The Retroid Flip Is Coming! An All-New Clamshell Style Retro Hand Held

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What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again this is going to be a Quick one but uh recently go retro the Makers of the retroid pocket the retroid Pocket three the Retro pocket three plus Recently announced the retroid flip now They've got a short teaser video over on Their YouTube channel and more Information will be coming about this Handheld in the coming days but I kind Of wanted to get this quick video out of The way to get everybody's thoughts here Now obviously this is a clamshell Handheld and personally I'm loving the Design one of my favorite handhelds is The DS light and if we take a look here They've actually compared it to the DS Lite and the new 3DS XL and it's right On par with the DS Lite now there is one Huge difference we don't have dual Screens here with the retroid flip and That's totally fine I didn't want dual Screens with a retro handheld anyway and They did give us kind of a side profile It's coming in a bit thicker than the DS Light but not by much a few millimeters Here and there and it looks like with The flip we are getting shoulder buttons And Trigger buttons with this unit as You can see from this image here more Information will be trick filling out Very soon from go retrod but I do have Some speculation on what kind of specs We're going to see here I personally

Believe they're going to use the same CPU GPU combo that they're using in the Retroid pocket 3 plus right now which is The unisoc t618 not a bad little chipset When it comes to a retro handheld but uh Obviously a lot of people who've tested It out know exactly what that thing can Do we can do some GameCube games couple PS2 games but I don't think that this is Going to be more powerful than the Retroid pocket 3 plus right now and Another thing that would make sense is To use the same display that's in the Retroid pocket 3 which is a four inch IPS display we would have room in here Given that the width of this is 135 Millimeters and yeah I think that would Make an awesome little clamshell Handheld but I know a lot of people want More power I completely understand and Personally I'd love to see it too but if They already have access to the chipset Screen and even the operating system it Does make a lot of sense for them to Kind of use the same thing over here in A clamshell design a few more teaser Image edges were posted over on their Twitter page so far and we've got the Color variants that they're going to be Offering black indigo 16-bit us sport Red and watermelon I personally love the Clear shells so that watermelon is Looking really awesome but sport red Really kind of sets this thing off and

I'm not usually one to pick up red Accessories but I do think it looks Really good with this clamshell handheld They also tease that they're using new Buttons here that they haven't used in Any of their handhelds in the past these Are double injection molded but the main Thing that has me worried and a lot of Other people out there are the sticks so The way it looks from the videos and all Of the images they've posted so far They're going to be using slider sticks In here and personally I'm not a huge Fan some people do like them there are Some good slider sticks on the market But they're few and far in between so It's really going to come down to how Well they function in the past we've Seen a couple handhelds on the market With these slider sticks and a lot of The times they kind of get caught on the Corner they just don't feel right They're not true analog sticks and that Does have me worried with what go Retroids done so far I think they've Done a great job I don't think they're Going to let us down with these sliders Here but the only way to tell is to get One in your hands and see how it feels Some people might love them some people Might hate them we'll just have to see When this thing's released but either Way I think it's going to be an Interesting little handheld and I can't

Wait for more information but uh that Leads me to the next thing here let me Know in the comments below what you Think about this unit from what we've Seen so far is this something you'd be Interested in I'm a huge fan of the Clamshell design like I mentioned the DS Lite is one of my favorite handheld Consoles of all time and this is getting Really close to that form factor if this Is Priced Right would you pick it up What kind of specs do you think we're Gonna see out of this thing personally I Do think it's going to be basically a Retroid pocket 3 plus in a clamshell Design but that's going to wrap it up For this one love to hear your thoughts Down below and as soon as more Information is available I will be Posting it in my community section like Always thanks for watching

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