The Most Powerful iGPU Right Now, Faster Than A GTX 1050! Hands On Linux Testing

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Before we get started here I do want to Give you a little bit of a disclaimer Now when it comes to this Mini PC that We're going to be taking a look at the Company minutes Forum does not recommend Overclocking the Ram or upping the TDP Over its stock configuration now I Personally own this Mini PC so I can Basically do whatever I want with it and I wanted to show you exactly what this Thing can do once it's basically maxed Out and I'm going to tell you right now We've tested a lot of many PCS on the Channel this is by far the most powerful Apu powered mini PC with integrated Graphics that we've taken a look at so Far on the channel Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again this is the Minutes Forum um 690 if you're a regular Viewer of the channel you know I've done A couple videos on it and in fact this Is my favorite Mini PC on the market Right now with integrated graphics and For the last couple days I've been doing Some tweaking and tuning in the BIOS With this unit here but before we test This thing out I do want to mention that This video is brought to you by urcd Keys I've actually been using this site For a couple years now they do offer Steam Keys origin you played they even Offer Microsoft applications like office

But the main reason that I use urcd Keys Is for their Windows keys right now They're Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 But if you use code ETA at checkout you Can get 25 off and another great thing About buying from here is they do accept Paypal I just did this build here I need To activate Windows I'm going to head Over to my updates and security we're Going to go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm gonna paste it in here choose next Choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it They'll email your code once your Payment is processed and that's Basically it if you're interested in Picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for Your new pc builds I'll leave a link in The description I've come up with a Really potent little combination here That actually performs amazingly in Linux we're going to be using an Operating system called Chimera OS I've Done a video on it recently if you're Interested in checking that out link Will be in the description but I've Managed to overclock the ram in this We've also taken the TDP up and this Thing is putting out better performance Than I've ever seen from a Mini PC with

Integrated Graphics now when it comes to The ram I'm using 5600 megahertz team Group Ram or Team Force RAM and I've Overclocked it to 6 000 megahertz from The BIOS and real quick if you're not Familiar with the um 690 for the CPU We've got that ryzen 9 6900 HX I've got 32 gigabytes of ddr5 running at 6000 Megahertz in this unit and we've also Got built-in Radeon 680m graphics based On our DNA 2 but with the HX variant These are actually clocked at 2400 Megahertz instead of 22. So again nobody else condones doing this To their Mini PC but uh before we get Into it I did want to give you a quick Look at the bio settings that I'm using Here we go to SMU common options system Configuration is set to 54 watts and as You can see all of my power limits are Maxed out I've just taken this up as High as it'll go now it won't run at 100 Watts it actually levels out about 78 When everything's maxed out still a lot Of wattage for a small PC like this but The main thing here is that faster Ram This is 5600 megahertz Ram right out of The box but I was able to take it up to 6 000 without any issues this is about As high as I can go I've actually been Able to take it up as high as 6 200 Megahertz but with some games it does Crash out in the middle of gaming so I Just backed it on off and it's been

Really stable at six thousand and the Final thing I changed here was the pwm On the fan you could leave it at Auto or There's a full on setting but I've set This to 120 gives me a nice even balance Of a quiet system and it keeps it nice And cool I haven't seen it go over 85 3 Celsius and remember I mean we've got This 6900 HX maxed out here Moving over to the operating system like I mentioned I'm running Chimera OS this Is the latest version with a Gamepad UI So we've basically got everything that The steam deck does here but we're Working with a lot more power and it's Still a super small form factor we've Got access to system-wide FSR we're Going to be using proton here to play Our games it's based on Arch Linux and There's a full desktop interface if you Want to check out a video of this Operating system running on a more Powerful system link for that is in the Description but as you can see we've got That ryzen 9 6900 HX 32 gigabytes of Ddr5 running at 6000 megahertz and the Built-in rdna 2 680m igpu and remember This actually runs at 2400 megahertz Because we're working with an HX variant That also gives us a little more there On the GPU side of things with something Like the 6800u or even the 6800h it runs At 2200 megahertz I know it's only 200 More megahertz there but you know every

Little bit helps when we're already Working with such a low power system but Yeah with all that out of the way it's Time to show you what this thing can do And first up we've got Doom Eternal 1080p low medium mix with no resolution Scale dynamic or otherwise I know it's An older game and it does work well on Linux that's one of the reasons I wanted To show this off first but you know Running this at 1080p with that low Medium mix on an igpu is pretty Impressive especially given that we're In Linux and we can get an average of 81 FPS at a doom Eternal on this system I also want to throw a fighting game Into the mix so I went with Marvel vs Capcom infinite it's not steam deck Verified but on this system here we can Go to High 1080P and it's going to run At 60 all day another one I always like To test is Injustice 2 and on this setup High medium mix 1080p really great Performance and of course you know if You've got another fighting game that'll Work great with a Linux or proton itself Then it should run really well on this System Next up we've got Horizon zero Dawn 900p Original settings FSR set to balanced We're getting an average of 64 FPS but I'll tell you if you don't mind playing This at 720p the average jumps up into The low 80s plus we're at original

Settings and we've got a little more to Go if we want to take it down the low so Overall yeah this is another game that's Very playable on this Mini PC Okay so here's god of war and this is When I always like testing on these apus Even from 5000 series with Vega Graphics This is the best performance I've seen On an igpu so far be it windows or Linux We're at 900p original settings and FSR Set to balance we're getting an average Of 72 FPS out of this game and it's Really impressive to see it running this Well on integrated Graphics I also Tested this at 1080p low settings and FSR set to Performance we got an average Of 76 FPS like that but personally I Kind of wanted to keep that balanced FSR To keep that Fidelity up Here's Spider-Man Miles Morales 900p low Settings with FSR set to balance I've Got to give it to the devs here because They have been putting out some updates That really do increase this igpu Performance be it the steam deck or even A ryzen chip like this but we're Averaging 74 FPS at 900p with Spider-Man Miles Morales on an igpu Anyway thanks for covering Manhattan While I'm in DIY mode hey But out of everything that I tested I Think the most impressive thing here was Cyberpunk 2077. we're using the steam Deck preset at 720p and we can get an

Average of around 81 FPS we can take This up to 1080 taking the settings down To low and setting FSR to Performance And when I'm running it like that I do Like turning vsync on so we're right There at a steady 60 but it will run it I personally just wanted to see if we Could match or exceed the steam deck Preset and obviously we're super Exceeding it So when it comes down to it taking the Um 690 to the Limit with Linux really Helps out with performance but not Everybody's going to do this and I Completely understand but one thing we Can look forward to are the rdna3 Apu Powered mini PCS to come in the future And I'm sure we're going to see really Great performance in fact in just a Couple weeks the 7940 HS is going to be Coming to laptops and I'm going to Definitely get my hands on one that's Got an rdna3 based igpu with a clock up To 3000 megahertz on those integrated Graphics and having those higher clocks Is really nice but I think one of the Best things about that new chip is it Will support up to 7 600 megahertz LP Ddr5 Ram which as we know up in that Ram Speed given that we're using system Memory as our vram with these igpus is Really going to up the performance with Those RDMA 3 based apus but that's going To wrap it up for this video really

Appreciate you watching I've been Messing around with this for the last Couple days and figured I'd make a quick One and yeah it is the most powerful Mini PC that we've tested with Integra The graphics and seeing the Linux run on It so well is really promising for the Future if you've got any questions let Me know in the comments below and like Always thanks for watching

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