The New Khadas Edge 2 Pro Can Replace A Desktop PC! A FAST Arm-Based SBC

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And in addition to everything else we Can do with this little arm-based Singleboard computer it does emulate PS2 Games at full speed and this has been a Long time coming when we're talking About these sbcs Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be taking a look at a powerful little Singleboard computer known as The cadas Edge 2 Pro now in this video we're Actually going to be seeing if this Could really replace the desktop PC and In my opinion for a lot of people out There I really do think it could as you Can see the Edge 2 Pro SBC is super tiny I mean it's not much bigger than a Wireless mouse here and overall I've Been having a really good time messing Around with Ubuntu on this unit now There are a few different operating Systems that we can run like Android and I have created a video if you're Interested in checking that out I'll Leave a link for that in the description And I highly recommend it because it Does perform quite well with Android but In this video we're strictly gonna be Sticking to a desktop operating system I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 with the gnome Desktop and performances great but Before we jump into testing I did want To give you a quick rundown on the specs Because we've got a pretty powerful

Little board here So when it comes to the CPU we've got The Rk3588 this is a really powerful little Arm SOC 8 cores up to 2.4 gigahertz for The GPU we've got the Mali g610 MP4 up To one gigahertz it does support opengl And Vulcan and since this is the pro Model of the Edge 2 we've got 16 Gigabytes of LP ddr4x Ram now they also Make an 8 gigabyte model which would be Plenty for basically everything you're Going to be throwing at this thing but With this we also get 64 gigabytes of Emmc 5.1 storage built in and that's What we're going to be running the Operating system from in this video We've also got Wi-Fi 6 one full-size USB 2.0 Port one full-size USB 3.1 Port One USB type-c only for power n but we've Also got another USB type-c port on this That supports data power in and DisplayPort 1.4 out so if you've got a Monitor that supports USB type-c video All you're going to need is a single Cable to get this up and running and of Course when it comes to the operating System that we're going to be running in This video it's Ubuntu 22.04 I'm fully Updated but remember there are a few More available there is a Debian build And you can also install Android be it The tablet version or the TV version on The Edge 2 right now but with all that

Out of the way let's go ahead and jump Into testing and see if this could Replace a desktop PC so one of the Things I really love about the Edge 2 is The fact that we can actually just hook This up with a single cable like I Mentioned it does support DisplayPort Over USB type c plus we can do power in And data right there on that single port So basically we've got alt mode here With the singleboard computer and if You've got a display that supports video Over USB type c and PD charging out even Up to around 20 watts then you'll be Good to go with single cable operation Mode this is the pixio px27 pro that I Have here and we've got ethernet around Back it's gig ethernet plus two extra USB 3.0 ports so while I have this Plugged in with the sync single cable we Can actually utilize ethernet around Back and those two USB ports on the Monitor itself so if I wanted to plug in A keyboard and mouse I don't have to Take up any of the USB ports on the Board itself they're just plugged in to The USB ports on the Monitor and in turn It's going to work over that USB type c And a lot of these new monitors that are On the market support up to 65 watt PD Charging so real quick I'll go ahead and Open up terminal I've got neofetch Installed here so we can take a look at Everything I'm running the latest Ubuntu

22.04 image they have available for the Edge too this is the 16 gigabyte model Of the board so it's the pro model and Personally I'm a huge fan of the gnome Desktop and with this little board here It actually works out great now I'm Running this from the internal emmc on The board we've got 64 gigabytes of Internal storage here with the pro model But you could boot this from USB if you Wanted to and over USB type c we can Actually do up to 120 hertz and I'm not Exactly sure if we could go higher with It you might be able to if your monitor Supports like 144 over USB type c but For sure we can do 120 hertz here so I've been keeping up to date with these Ubuntu builds for the edge too and this One's really smooth I mean even the First one was definitely really usable But with all of the updates to the Drivers and the operating system itself This has turned out really nice they Have implemented fan control for The Edge 2 in the operating system we've got A few settings I've just got it to Auto And I will tell you at high settings it Does make a little bit of noise but uh You know luckily on auto even doing Video editing with this little board it Never jumps up to High by itself I think It just kind of goes to medium and it's Definitely bearable it's not super loud At all I've also went through and

Installed The Gnome software Center that Way we could get in here and download Applications really easily without even Hitting up terminal we've got some games That we can mess around with emulators I've downloaded video editor photo Editor we're going to be taking a look At you know everyday desktop use on this And I'd say for a lot of people this Could replace a bulky desktop First things first something that I Personally do a lot on my regular pc is Web browsing so let's go ahead and test That out now I'm on Wi-Fi and I'm going To be using the Chromium browser but you Could go with a different one if you Want to I've also got Firefox installed And by the way I am connected over Wi-Fi It does have Wi-Fi six builds in and Loading up these web pages is very Snappy on the edge too let's load up Something with a few more images we'll Go with let's just do ESPN And this web page does have quite a few Images we can basically scroll for a Very long time here but as you can see We'll go all the way down to the bottom Here Everything's already loaded up I mean Within a matter of seconds so for a Little singleboard computer and web Browsing it's doing a great job Especially given the fact that we're Connected over Wi-Fi right now

