This Modular Steam Deck Case Is Awesome! JSAUX MOD CASE Hands On Review

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Foreign Hey you what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're Going to be taking a look at the brand New mod case for the steam deck from JS Aux now I've been waiting for this for a Little while ever since they announced It I definitely wanted to get my hands On it because what we have here is a Fully modular case with a bunch of Different accessories that we can add to The steam DAC the case itself does come With a strap system which would easily Allow you to kind of Mount a battery on The back of the steam deck while it's in The mod case but they also offer some Awesome accessories which fully Integrate with the mod case like a Cooling fan add-on an m.2 SSD and their 11 in one docking station now before we Get into it I do want to mention that my Steam deck has been modded I've got the Jsox rear transparent shell which also Comes with a nice little cooling plate Integrated into the rear shell I did a Video on this a couple weeks ago but the Reason I mention it is this cooling Plate here now I do get cooler temps With this on the back of the steam Decker with this installed on the steam Deck so once we add the fan accessory we Might be see in lower temps than you Would with a stock steam DAC so yeah I've been waiting for the mod case for a

Little while now on paper it looks like A really good idea and the accessories They offer kind of Mount right on the Back of this without any magnets but as You can see it does come with a Protective cover we've got those raised Analog stick spots so if you did want to Throw this in a backpack you don't have To worry about those getting messed up Or anything like that cover pops right Off here and we've got the strap system Which we'll take a look at in a second Which I think is a really good idea even If you just want to pick up the case It's going to come with that but uh Getting right down to the case itself It's constructed of a hard plastic and a Medium rubber we've also got a little Metal here with the kickstand and this Will actually offer a little better Cooling performance if you've opted to Use the transparent jsox rear shell but Overall looking pretty good steam deck Is going to slide right down into it The rubber on the outer edges where Palms are going to go does have a little Bit of grip to it so that's really nice If you've got sweaty hands while you're Playing for a long time it's not going To slip out on you but uh one of the Most interesting things about the mod Case itself is the strap system on the Back of the case you can see we've got This little raised spot here and this is

Where our accessories are kind of going To slide right in so with the strap System that does come with the mod case We can put it right there It's kind of like a watch band and I Mean if it came down to it you could use This as a gigantic super heavy Pip Boy If you wanted to but really I think the Main use for this strap system would be An external battery I use the 20 000 Milliamp hour battery did a video on I'll leave a link for it in the Description and it should fit in here Really nicely definitely going to add Some heft to the steam deck but you know Adding a few hours of gameplay is Definitely worth it in my opinion Getting the steam deck in the mod case Is pretty easy we've got a little bit of Pliable rubber on the outer edges here So it's kind of going to just slide Right in you need to make sure we get it Up over the analog triggers And there it is I mean it's installed Hassle free we can strap the front cover Right on here if we want to and it does Have a nice grip to it right there where Palms are going to go I think it looks kind of industrial I Mean I kind of dig the way this thing's Turning out so far It's got a built-in kickstand take a Look at that in a second but let's go Ahead and put that front cover on or the

Protective cover So basically you want to start with the Top first it's going to clip right down On here and yeah throw this in your Backpack don't have to worry about Scratching the screen up or messing up Those analog sticks at all A lot of the cases I've seen on the Market with kickstands I use plastic Flimsy kickstands but this is Constructed of metal here and that hinge Does seem very durable takes a little Bit of force to engage the kickstand so It's not going to be flapping around Whether you're playing this in handheld Mode and we can set this up at several Different angles and while we have Accessories strapped to the steam deck Or the mod case itself it's going to Work out just fine And the first accessory I wanted to look At was their 11 in one docking system so With this we get our smaller USB type-c Cable that's what's going to connect the Dock to the steam DAC and this has a ton Of different ports we've got HDMI DisplayPort dual USB type c around the Other side two USB 3.0 ports full size And micro OSD plus a 3.5 millimeter Audio jack the dock itself could be used Without having to strap it to the back Of the steam dag but it does come with The mod case mounting accessory And we're just going to slide the dock

Right in there now we can go ahead and Mount this to the back of the steam deck We don't have to worry about magnets or Anything like that It's going to slide right on And once it's in there I mean it's not Going to slide off of there you Definitely got to give it a little bit Of force but I needed to make sure this Is in the correct orientation And with this obviously we'll need to Connect it to the USB type-c port on the Steam deck to get connection to it comes With everything you need to get it Mounted up and installed on the steam Deck so now we've got MicroSD full size SD HDMI DisplayPort extra USBS and you Can route this USB cable any way you Want this is just the way I went with it The dock supports 100 watt PD fast Charging but keep in mind the steam deck Can only be charged at a maximum of 45 Watts HDMI will support up to 8K 30 Hertz 4K 120 or 2k144 DisplayPort is Around the same except 2K we can go up To 165 and while using the HDMI and Display port at the same time we can Only do up to 4K 60. not bad at all I Mean that's all we really need plus We've got up to 104 megabytes per second On the MicroSD and full size SD card Reader gigabit Ethernet extra USBS I Mean we've got everything we need here In a docking system for the steam deck

