This Gaming Laptop is Faster than your PC! (Lenovo Legion Pro 7i Gen8)

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It's crazy how fast gaming laptops are Getting this laptop here is faster than My custom water cool PC That is why I'm excited to take a closer Look at the new Lenovo Legion Pro 7i gen 8 laptop and I want to thank little of a Legion and Intel for setting this out And sponsoring this video I know it Might sound weird but the specs of this Laptop are better than most of our Setups we got a 16 inch Quad HD display With a 240Hz refresh rate three Millisecond response time on a beautiful IPS display for specs this model is Rocking a 13 gen Intel Core I9 13900 HX Which is a 24 core 32 thread processor You also got 32 gigs of memory running At 5600 megahertz and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 laptop GPU however you can get the Same laptop but with a faster graphics Card up to an RTX 4090 which is Absolutely nuts then there's the legion Pro 5i which is one step down you can Choose from an RTX 3050 laptop GPU all The way up to an RTX 4070 with several Intel CPU options as well it all comes Down to your needs and budget of course So the build quality is really nice not Much Flex on the display or on the Keyboard deck it's nice to see that Lenovo didn't cheap out on the material The keyboard is actually one of my Favorite things about the laptop the Keys are spaced out nicely and have a

1.5 millimeter travel so it's more on The longer distance for laptops but They've done this specifically to Deliver a more tactile feeling that is Closer to a gaming keyboard experience Actually had a lot of fun using the Keyboard and I can also customize the Lighting using the included software Through here I can set up to six Profiles and customize each key Individually the amount of options they Provide is actually pretty impressive When you compare it to other gaming Laptops in the same price range I can Select an area of the keyboard that I Want to customize and set any color or Animations I want to it my favorite is The ripple effect the trackpad is also In a very good spot I didn't have any Issues accidentally rubbing against it While I was using the keyboard and when Paired with the Lenovo pure side 240Hz Display it's very smooth and responsive I just love how the screen takes up Majority of the display's surface area With extremely thin bezels all around And it's pretty clever what they did With the webcam placement they created This extra lip to make room for it but It's also there to help open up the Laptop let's take a look at ports real Quick starting with the left side we Only have a USB 3 and a single USBC While on the other side you get another

USB 3 Port followed by a privacy switch For the webcam and a headphone jack While the rest of the ports are actually In the back which is what I love to see On laptops because they don't get in the Way of anything and it helps keep your Setup neat and tidy starting from the Right you have dcn two more USB 3 with One of them supporting 5 Volt 2 Amp Charging we also got a full HDMI 2.1 Another USB type-c and a full ethernet Port I do want to point out that you can Actually use the USBC port in the back To plug in an external display you can Also use it to charge your device at the Same time up to 140 watts of power Delivery this is really useful for Multitasking if you want to hook up an Extra display and power it at the same Time this brings me to the gaming Experience now normally I'm not a huge Fan of gaming on a laptop but gaming on The level of a legion Pro was actually Really fun I was able to take advantage Of the 240 hertz refresh rate thanks to Intel's latest hybrid architecture and The Nvidia RTX 4080 winning games like Halo infinite or Forza Horizon 5 on Mac Settings was no challenge I was Experiencing buttery smooth gameplay With no screen tearing thanks to Nvidia's g-sync this is why I always Prefer Intel for my CPU Intel smart Cache expanded cache sizes accelerate

The processor for better performance and Higher FPS you can also adjust the Marina's refresh rate while gaming so Let's say you don't need a 240Hz of Fresh weight because you're just Watching content or creating content Well you cannot get down to 60 hertz Simply by pressing the function and R Buttons at the same time this will Reduce your laptop's power draw and Improve battery life another thing that Lenovo did really well with the legion Pro 7i is the thermal performance Instead of using regular thermal paste They are using liquid metal with an Improved fan design and a massive Vapor Chamber for both the CPU and the GPU Underneath the laptop is a larger intake With larger exhaust fans on both sides And on the back which helps dissipate The heat a lot faster as a result of the Improved thermal design the temps are 10 Degrees cooler while improving Performance by up to 15 percent now Before we take a look at the in-game Performance it's important to understand The laptop's main feature the Lobo AI Engine plus so a few things happen when The AI engine is activated first the CPU And GPU TDP are unlocked second the Network bandwidth is prioritized for Gaming leading to lower latency and Improved internet connection for online Games third any background app is

Automatically closed to prioritize System resources and finally the Trackpad is disabled to ensure no missed Clicks all right we're going to test out Forza Horizon 5 in extreme settings Quality Sheet resolution to see how the AI engine feature actually impacts the Gaming performance we're going to start With quiet mode which will reduce the Laptop's performance and the fan speed Where possible with low power Consumption we can see the game is Running on an average of only 45 FPS Because both the CPU and the GPU power Consumption is extremely low utilization Is also low from both around p 50 usage From the GPU and 25 from the CPU the Trade-off however is that the laptop is Extremely quiet like you can't hear any Fan noise at all and attempts are Extremely low as a result This is a really good setting to use if You're gaming in a library or just any Quiet area where you don't want people To hear the fan noise of the laptop so Now I'm going to switch on the balance Mode but I'm going to disable Legion AI Engine for now first thing I noticed is That the fans kicked on Both CPU and GPU are pulling in more Power and as a result we pretty much Doubled our fps to an average of 86. now Check this out I'm going to enable Lenovo AI engine so it increased the

Power drop from both the CPU and the GPU And it bumped our average FPS by another 10 as a result the fans also ramped up a Little bit more as you guys can probably Hear And then we got performance mode But here's what's interesting about Performance mode I want you guys to pay Attention to the power draw and the Temps for both the CPU and the GPU on Performance mode the power draw is Slightly less for the CPU and GPU but The temperatures are much higher and Here's the interesting part the FPS are The same on both settings so it makes Sense to always use balance mode with AI Engine enabled to make sure the laptop Is being optimized for the best Experience while reducing temps in the Process but if you guys want to take it A step further you can actually Customize the performance and the fan Speed in the custom mode in here you can Set your own fan curves and you can Tweak the power limits another feature Of the Lenovo Legion that I think a lot Of you guys might like especially if You're into overclocking is the Overclocking feature if you lock this Option you can overclock the GPU and the Vram I was able to comfortably add 200 Megahertz to the Boost clock and 300 Megahertz on the memory now there wasn't Any giant performance gains by any means

But I know I did add a few more FPS to Some of the games I've been playing Overall I'm very happy with how well the Intel Core I9 13900ax processor and the GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card handles The games on here the fact that I'm also Able to take advantage of Ray tracing With Nvidia dlss 3.0 on certain titles To boost the frame rates even more is Just the icing on the cake I mean what's Not to like about the level Legion Pro 7i it's a beast of a laptop with Next-gen specs it is the ultimate Portable Powerhouse for your workspace Or gaming setup if you guys want to Check it out I'll drop a link to it down Below another huge thanks to Lenovo Legion and Intel for sending this out And sponsoring this video thank you guys So much for watching and I'll see you Very soon in the next one Foreign [Music]

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