The New REDMI PAD Is The BEST Budget Android Tablet Right Now! Hands-On Review

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So yeah when it comes to Android tablets It's really hard to beat this kind of Performance here at this price point This thing is really awesome [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be taking a look at what I consider The best budget Android tablet on the Market right now this is the red meat Pad so this was released in October of 2022 and it was a bit hard to get your Hands on if you were in the US but now It's actually listed up on Amazon and It's readily available they do make a Few different RAM and storage variants And I've kind of got the mid-range here But overall for the price I think this Is a great option if you're looking for A good Android tablet this definitely Beats the Amazon Fire tablets the Samsung Tab a line and even the Lenovo Line up until you know you get to the 800 tablets that they started to offer Recently and spending eight hundred Dollars to a thousand dollars is a bit Ridiculous when it comes to Android Tablets but you know I've done it with The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and uh That one didn't even come with the Charger but with the red me pad we do Get an 18 watt fast charger it's got an 8 000 ml amp hour battery and it's Actually got a lot going for it given

The price point here now these range From 230 up to 270 dollars depending on The RAM and storage variant like I Mentioned I've got the mid-range here Four gigs of RAM 128 gigabytes of Storage but all of them have a beautiful 10.61 inch IPS display an 8 000 milliamp Hour battery we've also got quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos and all of Them do support micro SD card now I've Tested up to a 400 gigabyte card and it Works out just fine in this tablet we've Also got an 8 megapixel rear camera and An 8 megapixel front camera and I gotta Say I really do like the design here They do have a few different color Options I've got the gray one here or You could go with black but the one I Really wanted was the mint green version Unfortunately it was going to take a Couple more days to get to me so I just Went with the gray version but we've got The same specs here for the CPU this is Actually using a helio g99 otherwise Known as the mediatek mt8781 it's an Eight core arm SOC we've got two a76 Cores at 2.2 gigahertz and six a55 cores At 2GB gigahertz for the GPU we've got The Mali g57 mp2 so we've got that dual Core GPU which does support opengl and Vulcan I would skip the three gig model Just because it doesn't support Multi-window with that three gigs of RAM And it only has 64 gigabytes of internal

Storage but if you do end up going with This tablet you can pick up four or six In the US right now both of those have 128 gigabytes of storage plus we've got Micro SD card support and when it comes To the screen this is actually a 90 Hertz 10.61 inch IPS with a resolution Of 1200 by 2000 so we're right there at A 2K resolution it's got 400 nits of Brightness and an aspect ratio of 5×3 Which seemed odd at first but I actually Really like the way this thing looks We've also got those built-in quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos 8 megapixel Front and rear camera AC Wi-Fi so we can Pick up that five gigahertz Network Bluetooth 5.2 an 8 000 milliamp hour Battery with 18 watt fast charging Capabilities and this is running Android Droid 12 with MIUI 13 and they are Offering three years of security updates For this tablet So overall we've got a very Snappy System here with that g99 CPU it's not a Top of the line CPU by any means I mean It's not going to match performance of The Snapdragon 888 but we're not working With those kind of prices either we've Got full access to Google Play so you Don't have to worry about that you can Head in here and download your favorite Games and applications and we will be Testing out some native Android games And emulation in this video and uh

Overall yeah I mean I've actually really Enjoyed this operating system I've Always been a big fan of MIUI I think They've done a great job over the years And when it comes to the Android 12 Version which just happens to be named MIUI 13. it does work out really well on A tablet like this 128 gigabytes of Internal storage plus that micro SD card I've only tested up to a 400 gigabyte Card and I know that's going to be Plenty for a lot of people but it will Support a one terabyte card if you want To go that route now one of the main Things I'd see a lot of people using This for is Media consumption you know Video playback from your favorite Streaming apps and one very important Thing when it comes to these lower cost Tablets is the wide Vine level luckily We're level one so we can get HD Netflix HBO Max and Hulu a lot of these tablets Don't have a great wide Vine level so You can only do standard definition but With this we can go up to a 2K Resolution with Netflix playback on the Built-in display and speaking of video Playback one thing I always like to test Here is some YouTube video playback so I'll head over to a 2K video so we're 1440p 60fps I'll turn stats for nerds on So we can see exactly what's going on Here make sure we're at 1440p And we're at 60fps stats for nerds

I'll tell you right now this mediatek G99 CPU paired up with the Mali GPU can Do smooth 60fps 1440p playback zero drop Frames through this whole video and I Think this IPS display looks really good For what we have here not to mention the Built-in speakers quad speakers with Dolby Atmos and it's not going to be as Good as something like the iPad Pro or Even the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra but it Does beat the Samsung Galaxy Tab a line And any of the fire tablets that have Ever been produced foreign [Music] So we've got video playback covered this Thing's going to handle it just fine the Next thing I wanted to take a look at Was some native Android gaming and we do Have a gaming mode here that's built Into the tablet's operating system this Is actually pretty cool and it does help Out with performance We can add different applications here It'll automatically add games but you Can actually add basically anything you Want and we'll just start up Minecraft As you can see game Turbo is active and We've got a few settings that we can Mess with so if we swipe from the top Right hand corner We can actually clear the ram directly From here which you know if you've got a Lot of stuff open up in the background Is going to help out but the most

