The Tiniest RTX 4090! #shorts

Last Updated on February 1, 2023 by Detective Dev

RTX 1490s are ginormous and you've seen Me struggle putting one of these in a Recent build oh no No look how close it is to the pump oh No no no no this can't happen this Cannot happen the chance to put it into A mini ITX chassis was simply Non-existent well that's not the case Anymore thanks to this water cooling mod By Alpha which reduces the card's Footprint to a small cutting board in Fact it's from alpha cools Enterprise Series it makes the card so small with No fancy RGB or Crazy Design you Wouldn't even think it packs so much Horsepower the only downside however is That the water block is only compatible With the reference 4090 and a few models From no3d do you guys want to see a mini ITX 4090 build let me know in the Comment section

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