The Yellow iPhone 14: Love it or Hate it?

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Detective Dev

All right so this is the new yellow IPhone 14 plus so Apple's been doing These mid-cycle new colors just to keep The iPhone fresh and talked about there Haven't been that many yellow phones Over the years this one is a Surprisingly polarizing yellow like some People in the studio love it some people Hate it only one thing feels super Useful to do here compared to other Yellow things so basically this one is a Really safe light pale yellow it's Lighter than almost anything I've Compared it to it's lighter than the IPhone 10r from a few years ago it's Lighter than a New York City metro card Which kind of feels orange next to this It makes a banana feel like a much Darker yellow in comparison oh you know Snapchat yellow they made that pixie Drone it's even lighter than that the One part of this phone that looks dark Is the sides this is a slightly closer To a gold color on the side rails Basically the closest two things I found To match this phone are this Big Bird Plush which came straight from Sesame Street so it must be accurate and Mac Seems to vastly prefer it over the IPhone's yellow and that old yellow Subscribe button from the YouTube's past But you should totally hit that new Subscribe button

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