Important thing here is performance mode So we can turn performance mode on or Off and basically what this is going to Do is allow the CPU and GPU to reach its Max frequencies for much longer and this Really does help out with gaming even With something like Minecraft I noticed A little jump in performance about 12 FPS we've also got a built-in video Recorder and do not disturb but uh the Main thing I've been messing around with Is performance mode with gaming and Something like Minecraft is going to run Great on this tablet I mean you don't Even need performance mode for a game Like this this is just a very well Optimized game and of course you can use A controller with these games we've got Bluetooth 5.2 built in So the next one here is Asphalt 9 and I've just got my Xbox controller Connected over Bluetooth another one That performs really well on this tablet I also wanted to test Call of Duty Mobile and this is another one of those Games that works great with the Controller we're at medium settings with The frame rate set to high so we are at 60 FPS with this and it's really smooth I mean it plays just fine on this tablet And of course we also had to test out Ginch and end pack now this is a harder One to run I'm at low settings 60 FPS And it's really smooth at 60. every once

In a while we do get a few dips few Stutters but we do have setting to go to 45 and I think a low medium mix at 45 FPS would be the way to run it on this Tablet or you know if you don't mind 30 FPS medium 30 works out great and we can Also go down to the lowest setting if You don't want to have these stutters Going on but personally I just think it Degrades the quality a little too much So uh 45 FPS with a low medium mix is Probably how I'm going to be running it On this tablet from now on So overall native Android gaming works Out great on this tablet the next thing I wanted to take a look at was some Emulation we're going to start off light Here with N64 I'm using mupin 64 plus FZ As you can see 007 is running fine and By the way I'm still using an Xbox Controller connected over Bluetooth We've got Diddy Kong Racing so yeah N64 On this thing's gonna work out great Let's take it up a bit to Dreamcast And here I'm using the re-drene emulator We're at 1280×960 looking good here with Sonic Adventure 2. I mean as long as the Game's compatible with the redream Emulator or even Fly cast it's going to Run at full speed on this Hardware Another one that works great is PSP Using the PPSSPP emulator we've got Tekken 6 Vulcan back in 3x resolution Not a super hard game to run I consider

This a mid-range game and at 3x it's Looking great with the easier to emulate Stuff you could even go up to 5x and the Screen's resolution here can definitely Support it but we've got a harder one we Need to test and that's going to be the God of War series here's a ghost of Sparta with this I had to go down to 2x We're still using the Vulcan back end But it's running great so if we can run You know chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta at full speed we're not going to Have an issue with other PSP games And I don't have any hacks going on Right now there is a chance we could go Up to 3x but you know even at 2x it Still looks great on this display and It's running fine I mean this is just One of those games that's really hard to Run on lower end devices but the red Knee pad can definitely handle it and Surprisingly enough this actually does a Pretty decent job with Gamecube and Wii Also I'm using dolphin mmjr it's kind of A modified version of the Dolphin Emulator so we do have a few hacks going On here with Automotive Lista but it's Running at 60fps a few dips here and There but this is a harder one to Emulate so obviously the easier stuff is Going to run much better you want to go With Mario Kart or even Sunshine you're Gonna have a great time with it now with Mario Kart here I did have to swap over

To the opengl back in I just get a black Screen when I'm using the Vulcan back in On Android with this game but yeah it's Running really well but I'd say one of The most surprising things here with the Dolphin Emulator was we anyway tatsunoko Versus Capcom with the Vulcan back in Runs pretty well but I'm going to tell You not every single GameCube and weed Game is going to run at full speed on This tablet this is just kind of a Little side thing that we've got going On there's still a lot of easier to Emulate games that will run on this but The last thing I wanted to test here was PS2 using ether sx2 here's Kingdom Hearts 2 at 1X resolution with the Vulcan back in I'm not using any kind of Cycle skips or anything like that for This game but it is an easier one to Emulate and this is performing much Better than I thought it would next up We've got Mortal Kombat Armageddon again No cycle skips we're still at 1X Resolution with ether sx2 using the vulp And back end And yeah really surprising performance Here for PS2 games but kind of just like GameCube and Wii it's really going to Depend on the game as a lot of us Already know there's easier to emulate Stuff and there's harder to emulate Stuff here's Gran Turismo 4. I consider This a mid-range game when it comes to

PS2 either on PC using pcsx2 or Android Using ethers X2 but you know when I was Testing this game out on the red meat Pad I was actually having a really good Time with this game a few dips here and There but that's kind of a given you Know we're not working with top of the Line specs on this tablet and the final One here is God of War 2. now with the Other three games that we just saw Running we were in safe mode at 1X Resolution with God of War 2 since it is A harder one to emulate on Android we Had to go down to 0.5 resolution and I'm Also in unsafe mode so we do have cycle Skipping going on and it is noticeable But I mean if you don't mind playing it Like this then you could definitely have A good time with it so when it comes to PS2 just like GameCube and we team yeah We've got games that are going to run at Full speed but uh there are games that Just aren't going to perform as well And the final thing I tested was battery Life remember we've got an 8 000 Milliamp hour battery and I ran a 1080p Video loop with the screen brightness at 75 percent we got 12 hours and 18 Minutes out of it so the battery life on This thing is looking really good and You know when it comes to continuous Gaming I wouldn't doubt we could do six Hours straight with this unit so overall I think the red meat pad is a great

Performing tablet for the price and yeah It is coming in more expensive than the Amazon Fire 10 but you're getting a lot More out of it build quality software And performance I mean this beats it Hands down and some people might not Consider this a budget tablet given that It's coming in at around 240 dollars to 270 depending on the ram variant but if You take a look at other tablets on the Market right now for instance the tab S8 500 bucks the tab S8 Ultra 1100 so yeah I would still consider this a lower cost Budget tablet and overall I think it's a Great option if you're looking for Something around this price point but That's going to wrap it up for this one If you're interested in learning more Maybe even pick one of these up I will Leave a couple links in the description You can actually pick these up on Amazon Right now and you know if you've got any Questions or you want to see anything Else running on this just let me know in The comments below and like always Thanks for watching

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