The New Best Folding Phone!

Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by Detective Dev

We have a new best designed folding flip Phone on the planet in my opinion which Is this this is the Oppo Find N2 flip so These all kind of look like the Samsung Galaxy Z flip if you zoom out enough but This is better than that and every other Folding flip phone I've seen for three Key reasons first is actually the crease This crease in the middle appears to be The smoothest yet not the highest bar Since you can still kind of see all of Them but for a phone that folds in half And gives you a big 6.8 inch display This is good then two is just the design Across the board like I said they look Similar but I like these flat sides it's Got a matte finish and folded up it is Quite thin and gapless but number one is Definitely this cover screen this cover Display here is the biggest we've seen It's 3.26 inches which puts it basically At the same size and shape as the Palm Phone but it also has the right aspect Ratio to be functional so not only on Your notifications readable but there Are widgets here and extra functionality There's quick settings and of course if You want to take a selfie you can open The camera and use a much better quality Main cameras instead of the selfie Camera

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