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This is pretty much the only way of Getting an RTX 40 series graphics card In your system without having to pay Scalper prices Buying a system that already has one Equipped I mean 40 90s are going for Over two thousand dollars right now Depending on the model and if you want a Premium card like a strix you’re Expected to pay over four thousand Dollars what is wrong with people History is repeating itself again Because the exact same thing happened Last year with the 30 series launch Where people are basically forced to buy An entire new system instead of paying Nearly double the price for an RTX 3070 Or higher because this was the only way They were able to get value for their Money Live gaming PCs are coming to our rescue Yet again with their new pre-built PCS But are they worth it I’m not gonna go Easy on them just like last time I call Them out on their build kit pricing and Part selection so I really hope they Learned a few things from that last Video [Music] Looks like it’s packaged very well so Far Lots of padding With some foam inserts inside to protect The graphics card and other components

From getting damaged during shipping so Let’s see which PC to actually send over This time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] All right so it looks like they sent Over their Colossus PC which is their Top tier system equipped with next-gen Parts and right off the bat it looks Nothing like the damn picture on the Website we talked about this I literally Mentioned the exact same thing in the Last video the build kit that I got Looked nothing like the image on the Website and when they emailed him they Just told me that they didn’t have a Chance to update it and they changed the Image right after my email But what’s the excuse this time it is November 15 at the time making this Video and the image is still the same I Mean don’t get me wrong guys this is Still a pretty decent looking system but People need to know exactly what their PC is going to look like before spending Thousands of dollars right isn’t that Fair all right let’s turn this on see if It boots Still nothing Getting a little worried any day now The first boot always takes forever Um okay well that’s not good we are not

Getting any signal Looks like we do have an error code CPU That’s a first so there’s something Going on with the PC I’m not sure Exactly what I’m going to do some Troubleshooting uh we’re not getting any Signal to the Monitor and according to The motherboard debug light looks like There’s something going on with the CPU Because it’s not even going past that uh So I’ll try Cleveland to CMOS we see in The CPU and see what I can do to get the PC up and running and I’ll see you guys Very soon Quick reboot so the light is orange okay Now it went to red That’s so weird oh now cycling through The rest of the lights So bizarre Whoop look at that All I had to do was a power cycle and The PC is working now so What a relief all right let’s talk about Pricing before I dig deeper inside the System pricing is a very important Factor for consumers when determining Which PC they should buy and I feel like Light gaming does a pretty good job in Being transparent with their pricing you Get to see all the components that go Into your build along with the price They are charging so you already know if You’re getting ripped off or not now for Some reason I got a slightly different

PC than what was advertised on the Website and frankly I’m a bit annoyed With that because it feels like this System was Cherry Picked in my favor and I’ll talk more about that later in the Video but first let’s take a look at a Parts breakdown of what you’re supposed To get with this PC so when you look at The total cost the answer is simple yes You’re getting a better deal as opposed To buying the parts separately and Building it yourself 36.97 is what you’ll be paying on light As opposed to paying 4218 and 64 cents Building it yourself you’ll be saving 521.64 Sense not to mention shipping costs are Not included so the total price could be Potentially higher depending on where You get your parts from to build your PC So for example if you buy from Amazon And you don’t have Prime you could be Paying extra for shipping with light PCS Shipping is free and you get their Warranty with customer support all very Good things to consider when deciding I Was also told that their entire customer Service team has been reworked and that They hired more skilled agents to help Out with customers a lot quicker also to The end of December you can spin the Wheel and get a free upgrade it can Either be extra storage an upgraded Cooler or just more fans most of the

Savings actually comes from the graphics Card on Amazon the Asus tough RTX 490 is Selling for 2500 and on eBay the Cheapest I found was 2400 plus shipping So that’s the price I used for the Comparison one thing I would recommend To light gaming if you’re watching is to Please list the model of the part as a Customer I’m sure it’ll be nice to know What exactly we are buying for example On on the GPU it just says RTX 4090 but What model is it that plays a huge role On deciding to buy the PC or not Actually if you scroll down on the Product page it will tell you the brand Of the GPU but the model is still Missing it says gigabyte but what model Gigabyte is it I would also like to know The model of a memory and the hard drive Listed as well these are all very Important details in determining if the PC is worth it okay so the PC is hooked Up to the monitor let’s dive deep a Little bit and see what kind of programs They installed inside the PC right off The bat for some reason it looks like I Can’t even connect to the internet the Wi-Fi drivers haven’t even been Installed how am I supposed to use the PC without Wi-Fi I even have the Wi-Fi Extender hooked up in the back here but This is useless if the Wi-Fi drivers are Not installed Windows isn’t even Activated

I can’t even troubleshoot because I Can’t connect to the Wi-Fi oh my God Something tells me that they didn’t even Set the power plan or activate XMP in The Bios watch I freaking knew it it’s Unbalanced I can’t express how important It is to set the power plant to high Performance to make sure that your System is not throttling you guys this Is how do they forget to do this what About XMP let’s check out XMP real quick Let’s go to task manager memory Oh thank heavens at least they have that Enabled so we are running on 6000 Megahertz so at least they didn’t forget To enable XMP that’s good okay so this Is an Asus board so technically they’re Supposed to install uh Rog Armory and That is how you can install all the Drivers for the motherboard so I do see That installed on here Let’s open that up real quick Look I connected to Wi-Fi so I can’t Even check hold on let me get my Temporary Wi-Fi adapter okay at least The GPU drivers are up to date so that’s Good oh I see the issue looks like they Only installed a land driver for some Reason they didn’t install the Wi-Fi the Bluetooth or even the AMD chipset driver Which can impact your gaming performance Cherry Picked my butthole earlier in the Video I said that this PC might have Been Cherry Picked for me that couldn’t

