This Feature is Underrated!

Last Updated on March 5, 2023 by Detective Dev

So the Vivo X90 Pro Plus is already a Ridiculous phone it's got a red faux Leather back it's got 12 gigs of RAM it Has incredible cameras 80 watt charging It's 1100 bucks oh that is great but the Best thing about this phone to me by a Mile is actually this fingerprint reader So we've seen a lot of under display Fingerprint readers for the past couple Years roughly all they're in the same Size you know small and in the bottom Middle of the phone but this ultrasonic Sensor is gigantic and works kind of Like magic so I'd say it's around twice The size of the ones we're used to Seeing and it's also super precise so Instead of having to tap your finger you Know 10 to 15 times to set it up you can Register a new fingerprint here in just One firm tap that's it so from that Point unlocking your phone anywhere on That huge surface is ridiculously fast To the point where you basically never Even have to see your lock screen again If you don't want to and then on top of All that you can do dual fingerprint Authentication for your most secure Secret files whatever those are so one Thumb by itself doesn't work the other Thumb by itself doesn't work but scan Them both at the same time and it goes Through so sick

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