This All-New Ryzen 7 7735HS Mini PC Is Steam Deck OS Ready & Has The Power To Game!

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at steam deck OS Running on a brand new ryzen 7000 series Mini PC known as the um 773 now this is Coming to us from minus forum and it's Definitely a great performer because This is actually powered by the brand New ryzen 7 7 35 HS Apu we've got eight Core 16 threads and a clock up to 4.75 Gigahertz in my previous video we just Tested out windows there if you're Interested in checking that video out I'll leave a link in the description but In this video we're going to be testing Out steamos 3 otherwise known as Steam Deck OS and in order to get this Installed we're going to be using a Variant of this operating system known As Hollow ISO unfortunately valve hasn't Released you know a full desktop image For Steam OS 3 yet but some awesome Developers have taken it upon themselves To kind of rework the steam decks Recovery image that way we can install It on different systems now at the time Of making this video it definitely works Much better when you're using an AM D GPU and lucky for us it actually works Really well with integrated graphics and That's exactly what we have here with

This Mini PC if you're interested in Learning more about Hollow ISO I will Leave a link to the GitHub in the Description it's actually really easy to Install and you can test it out on your Own machine if you want to now real Quick I did want to give you a look at The internals of this Mini PC here it's Actually really simple for my drive I Opted to use a two terabyte aors 7000 Series nvme SSD we've got dual Channel Ddr5 sodium RAM and unfortunately with The um 773 at the time of making this Video I cannot overclock the ram so this Will be running at 4 800 megahertz I've Got 32 gigs here it would be really Awesome if we could overclock the ram Here and would really up the performance The last generation Mini PC that Minisform released was known as the Um690 it was powered by the ryzen 9 6900hx and if you're a regular viewer of The channel you know I was able to Overclock the ram up to 6 000 megahertz Which really locks that igpu performance But unfortunately with the um 773 it's Kind of locked down in the Bios right Now and if you're not familiar with this New chipset or even this PC here I Wanted to give you a quick rundown on The specs for the CPU we've got the AMD Ryzen 7 7735 HS this is still based on Zen 3. it would have been nice if AMD Went Zen 4 but uh we still got 8 cores

16 threads a base clock of 3.2 gigahertz With a boost up to 4.75 CPU performance Here is phenomenal when it comes to Integrated Graphics we've got the Radeon 680m based on our DNA 2 12 cus at 2200 Megahertz for all of my testing I'm Going to be using 32 gigabytes of ddr5 At 4 800 megahertz and when it comes to Linux on this machine I mean everything Just worked right out of the box it's Still based on Zen 3 plus so we didn't Need you know major driver update over There for Linux wi-fi Bluetooth am the 2.5 gig ethernet on the rear all worked Alright so here it is you might notice That this does look a bit different and That's because I've actually installed Some plug-ins here does work with Hollow ISO Unfortunately power tools always crashes On me but when it comes to like CSS Loader to kind of change your steam Deck Theme we can use it right here As you can see definitely looks a lot Different I think it just adds a lot to The operating system but uh real quick Let's head over to the settings and I'll Show you here system Ryzen 7 7 35 HS we've got the built-in Radeon 680m graphics running at 2200 Megahertz 8 cores 16 threads We've got 32 gigabytes of RAM and this Is only running at 4 800 megahertz Unfortunately this bios is locked down I

Cannot overclock this Ram I really wish I could and I've just dedicated four Gigs of vram but obviously it's going to Use more if it needs it we're working With an APU here Overall UI performance here is great and If you did want to head over to desktop Mode you can do it from here you can Switch right to desktop but uh we've got A few settings We can turn on the overlay Just like we would with the steam deck We can set the frame rate and when You're connected to a monitor that Supports it you can actually enable Variable refresh rate And uh we've got system-wide FSR so if You did want to turn this on for some Games which you know it may be required For something like Elden ring you can do It directly from here But yeah overall really decent Performance here out of this ryzen 7000 Series Apu and now it's time to get Right into some game testing And the first one here is cyberpunk 2077 900p steam deck preset looking really Good and with that steam deck preset it Does set FSR to Auto I believe it goes To Performance you know given the power Of this Apu can put out but it's still Really awesome seeing this run over 60. We're actually getting an average of 71 FPS

Next up Spider-Man Miles Morales 900p Low settings in the past we'd be really Hard-pressed to run this you know Anywhere close to 60 and 720p but with All of the updates to proton and the Game itself we're getting great Performance on these apus and you'll see This you know when we're up in the air This will go up into the mid 80s but Down here at street level we're getting An average of around 68 FPS Here's Doom Eternal and this is one That's always run really well in the Linux using proton 1080p medium low Settings we can get an average of 78 FPS Out of this game not quite on par with The 6900 Ajax and that overclock ddr5 But it's getting real close God of War 720p original settings was Hoping by now with you know driver Updates and game optimizations that we'd Be able to run this at 900p or even 1080 Low settings but unfortunately even at Low here we're getting about the same Frame rate as the original preset at 720 But when it comes down to it we're Getting an average of 64 FPS and I'd say This really isn't bad for integrated Graphics Next up we've got the Witcher 3 and with This game here I usually get really Great performance in Linux but recently There have been a few updates to the Game itself that kind of prevented me

From going up to 900p and 1080. to tell You the truth I don't know exactly What's going on here it wasn't the major Update that enabled DirectX 12 and FSR But for some reason with a lot of the Apus I've been testing for the past Couple weeks I've just not got great Performance with The Witcher 3. Elden ring 720p low we know that this One is really not optimized for these Apus and with this I actually enabled System-wide FSR and still even at low 720p with FSR turned on we're only Getting an average of around 54 FPS I really wish the developers would do a Bit more optimization when it comes to These apus But the final one we have here is Horizon zero Dawn 900p low settings We're getting an average of 73 FPS out Of this game and keep in mind with Everything that we tested here we could Go up to 1080 with all of them if we Lock it at 45 FPS and with this uh steam Deck Os or Steam OS 3 we do have the Ability to kind of lock that frame rate Right on the Fly So overall I'm seeing some really great Performance here out of this Mini PC When it comes to Steam OS 3 and I really Do wish we had a way to overclock the Ram here because adding something like Even a 52 to 5400 megahertz Ram will Help out with that GPU performance I've

Been doing a little bit of research I'm Trying to unlock the BIOS myself so I Can get some overclocking done but you Know if I could go up to 6000 with it I Do think this would beat out the 6900 HX And right now that's the most powerful Little Apu that I've tested on the Channel so far but that's gonna wrap it Up for this one really appreciate you Watching let me know in the comments Below what you thought about the Performance here I know we're still Working with that uh Radeon rdna 2i GPU And as soon as we get the newer rdna3 Apus I'll definitely be doing a lot of Testing with Windows and Linux and Speaking of Windows if you want to see The windows performance that the um 773 Can put out or if you're interested in Learning more about this Mini PC I'll Leave some links in the description but That's it for this one like always Thanks for watching thank you

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