The New SER6 Pro Is One Of The Most Powerful Mini PCs We’ve Ever Gotten Our Hands On!

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Foreign This is definitely some really Impressive performance you got to keep In mind I mean we're on integrated Graphics right now [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at a really awesome Ryzen 6000 series powered mini PC from B-link known as the scr6 this is using a New ryzen 6000 series Apu that I haven't Been able to test yet it's actually the Ryzen 7 6800h 8 cores 16 threads and of Course we've got those rdna2 integrated Graphics so we should see some really Great performance at this tiny PC and as You can see I mean it is definitely a Mini PC I've always been a big fan of B-link's ser series at least the design And this has a little bit of a blue tint Not sure how it's coming across on Camera but I think it looks good it's Definitely different from their other Ones And with the ser6 we do have a little Bit of customization that we can do they Include a red top and we've also got the Stock blue top but inside of the Box We're also going to get a 120 watt power Supply we've got a couple USB cables got A smaller one here if you want to mount This on the back of your monitor and We've got some Hardware to mount a 2.5

Inch drive inside the unit now this is Actually b-link's second ryzen 6000 Series Mini PC their first one was known As the GTR six and it did come in with a Larger form factor I mean not by much But I did want to give you this quick Comparison here as you can see the ser6 Is coming in at half the size but you Got to keep in mind that the gtr6 had The ryzen 9 6900a Jacks and with the Ser6 here we've got the 6800 h When it comes to i o on the new ser-6 up Front here we've got two full-size USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports we've also got a 3.5 Millimeter audio jack and usb4 this is Actually a full function 40 gig USB 4 Port so it is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 for easy Use of external gpus and we will test One by the end of the video taking a Look at the sides not much going on here Got a little bit of ventilation but Around back we've got 2.5 gigabit Ethernet one more full-size USB 3.2 Gen 2 Port we've also got USB 2.0 and two Full-size HDMI 2.1 ports so in total we Can do three displays out we're going to Use that USB 4 up front and both of These HDMI ports before we go over the Full specs and then get into some Testing I wanted to do a quick tear down So I just pulled the bottom off and this Might look a little odd to you if you've Seen inside of these b-link PCS in the

Past now obviously down here we've got Enough room for a 2.5 inch Drive we've Got all the connect actions we need but You might notice we've got a fan this is Their new nvme slash Ram cooling system That they've been using in these 6000 Series PCS and it definitely keeps those SSD and RAM temps way down and it Actually comes out fairly easy with four Screws and right under here we've got Our nvme SSD and RAM b-link has been Adding name brand RAM and ssds to their Mini PCS for a little while now the Majority of what I've seen so far when It comes to the SSD it's usually Kingston and for the ram it's either a Data or crucial but since these new 6000 Series PCS use ddr5 these will be using Crucial Ram And when it comes to the CPU we've got That AMD ryzen 7 6800h 8 course 16 Threads a base clock of 3.2 gigahertz And a boost up to 4.7 we should be Putting out some really good performance Here it's based on Zen 3 plus Graphics Are handled by the Radeon 680m igpu it's Based on our dna2 we've got 12 compute Units up to 2200 megahertz in the H Variant 32 gigabytes of ddr5 at 4 800 Megahertz this will support up to a 2 Terabyte nvme SSD we've also got Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 and out of the box this Will come installed with Windows 11 but You could always install Linux on this

Unit after all it's just an x86 platform If anybody's interested in seeing Steamos 3 otherwise known as Steam deck OS running on this Mini PC just let me Know in the comments below All right so here we are I've been up And running for a little while now and This little thing has been Trucking Along I mean this little 6800 H actually Does a really great job with gaming I Wanted to check out the TDP now Unfortunately from the BIOS that we have With this we cannot adjust the TDP or The ram speed hopefully that changes Down the road but uh yeah as you can see We've got that 6800 H 32 gigabytes of RAM at 4 800 megahertz ddr5 and the Radeon 680m I GPU So usually with these mini PCS we can go Directly in the Bios and set the overall TDP but with this we're kind of stuck Right there at I'd say 45 watt and yeah It jumps up to 45 but you know when it Needs a little bit of a boost I've seen It jump up to around 58 Watts which Isn't bad I mean it definitely helps out With that GPU keeping the clocks up on Both but the very first thing I did was Run a few benchmarks so let's go ahead And check those out first When it comes to geekbench 5 the 6800h Can really put it down 1546 on the single core multi 9112. not bad at all for a mobile chip

