This Fast Lower Cost Tablet Is Right On The Edge Of Being A Desktop PC/Game Console!

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So yeah with the performance that this Tablet's put now and the fact that we Can basically turn this into a desktop PC I think it's really hard to beat Something like this given the price Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime DAC here again recently on the Channel we took a look at this Lenovo Tablet now this is the Lenovo P11 Pro Gen 2 and it definitely offers a lot of Features for a decent price when you Compare it to others on the market right Now in this video we're going to be Taking a look at what Lenovo is calling Productivity mode personally I call it Desktop mode we can basically turn this Into a full-fledged Android powered Desktop PC now obviously using this Tablet in tablet mode is going to work Out just fine because that's exactly What this thing is but we've got another Feature here which I personally look for When I'm taking a look at newer Android Devices on the market this does have an 11.2 inch 120 hertz OLED display so the Built-in screen is awesome but Connecting this to a larger display Definitely opens up a lot of Possibilities now with productivity mode We can use it directly on the built-in Screen here but it doesn't quite Function the same as you know running This over USB type c to HDMI now we've Got multi-window multi-app support we've

Got a snap feature here but the best way To use desktop mode is what I'm going to Call it here is connecting this to let's Say your TV or a monitor you can do this Over USB type c using an adapter that You pick up from Amazon there's several Available I'll leave some links in the Description you can go with the cheaper Adapter that also has some USB ports Maybe ethernet SD card reader or you Could go with a dock now one thing that I've been using is a steam deck dock Because they're plentiful and very cheap Or if you've already got a display that Supports USB type-c video in that's Probably what you want to use this the Pixio px27 pro and it does 65 watt PD Fast charging out and video over USB Type c this also has a couple USB ports On the rear so all I needed to do was Plug in my mouse and keyboard combo to The Monitor and all of that's going to Work over that single USB type-c cable To the tablet So now we've got desktop mode up and Running and one thing I really love About lenovo's productivity mode is you See my mouse can be used on the external Display or the tablet itself we can Scroll right down to the tablet screen And from the settings we can set this up Right now I've got it set up so you know My external monitor is above the tablet You can set it up to the left hand side

Right hand side or below the tablet that Way when you move your mouse cursor off Screen it's going to go over to that Secondary display this comes in really Handy for moving back and forth we can Run apps on both of these at the same Exact time and we have more than enough Power to run them this is actually a Pretty powerful tablet and going into This I was a little skeptical just Because this is a CPU I haven't used Before but uh this actually is the Mediatek companion 1300t it's an 8 core Arm SOC we've got four cortex a78 cores A 2.6 gigahertz and four cortex a55 Cores at 2 gigahertz it's using the Mali G77 mc9 GPU you can pick the this up With either four or eight gigabytes of RAM by the way this is only the four Gigabyte model the lowest end model that They offer it supports micro SD card We've got an 11.2 inch 120 hertz 2.5 k OLED display which looks absolutely Amazing quad speakers with Dolby Atmos And an 8200 milliamp hour battery now I Will tell you that this CPU is on par With Snapdragon 870 it's actually beaten Out the GPU performance by about nine Percent CPU performance is under the 870 By about 5 but overall we've got a Pretty powerful little tablet here and Given the price of everything on the Market right now this is a really really Good deal it's got more than enough

Power to play any game from Google Play And it'll even emulate GameCube Wii and PS2 games And using it like a desktop PC actually Works out really well we've got Multi-app multi-window support we'll go Ahead and launch Chrome here we've got This opened up we can snap it to the Left hand side we can full screen it we Can minimize it we'll open up a second App here we'll just go with the Calculator Got this running and we'll do let's say A game at the same time So we've got all three apps running on Screen at the same time and we can pull These down to the bottom screen if we Want to but I'm going to leave them all On the external monitor here so we've Got great multitasking support and Remember this is only the four gigabyte Model so we've only got four gigs of RAM The eight gigabyte model will perform Better when more apps are opened up but You know overall performance between the Two is going to be the same if you're Just running a single app they're using The same CPU it's just Ram that's Different another thing we have here is Wide Vine level one so we can get our HD Content from Netflix HBO and everything Like that I'll show you a little bit of 4K video playback from YouTube real Quick we'll find a demo video so this is

