These New Atomic Purple Super Nintendo Shells Are Absolutely Amazing!

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Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be putting together a custom Atomic Purple Super Nintendo now if you're a Regular viewer of the channel you know I'm a huge fan of atomic purple and one Of my favorite consoles is the Super Nintendo I grew up with this thing and Of course on the channel we do a lot of Emulation but original Hardware is Really hard to beat and I've got a Pretty substantial Super Nintendo Collection and I do want to mention this Again no Super Nintendos were harmed in The making of this video actually quite The opposite is happening here we're Actually going to give this one new life I picked this up on eBay for thirty Dollars and it is a little beat up it's Actually not as bad as I thought it was Going to be somebody has definitely been Inside of here before but it is working All the parts are here uh as you can see The top plate there is missing and the Cart door is a little off kelter but the Spring's still there but the main thing I needed was an extra functioning system And that's what we have here so we can Put it inside of the new red Retro Game Restore shell I think this thing is Absolutely beautiful and you know if it Was up to me all of my devices would be This transparent Atomic purple I've Always been a huge fan of it and getting

Something for a Super Nintendo like this Is actually really awesome Now in the past on the channel we Actually took a look at their clear Shell it was just a transparent clear Shell and in that video I did mention it Would be nice to have Atomic purple so They finally came through and they also Offered Genesis and Mega Drive shells You can go with the super famicom shell If you want to and they've even got a Turbo graphic 16 shell in smoked and Transparent clear but today we're going To be using their atomic purple North American Super Nintendo shell and this Thing is actually built very well I mean It's two spec of the original shell so We shouldn't have any fitment issues Here but the first thing we need to do Is get this old one apart and like I Mentioned this top section is missing Plus we've got an issue with the cart Door but we don't actually need that top Section with these shells getting these Things apart is actually pretty simple As long as you have the correct tools This is a 4.5 millimeter security bit Screwdriver and we've got some on the Bottom here that we need to remove and Keep in mind they do send some Phillips Head replacement screws for these so you Don't need to reuse them but personally I think I'm going to as long as they're Not stripped out so far everything's

Coming apart pretty easily Alright so now that I have the shell Screws removed we can just take this top Right off and we will need to reuse the Parts in the top half of this that car Door doesn't look like it's broken I Just think that spring might have kind Of flipped over on itself and from this We will need to reuse the power and Reset button along with the ejection Mechanism And I gotta say this one's actually Pretty clean on the interior sometimes You'll see these with the metal Shields Kind of corroded if they were in a real Harsh environment but this is pretty Clean no corrosion and the ejection Mechanism is working here we've got that Spring and everything's looking pretty Good so far but now we need to get this Main board out of here So we've got a few screws that we need To remove here and there is one under This power button so go ahead and take That off first and then you'll see it Underneath there but uh not too bad Especially when you've got one of these Electric screwdrivers and I will tell You from experience the ones in the rear Near the power input and the audio video Out are really tight you'll need a Longer screwdriver to get there just Make sure you don't strip them out We'll go ahead and get this ejection

Mechanism out just uses a rod along with A little spring And the case is kind of designed to hold That spring Make sure you don't lose that Now that we have all of the screws out We can go ahead and remove the main Board and I just leave the controller Ports attached to the main board just Makes it really easy to kind of set it Back down in the new shell And like I mentioned everything should Line up it looks like this is kind of Just a direct replacement I don't think We need to do any kind of fabrication or Anything like that we've even got the Lineup Nubs for the power switch so Everything should kind of just sit right Down in here very nicely So we'll just go ahead and line Everything up got our controller ports To slide right in You don't want to put too much force on That cable but I mean these things were Built really well Yeah there we go looking great now it's Time to put some screws in it to hold This main board down And once those are in place I'm going to Go ahead and reinstall the car ejection Mechanism we've got that little spring It's going to line right up and we'll Slide this bar right in there you just Want to make sure you got some spring

Back once it's put in here and I mean as Long as you've got it springing back Then it's in there correctly Foreign Top half of the shell we got four screws We need to get out here so we can get to Those power and reset sliders and keep In mind when disassembling the top there Is a small spring for the reset button So it'll spring back into action make Sure you don't lose it [Music] And everything just fell apart on me but There's that little spring there for the Reset button Now while we do need to get these Sliders out They've got a couple little clips Just going to kind of pinch them push Them out we'll get that reset and power Ready to go in the new top half of the Shell These white sections here are different From each other make sure you put them On the correct side but you know they Should only line up one way We've got the power side here It's got that little hole to line up With the power switch in the bottom half Of the shell And for the reset this should be loose Once it's snapped into place that way That spring can get it right back to Where it was and we will have to

Reinstall that spring but we're going to Go ahead and put this in Snap the back half on And we're actually almost done here So yeah just as I thought that spring on The cart door which is kind of flipped Over We need to make sure it's in the correct Orientation so we have some spring back From the door itself And getting this in here can be a bit Cumbersome but uh you know if you kind Of Fold It Down And if you can reach your finger in There or some kind of object to kind of Hold that cart door in place You can just kind of put it right back On top Once we let that go it'll spring up it's Going to be stopped by the top half of The shell And yeah this is actually looking really Nice I've got the four screws installed to Hold this to the top half of the shell Now we need that spring for the reset Button just make sure it's kind of Springing back And really that's about it all we need To do now is throw the top half of the Shell on and we do need to line the Power switch up with the white plastic Piece on the power slider that way you Know it kind of holds it and it'll make

Contact with it and when it comes to the Reset button it's kind of a Spring-loaded momentary switch right Here on the board so there's not much we Need to do there it should just kind of Line itself up and with this on I'm just Going to put the screws in the bottom And I'm going to use the stock screws That 4.5 millimeter security bit but it Does come with extras if you want to use Those instead Right on the bottom here we've got our Communication port And yeah there we go And yeah I think this thing looks so Good if you're a fan of atomic purple You can appreciate something like this They've done a great job matching that Color and just having a transparent Shell on an SNES I think looks really Good especially in this color option now It's time to see if it works I mean it Definitely worked before we put the Shell on it I don't see any reason it Wouldn't but let's go ahead and test it Out So I'm just going to go ahead and throw Super Street Fighter 2 in I'm using an Original SNES controller and it would be Nice to have a atomic purple controller But uh you would get a ton of Fingerprints on it this is just an older Controller I've had for a long time and It still works great but yeah overall I

Think it looks great very happy with the Shell from Retro Game Restore and if You're interested in you know learning More maybe picking one of these up or For a different console I'll leave some Links in the description and I'd also Like to know your thoughts in the Comments below I mean what do you think About this Atomic purple shell on the SNES I think it looks great but uh you Know if it was up to you would you go With the regular transparent clear the Smoke Clear or Atomic purple obviously This is what I would have went with but That's just me but that's going to wrap It up for this one if you have any Questions let me know in the comments Below and like always thanks for Watching

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