This is Your Dream Graphics Card – ASUS STRIX RTX 4090 White #shorts

Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Detective Dev

Look no further ladies and gents because Your dream graphics card is here the Asus RTX 4090 strix in white this is the Holy Grail of all gpus right now and We're gonna unbox it popping open the Lid we are immediately greeted by the RTX 4090 but I'm gonna put this aside so We can see what else is in the box Underneath the foam padding we have Three compartments the middle one has an Envelope and inside there are a few Booklets a cardboard cutout and a Holographic collector's card that is Included in all white Rog strict Scrappers cards from Asus underneath the Middle compartment is your standard 12 VH power cable which I found a bit Disappointing that they didn't make a White one specifically for this card in The right compartment is a single white Velcro strap to help tidy your GPU Cables and a tiny little screwdriver the Left compartment has a collector's ring That is also included in every white Rog Strix GPU this is hands down one of the Sexiest graphics cards I've ever laid my Eyes on and it's gonna go in a very Special PC build very soon definitely Don't want to miss this one so make sure You guys are subscribed

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