But the next accessory that I wanted to Take a look at was one that I was most Interested in and that's their new Cooling fan accessory this is actually Pretty awesome it'll work without the Mod case it does come with an adapter to Kind of mount it on the back of your Steam deck without the case and I've Seen a lot of these cooling systems Listed on Amazon and Ebay 99 of them Need to be plugged in but this has its Own built-in batteries got a 2 000 Milliamp hour battery we've also got Full control over the fan speed you're Going to charge it up with the USB Type-c port on the bottom and I can tell You right now yeah this definitely Lowers the temps on the steam DAC we've Got the fan control knob over here so We've got full control over that And like I mentioned this does work Without the mod case it comes with this Little adapter that's going to kind of Just mount on the back of your steam Deck it's got a little bit of a sticky Back to it but instead of kind of Blowing on the back of the steam deck Like a lot of the coolers you're going To see on Amazon and eBay this actually Connects to the outlet vent on the top Of the steam DAC so it pulls more air Through over the internal cooler Adding it to the steam deck is really Easy whether you have the mod case or

Not comes with that adapter that you're Going to stick right on the back but With this it's just going to kind of Slide right on And once we turn this on it's actually Going to start to extract heat out of The steam DAC now we're going to go full Blast with it and I'm not sure if you Can hear that but at full blast I mean It definitely makes some noise it's Louder than the steam decks internal fan But we're moving a lot more air than the Internal fan can And of course we need to test out this Fan system so right now I've got Spider-Man Miles Morales running it's Been up for about seven minutes in that Time frame CPU and GPU temperatures are Around 75 to 76 degrees Celsius we've Got it listed right there on screen Now I'll go ahead and add the fan system Turn it on full blast you can definitely Feel it drawing the heat out of the Steam deck and it doesn't take long at All I mean you kind of get an immediate Effect in about 60 seconds the tents Drop by six degrees Celsius on the CPU And GPU so yeah I mean this definitely Works but basically What's Happening Here is we're able to pull more air Through the steam Deck Over the internal Cooler and you can achieve this same Kind of effect by upping the steam decks Fan speed so if you wanted to go that

Way you could but I kind of like the Idea of having this add-on here I know It's not for everybody and uh you know At full blast it is a bit loud but if I've got the volume up to around 60 70 On the steam deck I don't even notice The fan so I'm kind of good to go with Something like this And as you can see the temps have fallen By about five degrees Celsius and if I Go for a few more seconds we get down to Around 69 degrees Celsius on the CPU and GPU bringing it down a total of six Degrees Celsius which is a significant Drop but again you can achieve this by Upping the internal fan speed if you Wanted to go that route And the final thing we're going to take A look at is the strap system my main Use case scenario for this would be Mounting up an external battery this is My go-to battery for the steam deck I Did a video on it a while ago and yeah I Mean it will support 45 Watts so we can Fast charge the DAC it is a bit heavy But you know if you want a couple more Hours of run time out of the steam deck Then this is something you might want to Add So I've got it situated in the strap It's not going to go anywhere and it's Just going to slide right on here And obviously we'll need to plug it into The deck I've got a shorter USB type-c

Cable So you can route this any way you'd like Having a 90 degree adapter really helps Out but now I've got this mounted up and We're charging the steam Dex battery so I can add about two hours of battery Life to the steam deck you know at full Boat with this external battery Connected to the DAC and of course You're going to add weight to the steam Deck and it really depends on the Battery pack you're using you could go With a battery pack that uses plastic Casing to keep the weight down but I Love this aluminum battery here and uh Yeah I mean full 45 watt quick charging For the deck and it sits on here really Nicely so overall I've really been Enjoying the mod case so I'm glad that They do at least in the strap with the Case itself but if you want that fan Accessory or the external dock accessory You're gonna have to buy those Separately it's going to protect the Steam DAC I mean it's not going to get Scratched up especially with the Protective cover over the front if You're going to be carrying this around In your backpack we also have this Really sturdy kickstand built into the Case but the main claim to fame and my Favorite thing about it is the fact that We can add all of these accessories to The back of the steam Deck with the mod

Case but that's gonna wrap it up for This one if you're interested in picking Up the mod case or just learning more About the accessories I'll leave some Links in the description but yeah I mean If you've been waiting for a case I can Highly recommend this one here Especially if you're going to utilize That mounting system even if it's just For an external battery if you have any Questions let me know in the comments Below and like always thanks for Watching

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