These Streamer Setups are Atrocious ft. Faze Swagg, Nadia, Luke Davidson

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What is this setup it looks so freaking Cramped They're dating they are soul mates oh my God they are perfect for each other if She mentions the price again I am Smacking myself on the cheek I swear Today I'll be reacting to some more YouTuber setups requested by you guys But I thought I'd start the video off And take a look at my boy swag setup a Little birdie told me that he has a new One so I want to see if he made any Improvements over his last one you guys Probably remember his last one right Look how pretty that is bro that's crazy You got the Dual PC set up man Did you just what What the this right here is an Abomination Um so my rating for this setup would be Probably a solid five yeah what a Disaster that was so let's see if he Made any changes or learned anything Face swag cheating what the heck face Swag setup so yeah this is the one six Months ago it looks like it's a house Room tour and a gaming setup so let's See if you learned a few things from Your last setup my boy but yeah gold XLR My controller Ah Clearly that much has changed all right You know what let's just let's move on To the next requested person Nadia the

Only thing I know about Nadia is that She is a war zone streamer and funny Thing is the only way I even found out About her setup was through Instagram Reels or tick tocks of people calling Her out while she was cheating or Something I don't know what the whole Drama thing was but apparently she's a Very popular war zone streamer so I Gotta check out her setup and it's fresh Three days ago that she uploaded a Fifteen thousand dollar setup tour at The nuke Squad house don't even know who The hell nuke Squad is but let's take a Look yo what's going on YouTube so as You guys know I moved into the nuke Squad house and I wanted to give you Guys a setup tour because I actually Haven't even done that even at my old House so it's about time a lot of you Guys have been asking me you know what About my setup how much it is the PC Setup I think why do streamers have Their PCS off when they're doing a setup Tour video Ah It bothers me so much I want to see I Want Why am I obsessed over the dumbest Things I think this is an Asus You don't even know what the hell kind Of car you have in there Nadia I don't Blame her I mean a lot of streamers Don't have no clue what the hell kind of

Setup gear they're using probably like 300 is that um 1448 it's 1080 so I'd say Like 300 yeah probably like 300. 1440 And 1080 they don't mix Nadia 1440p is a Resolution so is 1080p I don't know what She's trying to say here that one's also Asus I'd go around like 300. this one is 750 that's a four 750 1440p Alienware This computer Um what graphics card is that do you Know 30 70. I think so so would that be Like 80 I think it's a 30 it's 30 70. so I think this is probably like 1.82 yeah We don't care about the prices I don't Know why she's giving us the prices Especially on gpus prices are all over The place we just want to know about Specs it's like 2K this camera is Um what is it is a 2K 2K it's a Sony a64 Sony a6400 it's 2K with the lens yeah 2K Yeah so like I said I'm crazy about my Lighting I have this is 200. that's 200 And that's 200 we all got a lighting the Galaxy Lars was 700. what is this setup It looks so freaking cramped oh my Lord What is it with these streamers I'm having anxiety looking at this Already like why don't people care or Show some love with their workspace it's A workspace at the end of the day Whether you're using it to watch The Hub Or to show PowerPoint presentation or if You're a teacher on a zoom class Whatever the case is you're using a

Setup it's your workspace don't you want To feel comfortable don't you want to Feel like it's but you want to work at a Clean space I don't understand how People can live like this it's not it Doesn't cost money to organize or cable Manage I just I can't I don't I don't Think I'll ever understand it I don't Think I'll ever understand it I'm sorry Or 600 actually it's 500. oh my God look At that Rat's Nest Jesus look how do you Even have that much you don't even have Any mouth space Nadia how do you play Warzone without much mouth space Jesus Lord What am I looking at having two PCS Already is gonna be super cluttered Right you have extra keyboards you have Extra mice have you heard of a KVM Switch not yet or a USB switch I highly Highly recommend investing into one Because that can drastically help Improve Your workspace ah Lord have mercy just Pop it right now right right now but Probably when you bought it when I Bought it was like 600 yeah and then Those a40s are yeah 150 the scuff one I Don't care about the prices tell me what You got show me what you got I think one Um 80 because I got to customize it the Color is she flexing on us I feel like She's just flexing on us like yeah I Spent 500 on the go XLR I spent 2K on

The camera no one does that anymore and Then sure microphone 400 the arm stand I Think this was like 200. this PC I'm Pretty sure is I think it's 39. it is a 390 this PC is probably like 4K yeah I Would I would say for sure I have that a Little Logitech that was for um Here we go we're gonna talk about it Okay Ah [Music] Here I'll show you guys it's gonna sit Like this like I can't Oh My God We're at this one might be going dangle So yeah wait a minute this is swag Dating Nadia I thought I just saw Something Are you dating If they're dating they are soul mates oh My God they are perfect for each other They both have equally bad setups 25 Bucks okay and it was worth it this Chair is like 1 100 her Miller shots are Familiar you guys even the cable manager On the TV is atrocious my Lord There's like nothing on the shelves too I feel like Nadia desperately needs to Set up makeover Nadia if you're watching This is my formal invitation To come over give you a setup makeover Not swag that guy's a lost cause but you I will make the exception okay if you

