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I'll tell you what you know going into This I didn't expect it to do Wii U Emulation so well but I mean this little Thing is handling it like a champ What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Putting together a surprisingly powerful Low-call small form factor emulation Machine that really puts out some good Performance I was very surprised to see What this thing can actually do and when Using a PC like we have here you can Actually get out pretty cheap now Obviously we've got a small form factor Unit and I wanted to keep it as small as Possible so I went with an HP Elite desk 705 G4 now a lot of the time when you Take a look at these smaller form factor PCS they're going to be powered by older 4th gen up to the 7th gen Intel CPUs but This one just happens to have an AMD Ryzen 2400 ge now we don't have as much Power as the regular old 2400 but like I Mentioned the emulation performance that This thing can put out using Linux is Actually really surprising so the price On these are around 150 dollars Sometimes you can look out and find them For around 129 dollars if somebody's got A big lot of them that they're trying to Get rid of on eBay and let's just say You didn't want to go with an HP variant You can also opt to pick up one of the Lenovo variants with the same exact chip

You're going to get that same kind of Performance now when it comes to Ram all You're going to need is eight gigs here Because we're going to be using a Linux Based operating system known as Bottocera so it's basically just a Standalone emulation operating system it Uses retro Arch cores for the lower end Systems and Standalone emulators for the Higher end stuff like Wii U PS2 GameCube Wii 3DS and even PS3 now if you wanted To you could go with Windows or a Different version of Linux and install Your own emulators but this has Everything we need already built in you Can actually boot this from a USB drive A USB hard drive an internal drive or an M.2 drive but with this setup here I've Actually got it installed on a 256 Gigabyte m.2 SSD we've got right here in This Elite desk 705. we've also got Eight gigabytes of RAM running in dual Channel and this is very important when It comes to these apus you definitely Want two four gig sticks in here but you Know if you wanted to go with more RAM You could always go with two eight gigs Making it a total of 16 but like I Mentioned four emulation 8 is going to Be plenty and it's also going to keep The cost down and finally here we've got That ryzen 2400 GE with this we get four Cores eight threads and we've got a Max Clock up to 3.7 gigahertz and of course

Since this is an APU we've got built-in Graphics and this just happens to have Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics up to 1250 Megahertz and I'm going to tell you Right now with all of the latest updates To the Radeon drivers we've seen a huge Boost in opengl performance and Linux And windows which really does help out With emulation if you didn't want to Swap over to something like Vulcan and Even then there are some emulators like Citra for 3DS that only utilizes opengl Foreign So here we are I've got an Xbox Controller connected over Bluetooth to This Mini PC so I've got a wireless Controller here now if your little PC Didn't come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi you Can always get an adapter but overall This operating system works great on This Mini PC I mean it's very Snappy and With buttocera we do have several Different themes that we can download And install so if you don't like the Look of the stock theme you can always Go with something else but as long as You have an internet connection either Wi-Fi or ethernet you can go through and Download new themes the stock one looks Something like this not bad at all but There are several to choose from and It's really easy to get them up and Running in bottocera now just scrolling Through here as you can see I've got a

Lot of stuff installed but really I Wanted to test out the higher end stuff Like some GameCube some Wii U some PS2 And even PS3 on this little system but Real quick I wanted to show you here System settings we'll go to information We've got that AMD ryzen 5 Pro 2400 GE Now the big difference between the GE And the regular 2400 is this one Actually only runs at 35 Watts for the Smaller form factor units so therefore You know we can't push a lot of power in This Mini PC but uh yeah for what it is It does work really well and bottocera Overall really easy to install like I Mentioned you can run it from an External drive you can run it from a USB Drive if you want to or internal there's A built-in scraper so we can get our Metadata and artwork for each of our Games and we've got built-in bezels or You can go with the bezel project from The download section I mean there's just A lot that's gone into Bato Sarah and in The past year I mean it has come a very Very long way but what really matters Here is how this little mini PC performs So let's go ahead and jump right into Some emulation On so starting out here really simple With some Dreamcast emulation this is This is using the Fly cast score and Retro Arch and it's running great I Didn't have a doubt that it wouldn't run