Be further from the truth that’s the Funny thing about all this you guys like Light gaming new they’re setting this PC In for a review on the channel yet they Send it in like this where is your Quality check my guy all right let me Download these drivers real quick and I’ll be right back all right so Everything is downloaded and ready to go Let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of The PC specs wise this is one of the Best gaming PCs you can buy right now Where you got top of the line specs a Ryzen 9 7 900x it’s a 12 core 24 thread Processor 32 gigs of RAM running at 6000 Megahertz and the Asus tough RTX 4090 it Doesn’t get any better than this you can Fly to the moon and back with this System and still make it home before Supper I was playing Modern Warfare 2 And 4K Ultra settings and the PC was Eating it and spitting it back out like It was nothing just like my ex temps Stayed very cool as well during gaming It’s a 700x peaked at 78 degrees Celsius Which is really great when considering The CPU can hit upwards of 95 degrees Normally the 490 tough on the other hand Stayed at a constant 71 degrees on its Hottest sensor which leads me to the Cooling of the system we got a pretty Good fan configuration going on with Free intake on the bottom three more Intake on the side and then three

Exhaust for the top so we have a bit of A positive air pressure going on in this Case which is to be expected what I Don’t understand is why they sent me an NZXT cooler instead of the deep cool That’s listed on the website I also got An EVGA power supply instead of a deep Cool so there just isn’t any consistency I prefer transparency in Seattle times Regardless if this is a review unit or Not I can tell you right now if they Made those upgrades to get on my good Side or to soften the blow it’s not Working the only upgrade I allowed was The motherboard I asked for a strix Board instead of the Prime because I Have other plans with the board after This video they are currently out of Stock on the strix 670 board so they are Being shipped with primes instead but Once they get more in stock they will Update the list and adjust the pricing This leads me to the cable management And I mean this in the most delicate way Possible you had one simple job the Cables coming out of the AIO could have Been routed a much nicer way you never Want to run cables across the vrm it Just doesn’t look good personally I Would have routed the cables between the Top vrm heatsink and the dim slots the GPU cables I kind of understand I mean They’re really hard to work with they’re Very bulky they’re difficult to bend

Plus the GPU is mounted vertically so Then you have the cables going up and It’s really hard to kind of bring it Back down but there is an alternative One option is to bend the actual cables Downwards and Route the other end Through the middle grommet as we’ve Discovered recently the cables don’t Melt due to bending but more so because They are not fully connected this Already looks a hundred times better the 24 pin cable on the other hand should Have been routed from the bottom grommet And not the top that way the entire Sleeve can be hidden behind the graphics Card all right let’s check out the back [Music] Oh wow That’s actually not bad I’m more Impressed with the cable management in The back than I am with the cable Management in the front we got a bunch Of cable slack over here tied nicely Together on the top of the power supply And the rest of the cables over here are Kind of hidden behind this bracket in The center so they did a really good job In the back I have no complaints I also Noticed that one of the pins from the Case fan header is bent it’s not a huge Deal since you can easily Bend those Back in and I probably caused that Without knowing when I was removing the Foam from the beginning so you know not

A huge deal and finally I do want to Talk about the fans I have no clue why They replaced the stock NZXT fans from the cooler with their Generic RGB ones these are much nicer They would have matched the color scheme Of the build much better and they Probably would have offered better Cooling as well I’m so confused and What’s worse is that they didn’t even Include the remote for the RGB fans it’s Nowhere to be found this means I can’t Even change the colors they are stuck With the purple color which sucks I Thought maybe they connected them to the RGB header on the motherboard so I can Control them using the Armory software But nope they are not even connected There oh and that’s another thing the Case lights don’t even work these two Buttons in the front supposed to let you Change the color of the RGB strip that Goes in the front of the case and none Of there are the buttons do anything I don’t know who built this PC but that Person definitely needs some training or At the very least the person who does The quality checks of these systems Needs to be retrained but at the end of The day you’re still protected no matter What you decide so if you do get a PC And you’re just not happy with it you Can send it back to them for free within The first 30 days for a full refund but

If you decide to replace it what they’ll Do is they’ll send you a brand new System and you can keep using this one Until the brand new one arrives and then You can send this back using the same Box and if you’re not into pre-built PCS That’s fine you can also check out their Build kits which are also five percent Off you pick the parts you want and you Build it yourself with their assistance Despite everything you’re still getting A good deal on a PC that’s equipped with A 40 series card as opposed to buying The parts yourself and building one I Think that’s the main takeaway from Today’s video I like making these types Of videos because it gives a lot of Great feedback to the pre-built Companies out there and I really hope That light PC can take the criticism That I’ve mentioned in today’s video and Apply it to their company as well as all Future order especially since they are All easy fixes from my experience with Them in the past they are very good Listeners so I’m pretty sure they’ll Address everything I mentioned in this Video before this video even goes live And I’ll give you guys an update of Course in the comment section down below Or I’ll probably list it somewhere on The screen as always that’s it for the Video thank you guys so much for Watching I’ll drop a link to live PCS

Below if you guys want to check them out If you enjoy these types of videos let Me know by tossing a like and let me Know in the comment section which Pre-built PC I should check out next Thank you so much for watching and I’ll See you guys very soon in the next one Owl

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