Need to set up makeover I will bring some holy water with me and I will I will work my magic on this Setup as cheers ever by the way and then I don't I don't know how much keyboard Mouse was this one is this a razor I Would say about like what 60 70 like Both of them Um and they're both razors more probably Like one 120. probably 120 okay 120. They got a little food on them don't Worry about it I actually really want to show you guys A difference in lighting because yeah You use three different soaps there's Also so you guys are wondering why the Hell is this here Nadia you have light Look I have like two different lights Right turn this off There's another light there's like two Different ones and you can Crazy about why So this goes on my stream right I need This from a streaming and then I'll go Over here turn off this light Go over here keep this light on but it's A little bit too bright so I use my Laundry basket my dirty laundry Stop it So those two kind of balance each other Out a little bit just trust the process What is that lighting set oh my God oh God so let's see if I'm the only Streamer who uses Five Lights well we

Actually we actually have more than five Lights we I also use um Google it just Takes so much time to even like start The setup process right That's one of the things about building A very clean and efficient setup you can Sit down press a couple buttons and You're ready to go instead of going to Like a thousand different rooms turning The lights on putting a basket to hold The door like you you know what I'm Trying to say here Nadia The KSI setup was so much better than This in terms of like efficiency and Functionality Um as my light let me show it let me let Me just show you guys so this this right Here needs to go over here this is my Light oh my God I wish I was kidding but Let me show you guys oh my God oh my God I'm so mad because I have so much Passion in this goddamn field okay this Makes me mad it makes me so mad to see That that screamers are living like this I will make it a mission all right to go To every streamer's freaking setup room And completely give them a makeover like That would make it my life's mission This saddens me Nadia besides me so much To see you struggling like this Okay it's not okay Um With the Google Chrome let me show you Guys without

See it does it makes a difference I Promise ready It lights up the side of my face yeah Wow only only need like two or three Two three four five yes oh my God this Is the jankiest setup I've ever seen my Lord you Nadia you topped off the entire YouTuber react Series on my channel this is by far the Worst setup I've ever seen hold up wait A minute a minute there we go Chad That's my camera right there that I use I sit down what the hell is this in Terms of rating this is hands down a Negative one out of ten this is the First time I'm gonna dislike a video it Works W lighting right true why would You settle Nadia I know it works right This is the only time with that phrase If it works if it's not broken don't fix It this is the only time I don't allow That Why subtle why should you settle works But also I forgot this is better than This you're better than this do you not Think you deserve better well this is Like I think 50 bucks oh and then the Stream deck stream decks how much are Stream decks 100 bucks 100 bucks let me See if I have anything else if she Mentions a price again I am smacking Myself on the cheek I swear I swear Oh the desk obviously the desk is like About 400.

Um Uh anyways that concludes oh wait got The hold up we got two more things the Roku I think it's only 30 bucks for the Apple TV okay I don't there's not much Else to say I mean I've said whatever I Needed to say this setup needs a Complete makeover I don't even know if a Makeover will be we'll do it justice you Just need to grab everything that you Have on your setup and just hurdle it Towards the dumpster and start fresh Because This is a four out of ten this is the Lowest rating I've ever given on these Series but yeah Nadia You need some help and I feel like I'm The only person that can help you reach Out if you need to set up makeover Moving on Last but not least we are taking a look At Luke Davidson he has a setup worth Checking out according to you guys so Let's begin I just hope he doesn't Mention any prices because I do not want To slap myself again David send Oh I should probably put touch setup uh So I'm guessing is this when I bought a House so I made my dream gaming setup Two days ago so this is fresh very nice Before 9.37 Million subscribers holy moly guacamole That's a lot okay

So he must have a pretty badass setup Let's take a look My house and by the end of this video This room that I'm standing in right now Is gonna be my dream gaming room YouTube Office That is really cool Oh That's wholesome he's got his dad Helping out be on the setup [Music] That's cool I have not seen that before Whoa That looks clean That looks so nice oh I love that Monitor layout oh my God that looks that Looks beautiful You got a TIE fighter monitor layout and We got one more up top as an overhead That is beautiful that is the most Efficient monitor layout that is the Most efficient quad model layout I have Seen in a while [Music] Oh wow [Music] That's nice Oh you can control it with the remote It's like okay you guys may be wondering What okay I see you first let me put my Hat on like how I normally wear it so if You guys want to get these acoustic Panels for your own room to either make Your room look sick or make it so