And a super small form factor PC next up We've got 3dmark night raid total score Here 25 729 Fire strike 6359 and finally time spy with a 2726. now the highest score I've ever Been able to get out of the Radeon 680m Igpu is around 3 100 and that was on the 6808 Jacks which actually runs at around 2 400 megahertz on this 680m and I also Add 6000 megahertz Ram I'm pretty sure We could get this 6800 H up there if we Were able to add faster Ram but right Now the BIOS is a bit locked down so far With the synthetic benchmarks it's not Looking too shabby for this little chip But now it's time to move over to some Real world gaming Forza Horizon 5. you Know I had to jump into hunicorn if you Know you know super sad day but here we Are at 1080p medium settings no FSR and We can get an average of around 73 FPS With this game and of course you know Turning FSR on we can definitely get Much higher at 720p with FSR set to Performance we can get an average of Around 115 FPS The latest updates for both of the Spider-Man games have increased Performance on these apus dramatically Here we are at 720p low with FSR set to Performance we can get an average of 67 FPS and I got to give props to the devs They've done a really great job

Optimizing this game for these lower end Systems so I was really hoping that we Could do this at 1080p Low settings with FSR set to Performance And it gets really close but Unfortunately we just don't have the Power to kind of push this over 60 at 1080p at very low settings with FSR set To ultra performance we can definitely Do it but it really degrades the picture Quality and I personally don't think It's worth it one game I really love Running on these apus is Doom Eternal Because I've always ended up getting Really great performance 1080p medium Settings we can get over 60. we got an Average of 68 FPS out of this game and If you need a little more we've always Got Dynamic resolution scale or static Scale I know it's an older one but I love Throwing it in here and with those newer Radeon drivers this performs great on These apus even on Vega but a GTA 5 1080p normal settings on the 6800h with That 680m igpu we can average 89 FPS With this game Here's cyberpunk 2077 720p low settings And kind of just like Spider-Man the Devs have been doing a great job Optimizing this game and a lot of it Does come down to the newer Radeon Drivers but with this we can get an Average of 71 FPS 720p low so I got my

Hopes up and I was really wanting to go To 1080p but uh 1080p low we're right There under 60. I mean it's getting so Close with a lot of these games and with Faster Ram we could probably hit those Marks but uh right now with that 4 800 Megahertz Ram it's just not possible With cyberpunk 2077. And finally I want to test out Modern Warfare 2 where at 1080p with the auto Preset once you boot the game up it'll Ask if you want to automatically Configure everything and I just hit yes With this little Apu and this actually Turns FSR to balance so at performance We could get much better out of it but Uh we got an average of 96 FPS a low of 59. not bad for integrated Graphics Whatsoever I mean the game is definitely Playable and it works great even on Older Vega 8 graphics with a lower Resolution So with the rdna 2i GPU this thing's Putting out some great performance but Uh remember we've got usb4 here and this Is full function 40 gig usb4 which makes It really easy to connect the Thunderbolt egpu I'm using my aorus dock Here this actually originally came with A water cooled 2080 but I've swapped it Out for a 30 60. the Thunderbolt dock That I normally use finally died so I've Got one on order I've just taken that 2080 out of here and put in an RTX 3060.

It's a non-ti variant and as you can see Pops right up usb4 compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4. so now Instead of using the integrated Graphics We've got access to a more powerful Graphics card the RTX 3060 so now Instead of getting around 55 FPS with God of War at low settings and FSR set To Performance we can run it at 1080p Ultra settings all day long with this Little setup so uh yeah I mean it Definitely adds some really great GPU Performance and I will tell you I've Been doing some experimenting with usb4 And Thunderbolt not all cables are made The same you got to make sure you have a Good Thunderbolt cable Another thing I like to take a look at Is total system power consumption so While I'm testing with these mini PCS It's plugged into a kilowatt meter and This measures total system power from The wall at idle pulls around 16 Watts Gaming 59 watts and the maximum that I Could get this to pull while maxing out The CPU and GPU to a hundred percent was 78 Watts so it's not a super low power Consumption PC but when you compare it To a bigger gaming PC yeah I mean this Is kind of sipping power so overall I Think the b-link scr6 is a great little Mini PC it's putting out much better Performance than the 4000 or the 5000 Series chips that we've seen in the past

And I've always been a big fan of B-link's ser design it's got a very Small form factor I've always loved the Way they look we've got a little bit of Customization with those swappable tops There I kind of wish they would have Sent a black one with it but you know The whole case itself has got a little Bit of a blue tint to it not sure how I Feel about the red but that blue that Comes with it does look really great I Hope I can get my hands on an unlocked Bio so I can over clock that Ram or just Add faster RAM and set it in the Bios Because I've got some 5600 megahertz Ram That overclocks up to 6000 really well Ddr5 obviously with these new 6000 Series chips but yeah I mean if I could Get this up to even 5600 megahertz we Could definitely get way better Performance out of this igpu but until Then I mean this is the performance we Have with that 4 800 megahertz RAM and It isn't bad at all let me know in the Comments below what you thought about The performance coming out of this Little scr6 I think it's great for what We have here and you know if you're Interested in learning more I will leave A few links in the description but That's it for this one like always Thanks for watching

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