This is the End of Netflix! #shorts

Last Updated on February 12, 2023 by Detective Dev

If you want to use Netflix outside of Your house your crap out of luck let me Explain Netflix is finally unleashing The Kraken on shared Netflix accounts And is putting Chile Costa Rica and Peru On The Chopping Block first according to The new terms you'll have to set up a Primary location of where your Netflix Account is being used and all of your Devices are supposed to be connected to The Wi-Fi of this primary location so What does this mean exactly so let's say Your primary location is in California But you're on vacation with your Mistress in Timbuktu well you definitely Ate Netflix and chill in my guy actually That's not exactly true if you're going On a holiday you'll have to request a Temporary code from the service to get Access to your account for seven days You will also have to launch Netflix and Watch something at least once in 31 days To ensure that your devices are Associated to your primary location that Is the dumbest thing I've ever heard Honestly also you won't be able to share Your password with your friends or Family who live outside of your Household sorry Grandma looks like You're getting the boot Netflix hopes That this step would bring in a new Influx of users well I beg to differ and That is why ladies and gents

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