4K 60fps HDR we'll restart it Make sure we're at 4K and also turn Stats for nerds on This companion 1300t does have enough Power to run 4K 60 really well and we've Also got Wi-Fi 6 here but we could use Ethernet while we're connected to an Adapter if you want to use it that way So this does need to switch over to 4K I Know it's a bit hard to see stats for Nerds and on the initial load in we Always get a few drop frames but Throughout the video it's not going to Drop anymore And there it is 4K we've got four drop Frames and it's just gonna stay right There the whole video so 4K 60 HDR Looking really good here so obviously Media consumption on this tablet itself Whether you want to use it on the Built-in screen or external monitor Looks great it's also going to function Just fine [Music] And when it comes to getting some work Done you could always easily edit Documents here with a keyboard now I've Got it set up the keyboard is going to Come up on screen but I'm using a Physical keyboard right now you can Disable this from the productivity Settings I just didn't do it and I've Got a couple docs open right now so I Can go ahead and edit these but again it

Really depends on what you want to do With it email checking document editing You could download a photo or video Editor from Google Play and use it Directly on the big screen if you want To I personally don't use Microsoft 365 but I downloaded it oh I gotta sign in so I'm not going to use it but yeah this is Another productivity application that You can download and use in desktop mode No problem at all but one of my favorite Things to do with the setup like this is Actually game on it you can use native Android games it does support a Controller I've got an Xbox controller Connected we'll just start up Asphalt 9. As you can see we're in Window mode but We can easily Go full screen and it's Going to fill the full screen here we've Got the proper aspect ratio in Productivity mode I don't notice any kind of performance Difference between the two even while This is connected and got both screens Running I mean everything's functioning Like it should Now if running an external monitor with A different layout isn't for you all you Need to do is head over to productivity And we can change the layout here so we Can go to extended which we're in right Now or we can go to mirror and basically It's just going to mirror the tablet's

Display to the external display but as You can see we've got those black bars On the side because it's not the proper Aspect ratio But with it set up like mirror mode we Can also still game and this would come In really handy for plugging this into An HDMI game capture device that way you Don't have to use any of the CPU power In the tablet to kind of record your Display here Call of Duty mobile High Settings 60fps and I'm using an Xbox Controller connected over Bluetooth as You can see between the tablets display And the external display there's zero Latency because we're using a wired Connection we don't have to worry about Wi-Fi or casting or anything like that So when it comes down to it we've got Native Android gaming in the bag with Something like this but what about Emulation well in my original video I Did show off a few emulators running we Had some PSPs some GameCube some Wii and Some PS2 and it transfers just as well Over to this external monitor in desktop Mode here we have the North American Version of God of War 2 so we are at 60fps ether sx2 Vulcan back in really Great performance here this is one of The harder ones to run and as you can See we are at 60 right there on the edge 59.60 but definitely really playable And this also handles GameCube and Wii

Games really well I'm using the Development version of dolphin it's an Official version it's not MMJ or Anything like that And here's the Wii version of Sonic Colors running at full speed we're using The Vulcan back in here with this Mediatek chip [Music] So yeah desktop mode otherwise known as Productivity mode is turned out to be Really awesome on this tablet I'm glad To see other manufacturers kind of come Into market with the desktop style Operating system for their Android Devices we've had Samsung Dex for such a Long time and it's definitely at the top Of its game but I have been seeing some Of these other companies kind of Catching up with their interface Motorola recently released what they're Calling ready for that's their kind of Desktop operating system for their Higher end phones and it's really Enjoyable to use but you know seeing Lenovo do it with productivity mode like It's working right now on this lower end Tablet is really awesome the four Gigabyte model of the P11 Pro Gen 2 Which I have here was recently on sale For 229 on eBay and lenovo's official Website after I posted my video they did Jack the price up due to demand but just Keep an eye on it because at 229 it's

Really hard to beat a tablet like this Given the price of everything else but That's going to wrap it up for this Video really appreciate you watching if There's anything else you want to see Running on this just let me know in the Comments below and if you're interested In seeing what this tablet can really do I'll leave a link to my original video In the description also leave some links To lenovo's website and eBay in case you Want to learn more but uh that's it for This one like always thanks for watching

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