Fine on this machine and if you wanted To do some Naomi and a Thomas weight It's going to run just as well along With the lower end stop SNES NES PC Engine Neo Geo you want to do some Main And N64 this little machine has more Than enough power Moving over to PSP emulation and Bottocera does utilize the Standalone Version of PPSSPP I just went into this At 3x I didn't even change the back end We're using opengl here and even on this Apu and Linux we're getting full speed With everything that I tested even the Harder to emulate games like God of War Chains of Olympus and you know I had a Good feeling we were going to get great Performance with PSP and there's no Doubt that yeah this is going to run Basically any PSP game as long as it's Compatible with the PPSSPP emulator Moving over to some GameCube with the Dolphin Emulator we've got Auto Modelista one of my go-to tests also one Of my favorite games this is a harder One to emulate especially on lower end Systems and we're getting great Performance we're right there at 60. I Didn't upscale these games at all but I'm sure with some of the easier to Emulate stuff we could go up to 720p and Maybe even 1080 on some of them but Right now we're at the native res and This little system even handles F0 GX on

The fire Field track which is Notoriously hard to emulate and if you Take a look at our performance overlay You see we're still using that opengl Back in with these newer drivers even For Windows we got a big boost in Performance when it comes to these apus Another one I was really surprised about Was a 3DS so yeah if you've ever tried To run this on an APU like this Especially 2000 series you know how hard It can be to run but with these newer Updated drivers and better opengl Support we're actually getting great Performance here at the native Resolution I also tested a few more Games like Mario Kart 7 and Yoshi's Island same kind of performance here but I'm sure there are some harder to Emulate 3DS games that might struggle on This system even at the native Resolution but we're getting way better Performance with 3DS than we did even Three months ago so with all of the Emulation we've seen so far I had a good Feeling it was going to handle those but You know getting up there to PS2 and Even Wii U I thought we'd start to Struggle with this little Apu but as you Can see here it even handles PS2 games This is Gran Turismo 4. again opengl Backend we do have the option to go to Vulcan and even God of War 2 runs at Full speed here and this was really

Impressive because in the past we had a Hard time running these PS2 games on These 2400 ge's it's not a super Powerful chip and a lot of this Performance really does come down to the Development of the emulator itself Paired up with those newer drivers Yeah But I gotta say the most impressive Thing I saw so far was uh Wii U Emulation using cemu Vulcan back in We've got Bayonetta 2 running at 60. now I do get a few dips into the upper 50s It's not something that really affects Gameplay and I'm not sure if I captured Any of that but up in the top left hand Corner we do have the FPS counter for The cemu emulator running right now and This game runs great I mean it is fully Playable and I also went through and I Tested Mario Kart 8. another one that Works really well on the 2400 GE So I'd say I mean this thing's got a lot Of stuff covered when it comes to Emulation and right now you can actually Pick these up for pretty cheap be the HP Or Lenovo version [Music] But unfortunately at the time of making This video it doesn't do great with PS3 I tried the RP CS3 emulator here in Linux and I also went back over to Windows just to test it and yeah I mean No matter what settings I use I just

Can't get full speed but in Linux I've Got a lot of glitching going on I've Tried opengl just to see if that would Help I know Vulcan is going to perform Better but as you can see I mean it's Just not a great experience and this is An easier one to emulate So overall I think this Mini PC performs Absolutely amazing as a small form Factor emulation machine especially Given the price now you can actually Find these a bit cheaper it really Depends on who's got a lot of them set Up on eBay right now 150 is usually the Going price but I have seen these as low As 135 and again if you didn't want to Run patocera we have several different Operating systems that can run on this I Mean it's an x86 platform so if you Wanted to go with something like Manjaro Linux and install your own emulators you Could do that or even windows 11. it's Really up to you but that's going to Wrap it up for this video I really Appreciate you watching I'm actually Really impressed by what this thing can Do I mean up to Wii U it would be nice To get some PS3 emulation out of the way On this but you know at 150 I kind of Wasn't expecting it at least at the time I'm making this video if you're Interested in picking one of these up And putting something like this together I will leave some links in the

Description and definitely let me know Your thoughts in the comments below of Course you could go with a much larger Form factor unit and add your own Discrete epu if you wanted to to get a Little better performance at least when Upscaling these higher end emulators but I wanted to keep it as small as possible And I think this gets the job done Really well if you have any questions Let me know in the comments below and Like always thanks for watching

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