Next thing I wanted to take a look at Was some YouTube video playback and the Rk3588 is capable of doing 8K 60 Playback but uh with this little setup Here and the way the drivers are with Ubuntu we can do 1440p with hardly any Kind of frame drops 4K does drop a few More frames but this also supports HDR We've got it enabled right now and this Looks great I mean it's playing fine and If I didn't have stats for nerds on Screen I wouldn't notice any kind of Drop frames at all And another thing to keep in mind is This is video streaming if you wanted to Play a native video from let's say a Hard drive or a USB drive you're going To use the built-in video player which Will actually work a lot better so 4K Videos will play super smooth at 60fps But with YouTube through chromium right Now we are getting a few drop frames Next thing I wanted to try out on the Edge 2 was some video editing so for This I'm going to be using Caden live And if you're not familiar with this It's basically free uh Final Cut I'd say For uh you know Linux you can download It through terminal or if you've Installed The Gnome software Center you Can grab it right from there free to use You don't have to pay for anything to be Unlocked or anything like that and it's Full featured I mean there's quite a bit

That we can do with this so I've just Got a simple clip here I'm going to add Kind of a fade in transition to the Front and the rear and then we're going To colorize it just a bit now I will Tell you I wouldn't run out and buy one Of these specifically for 4K video Editing but if you add something like This and you needed to throw together a Few Home Videos you shouldn't have any Issues at all so with this colorize We're just going to go with something Simple we'll go with x-ray Super simple clip I just wanted to kind Of show off as a demo and once it's Finished exporting I've got it right on My desktop it looks something like this Like I mentioned we did the X-ray we've Got the fade in we've got the Fade Out Nothing too fancy but the Edge 2 can Handle this type of video editing quite Well next thing uh photo editing so for This I would use something called Free Photoshop that's exactly what I Call it it's an open source image editor And I've got an Air Force One here we're Just going to swap out that uh swoosh For a different color there's a couple Ways you can go about it I mean you can Just you know fill bucket it in if You're working with something like this Black on white or you could do selective Color and kind of change that same color Throughout the photo

Or obviously if you wanted to get really Precise with it you could go through and Cut the swoosh out and recolor it then But yeah I mean everything that we can Do in Photoshop we can do here in On the edge too And I've just exported it directly to my Desktop definitely you should have went Through and cut it out but you know that Color fill doesn't do a bad job from a Little bit of a distance away And finally here I wanted to talk about Some gaming and show off some emulations So we've got quite a bit of power here Now there are ways to get steam Installed and we could probably run some 2D games but you know those were Designed for x86 platforms so when it Comes to like PC gaming your best bet With something like this at least at the Time of making this video would be you Know streaming it using a cloud service Like let's say xcloud or Xbox game Streaming you could also install Steam Link you could run GeForce now through a Browser and from The Gnome software Center we can download a lot of Open Source games and even if you wanted to Stream your PS4 or it's PS5 here you Could download an application to allow You to do that but what I find really Impressive about this chip is the fact That this can actually emulate PS2 games At full speed now if you wanted to go

With some lighter stuff you could Install retro Arch very easily and from Here you can do all of those lighter Emulators but for PS2 I've got ether sx2 Installed here this is actually a Standalone Linux desktop application and Yeah this is actually the same ether sx2 That originally showed up on Android It's been an absolutely amazing PS2 Emulator for arm devices and with Something that's a little easier to Emulate for PS2 like Crash Bandicoot we Can do 3x resolutions so we're at 1080p Here I'm using an Xbox controller Connected over Bluetooth and it runs This game at full speed there's also a Ton of other games that'll run at 3x but For the harder to emulate stuff like God Of War we do have to drop that down to One ax but something like Gran Turismo 4 Which is one of my favorite racing games It does it at 2x resolution and we're Actually using the opengl back end I Didn't even swap over to Vulcan yet And here's that one Gran Turismo 4 right Here at the intro but I wanted to show You that we're still right here on the Edge to in Ubuntu and if you're Interested in testing this out on your Arm baseboard all you need to do is head Over to The Ether sx2 official website You're going to head over to the Development section and download the Linux desktop variant they also have a

Version available for Mac OS with a Max Running like M1 and M2 chips and I'll Tell you even on the M1 chip it runs Great but as you can see the Edge 2 can Handle PS2 emulation quite well So these arm-based singleboard computers Are getting more powerful and it's Really amazing to see an operating System like this run so well on an armed Chip and of course you know in a few Months we might get something a little More powerful but right now the rk3588 Is really trekking through everything That I've thrown at it and I really do Think for basic desktop usage this could Replace a bulkier desktop a lot of People really just get online they do Some document editing maybe some email Checking as you saw we can even do some Light video editing and photo editing Plus emulation and even cloud gaming on A machine like this and I can't wait to See what's next but that's going to wrap It up for this video if you're Interested in seeing Android run on this Little board link for that video is in The description and I'd also like to Know your thoughts on this thing in the Comments below is it something that You'd be interested in at the right Price do you think it could replace your Basic use desktop situation let me know Down below like always thanks for Watching

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