These are the most Unique PC Cases – Part 1 #shorts

Last Updated on January 24, 2023 by Detective Dev

Here are the most unique PC cases that Were ever made the first two cases Coming up were just unveiled at cs2023 And to literally kick it off we have a Sneaker case for the sneaker heads out There and an absolutely crazy shark case Unfortunately both of them will be sold As a full PC build as opposed to just The case up next is a robotic luxury Case for a whopping 14 500 which you Can't even buy anymore it's called the In-win die a name very fitting once you Do actually see the price tag I'm just Kidding it's actually pronounced Dia Which translates to Butterfly from Mandarin Chinese and last but not least We have the minimalist dream streiacom Db4 which came out in 2016. it's a Cube-shaped fanless piece of art for Mediatex builds that doesn't even look Like a PC case let me know which of These cases was your favorite in the Comment section below

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