the channel so far due To the fact that it's actually using the New Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU which is Putting down some amazing performance When it comes to Everyday Use Android Gaming and especially emulation we have Posted a first look video on this phone And I showed off a little bit of console Mode but basically just think Samsung Dex we've got a larger display connected To our phone but this is way more gaming Orientated because after all this red Magic 8 Pro Plus is an Android gaming Phone if you're interested in checking Out our first look video I'll leave a Link for it in the description but since This device is brand new I wanted to Give you a quick refresher on the specs This is just going to be a quick rundown For the CPU we've got the brand new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 8 cores up to 3.2 Gigahertz for the GPU we've got the Adreno 740 16 gigabytes of L Ddr5x Ram with this one 512 gigabytes of

Ufs 4.0 storage and this storage is Really fast we've also got Wi-Fi 7 this Is actually the first device that I've Tested with Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3 And I'm personally a huge fan of this Display it's a 6.8 inch AMOLED at 120 Hertz and for the operating system we've Got Android 13 and red magic UI 6.0 Okay so with all that out of the way Let's go ahead and take a look at this This is one of my favorite features of The phone and there's actually a couple Different ways that we can get this Connected to an external display we can Always cast you can also use their own Standalone Windows app known as red Magic studio and that'll allow us to Kind of cast Over USB to our PEC does Work out pretty well but my favorite way To go about this is a hardwired Connection that way we don't have any Kind of latency and by the way the Monitor I have here does have USB type-c Video in Plus on the rear we've got Ethernet and some USB ports that'll work With the device while it's plugged in Now if you don't have a monitor that Supports USB type-c video in you can Always use dongle or a dock that you can Pick up on Amazon or Ebay I'll leave Some suggestions in the description Below it's going to mirror the screen That you have going on the phone itself And this is great for some people but

You know we don't have the same aspect Ratio as this external display so we're Going to get those black bars on the top And bottom but luckily we do have a Console mode built in here with the red Magic 8 and 8 Pro we've got the little Switch on the side the little red magic Switch we're just going to go ahead and Flip it and now we're in console mode on The external monitor now the phone Screen is actually going to be turned Into a trackpad in case you don't have a Mouse and keyboard but I do have one Connected and you can also use the phone Just like it is with this external Monitor running so you can exit the Trackpad and go right to the home screen You can start up a game on the phone and The external display at the same time if You want to But personally I just want a game on the Larger display that we have connected it Is running at 1440p and it will do up to 165 Hertz over USB type c and like I Mentioned if you don't have a display That supports USB type-c video you can Always go with the dock from Amazon this Is actually a cheaper steam deck dock That would work out I'm just going to Kind of use it as a stand it's got HDMI Out some USB 3.0 ports and even ethernet So this would be a good option if you Kind of want a little docking set up but I've got this plugged directly into this

Monitor and it does work out really well Like this we've got a bunch of different Ways that we can navigate console mode Obviously you can use the built-in track Pad you can use a mouse and keyboard or Even a Bluetooth controller and we can Add several apps here you can even add Netflix if you want to if you wanted to Go full screen we've also got a little Bit of tweaking that we can do down in The bottom left hand corner now if You're familiar with these red magic Phones you know we've got a few gaming Modes we've got an eco mode a balanced Mode and a high performance or a high Gear mode we can also adjust the Sensitivity of her Mouse directly from Within console mode but now I want to Get into a little bit of gameplay and Show you how this performs now the red Magic 8 Pro Plus has the new Snapdragon Gen 2 which is the most powerful CPU That we've seen in an Android handset Ever and I'll tell you it'll run Anything everything that I've thrown at It has run at full speed maxed out first Up we've got Call of Duty mobile Graphics are maxed out here we've also Got the frame rate maxed out from the Settings and I think we're only at 60fps Right now due to uh you know the game Itself not allowing 90 Hertz yet with The red Magic 8 Pro but in the future we Will get 90 Hertz out of this and this

Is one of those games that has great Controller support as long as you've got A first party Xbox controller or PlayStation controller you're not going To have any issues and I'm connected Over Bluetooth but you could always go Wired with it if you wanted to to Alleviate any kind of latency The next game I wanted to take a look at Was ginshin impact where at very high 60 FPS from the settings and this is one of Those games we just haven't gotten Native controller support on Android With yet and it's really unfortunate but Red magic does have its own software Built in that will allow us to kind of Map either a keyboard or controller to On-screen touch points therefore we can Map a keyboard and controller with Basically any game we want to play I'm Gonna go with a keyboard because I Usually map a controller but uh just Keep in mind it's going to work exactly The same way so I've just mapped a few Buttons here I've got my left click Right click and once we come out of it It's going to give us a warning telling Us that in order to enable this we have To hit that middle button on the mouse Otherwise we're just going to be using The mouse cursor on the screen like a Regular Mouse now we're locked in we've Got camera movement with our Mouse and We can use wasd to move around the whole

World and this works great in console Mode I'm glad they have something like This built in really one of the only Games that I use it with is ginch and Impact So playing your favorite native Android Games and cloud gaming apps on a big Screen with this phone is great and all But my favorite thing to do here is run Some emulators and the Snapdragon Gen 2 Is gonna be the go-to chip for emulation When it comes to Android and uh first up We've got the Dolphin Emulator I'm using The development build from the official Website opengl backend and I'm going to Go at 720p with the game we're going to Test because it is a harder one to run But if you wanted to run something like Sunshine you can go up to 1080 with it And yeah it can definitely hold its own Here with Gamecube and Wii emulation Automotive stuff definitely a harder one To run and we're using opengl because With the latest updates of dolphin and Snapdragon chips we are seeing a lot Better performance on most of the games That we want to play here now there's Still some games that'll work a little Better with Vulcan but for the most part I've been sticking with opengl on the Snapdragon Gen 2 and I've had a blast With this emulator But I gotta say where the Gen 2 really Shines is PS2 emulation using ether sx2

We've got Ratchet and Clank running here In safe mode using the opengl back in And we're using the 4X resolution preset From ethers X2 and that'll bring us up To 2048 by 1792. really awesome to be Able to upscale these games so much and The easier to emulate stuff can go on up There even the 8X with something like Crash Bandicoot But one of the more impressive games to Run here at 4X on this phone is God of War 2. if you've tried ether sx2 in this Game here even on the Snapdragon gen 1 You know how hard it can be to run but We're still at 4X with that opengl back In and I personally haven't seen PS2 Emulation this good on any other Android Device so far So overall really loving console mode With the new red magic a Pro Plus and Console mode was actually introduced I Believe on the red magic 7 but there Were some bugs there all of those have Been fixed and really it comes down to The application kind of getting confused To where the controller needs to be Working either the internal screen or The external screen and sometimes it Would kind of get mixed up but with this I haven't run into any of those issues And we've got that built-in cooling System with the red Magic 8 Pro Plus so We don't have to worry about that Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 thermal throttling I

Mean we can play this thing at full boat All day long I will have at least one More video coming up with the red Magic 8 Pro Plus I want to get a full Emulation Showcase Video out of the way Uh this new Snapdragon chip is kind of Where it's at when it comes to Android Emulation right now and it's putting Down some amazing performance but that's Gonna wrap it up for this video I really Appreciate you watching if you want to Learn more about this device I'll leave Some links in the description along with Some of the other little things that I Used here like the monitor I'll leave a Few links for some USB type-c to HDMI Adapters that are low cost on Amazon if You have any questions let me know down Below like always thanks for watching

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