There's no Echo then I'll put the link To Audi mute's website at the oh they're Acoustic panels that makes it so much Better actually not only do you sound Treat the room but you're improving it Aesthetically as well so you kind of get A two for one right down below and also Everything else in the video I'm Actually thinking about picking some up Hold up I'm gonna have to visit your link you Guys know my current setup room is has So much freaking Echo and you guys have Roasted me in the comment section so Many times so I definitely want to start Sound shooting the room because there Are some videos where I like shooting in My setup room because the setup looks so Badass in the background so I'm not Gonna do that ever again until I sound Treat the room so I'm definitely gonna Be looking into this audience so earlier I put the speakers on the desk but it Looked too cluttered especially over There with like the computer so I got This stand not a stand a wall oh he's Using this he's using the same speakers And the same speaker stands as me very Good very good taste it looks like this Guy knows what he's doing and it just it Cleans it up Absolutely fake plant sound that I Already had I don't know if I'm Gonna Keep Them looks kind of just kind of go

Falling off there he's I also use that Same wallpaper like a few weeks ago I Switched to my like recording me and him Have the same like taste it seems like I Will eventually figure it out but I tell Siri it's time to film Those lights turn on that's so freaking Cool Christmas that's so freaking cool Then right here we have a little wall Mount again and I have a quick release Oh my God that's the same amount I'm Using too yo what the heck Same arm Same ball head attachment for muzami Hold up something's going on here If you subscribe to the channel Has he seen my setup I'm curious now There's a lot of things that's like very Very similar to what I have what it's Such a coincidence or maybe we just have The same taste all right that's better So this goes in here oh my God that's Where I record my YouTube videos Speaking of audio that is the last thing We have to add to the setup which I have Not unboxed yet which I'm gonna do for You guys at the very end of this video But first you guys probably see all Those cables I got this thing yes I hide Them like so it would it be all janky it Would be clean in here but it's not big Enough there are bigger ones you could Get which I'll have to do it's looking Pretty clean oh my gosh okay no that's

The sorry that's the microphone cable And that is not going to stay there it Could definitely use some improvement I Mean the fact that he did put some Effort into it is is good enough it's More than what I've seen on these these Streamers setups okay he wrapped up with Some velcro straps I mean the effort's There The effort is there it's just there so I Can appreciate that microphone in which I'm gonna do but the other cables I Didn't really even do anything to them And they're pretty clean I put them all On there I just tied them up a little And remember if they go And then into the room under the stairs And it's messy but it's not terrible Like my dad put these little shelves up For it that's no one ever goes in here Like I got my golf clubs in here for the Winter this thing stays shut up and you Don't see the cables now look at these Lights I'm kind of disappointed they're Supposed to be whites right now what I'm Gonna do is get a longer cable put it Underneath and then so it's right here I Mean this looks actually this guy knows This guy knows Stuck here and this is still not clean Oh my Lord I have to be able to change The light somehow now back here oh man With my old microphone on it and I I'm Gonna I do not like that okay let's talk

About the setup um I honestly I love it I love the modern layouts I love the Cool acoustic panels you put up there And the uh I think it's a Govi Glide bar You have going through there that's very That's really cool I've never seen that Before Um just the overall Aesthetics and the Execution I feel like I feel like you know what you're doing You've seen I feel like I don't know why it just Feels like you maybe watched setup Wars Or something hold on let me this is Bugging me because there's a lot of Similarities that I've seen here that I Also see in my own setup if you if you Follow me on Instagram I think that'll Kind of prove a lot and if not then we Have the same exact mindset and that's What's so freaking that's what's so cool About it uh what was your Channel's name Davidson Oh you're not following me okay yeah I Mean wait is this your account oh There's two of you guys I knew it I knew something was up Call me crazy But I just I knew it there was just too Many similarities to come hey Bravo man Look honestly excellent excellent work On the setup there's obviously some room For improvement still uh the cable Management is a big aspect of the setup

Like you can see cables coming from the The left side of your acoustic panel From where your Gobi Glide bar is Connected you can try and Route it Underneath the panel so it doesn't stick Out as much because you kind of have it Going diagonal across the wall the Cables behind the PC the cables Underneath your desk there's a there's a Lot of room for improvement definitely Put a side panel on your PC there cover It up um I think Lily makes Their new updated fans and screamers Where you can control it with the Software instead of having to use the Control Um that's in the back of your PC but Other than that I mean this is a pretty Pretty solid setup very clean my overall Rating for it I'm gonna say nine out of ten Surprisingly it's better than KSI setup There's um there's more personality There's functionality it's symmetrical I Just I like this aesthetic a lot better Not so much for the whole RGB lighting Stuff but just the way This setup was designed It's more my style so yeah this is a Solid 9 out of ten if you fix the cable Management I don't see how he can't be a 10 to be honest well done All right and now we'll do it for Today's video as always if you guys are

Enjoying these types of React videos let Me know by tossing a like subscribe for More setup content coming your way and I'll see you very soon in the next one [Music]

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