The Most Powerful Gaming Phone We’ve Ever Tested! Hands-On The New Red Magic 8 Pro +

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So yeah this is pretty crazy I mean Running PS2 games at 4X resolution on an Android device is awesome this new Snapdragon Gen 2 is really putting power Down Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be taking a look at the most advanced Gaming phone that's ever hit the market And when I'm talking about Advanced I'm Talking about yeah we've got more power Than any other Android device that we've Tested on the channel and this thing's Actually packing technology that we Haven't seen in any other device so far Like Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.3 this is Known as the red Magic 8 Pro Plus and I'm super glad that I can finally get This off my chest because I've had this In my possession for the last month Testing it out and it is an absolute Monster when it comes to an Android Device I personally haven't had anything On the channel that's this fast mainly Because it's using the brand new Snapdragon Gen 2 CPU we've also got 16 Gigabytes of LP ddr5x RAM and it's using Ufs 4.0 storage so yeah I mean this Thing is super quick so if you're Familiar with these red magic devices You know it doesn't look the same They've really strayed away from their Original design which had those really Rounded corners on it and kind of went

With the more Square design I personally Really like what they've done here They're packing a larger screen it's Coming in at 6.8 inches we also don't Have any cut out for the front camera Because it's using an under display Camera and as you can see we've Basically got a bezel-less design it is An AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 hertz and it looks absolutely Amazing and since we're working with the Red magic device we do have that Built-in cooling fan which they're Really known for when it comes to their Gaming Phones Plus we've got a little Bit of RGB around back here which looks Really good now this can be disabled From software if you don't like it but I Kind of think it sets the rear of this Thing off now first thing I want to Mention here is yeah it's 2023 and we've Still got a headphone jack we've got a 3.5 millimeter audio jack over here on This side along with one of our speakers From their dual stereo speaker setup and I gotta say they've upped their game When it comes to the sound on this Device it does support dtsx and this Thing actually puts out some bass I was Really impressed by it on the bottom of The device we've got our other speaker We've also I've got our SIM card tray And USB type c this does support display Over USB type-c and there's actually a

Couple modes that we can mess around With over here on the right hand side We've got our volume rocker and our Intake vent for the built-in fan so this Is a 20 000 RPM fan it's also got a Little bit of RGB built into the fan Itself and this is really what red magic Is known for they've set this up so the New Snapdragon Gen 2 can run at its full Potential basically indefinitely as long As that Fan's going we're not going to Hit thermal throttle we've got plenty of Cooling with this unit here and finally Over here on the right hand side we've Got our exhaust outlet for the built-in Cooling system a power button and you Might notice we've got a little red Switch here now we've seen this on other Red magic devices basically this is Going to bring us over to the red magic Front end and this is awesome for a Gaming Centric phone there's a lot of Tuning options that we will be going Over in this video but we've got one More thing over here and those are the Shoulder triggers so on a lot of these Gaming devices you'll see these and These are actually 520 Hertz so they're Very responsive then we can basically Map these in software and they do come In really handy for first person Shooters on a mobile device like this Now when it comes to the specs this Thing is definitely loaded down we've

Got that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU And this does have a clock up to 3.2 Gigahertz we've also got that new adreno 740 GPU red magic is offering this in Two different flavors you can pick it up With 12 or 16 gigabytes of RAM but uh Both of them are going to utilize LP Ddr5x I've got the 16 gigabyte version Here and along with 16 gigabytes of RAM We've also got 512 gigabytes of storage And keep in mind this is using the new Ufs 4.0 storage so it's definitely some Of the fastest that we've seen in an Android handset so far it's got a 6.8 Inch 120 hertz AMOLED display at 2480 by 1116 we've also got Wi-Fi 7 and this has Been designated as Wi-Fi be and along With that Bluetooth has been upgraded to 5.3 it's utilizing their new dual stereo Speaker setup and it supports DTS X Ultra a 50 megapixel rear camera with a Samsung GM 5 sensor their second Generation 16 megapixel front under Display camera so we don't have any kind Of cutouts or anything like that on the Front of this phone it's got a 6 000 Milliamp hour battery and in the US it's Only going to support 65 watt quick Charging but outside of the US this is Much higher and for the operating system We've got Android 13 with their new red Magic UI 6.0 now I wanted to give you a Quick comparison between the last High-end phone that they released which

Was the red magic 6s Pro did a review on That really nice device but I do like The eights design a lot better we've Kind of got a squared off design and They've been using the rounded edges for A long time now glad to see a change Like this I just think it looks a lot Sleeker So when it comes to overall performance Super Snappy we've got Android 13 with Red magic 6.0 looking really good here Got a little bit of a skin everything's Very fluid everything's very smooth here And we kind of expected it with this Newer chipset And yeah I mean we've got a lot of great Features built in here a screen recorder That'll do 1080p 60 hertz but one of my Favorite things here is uh red magic Time at least that's what they used to Call it flipping the switch here will Bring us to kind of the game launcher Front end I think it looks really good There's a couple new views and we can Actually change the background now you Can add any application it doesn't have To be a game anything that you've Downloaded or sideloaded on the phone Can be added here and we've got a lot of Tweaks that we can use now they've added A couple new features here like Mora Which is their new red magic mascot this Is kind of a virtual personal assistant And you can unlock new things and new

Emotes with her I mean it's something I'll probably never use but some people Might get some use out of this we've Also got red magic studio and this comes In really handy for people who want to Use the second display or a larger Display you can go Wireless with it you Can actually connect this to a Windows PC and download their app or you could Connect a hardwired USB type-c to HDMI Connection and it does support console Mode which is something we we will take A look at but we've also got a bunch of Gaming Centric plugins that we can use With games now some of these only work With specific games but a lot of the Stuff will come in handy for like first Person shooters we've also got a sound Equalizer so we can turn the bass up we Can turn the treble up you can make this Thing sound exactly like you want but uh One of my favorite things here is kind Of the in-game overlay now this will Give us a lot of tweaks so what I'm Going to do is start up a game real Quick we'll go with something simple Let's just say uh Minecraft it's right Here and I'll show you exactly what's Going on with that Okay so I've just jumped into a little Bit of gameplay and from either side if We swipe over this is going to bring us Our in-game overlay now we've got our Plugins over on the left hand side and

We've got our performance settings right Here I'm in low power mode we can go to Balanced which is going to give us a Little more performance it's not going To kill the batteries much or we can go All out with rise mode otherwise known As high gear mode and basically this is Going to allow us to get the most out of The CPU and GPU with this new Snapdragon Gen 2. now we've got some extra overlays Over here or you can do dual apps if you Want to but we're going to take a look At these overlays we can turn the fan on And off we can start our recording Session if we want to we can change the Refresh rate on the screen but my Favorite here is kind of the Informational overlay this will give us A real-time FPS counter so we can see Exactly what's going on with our games We can move it anywhere on screen and I've got the refresh rate right now of The screen set to 120 hertz Minecraft is Going to run at 120 hertz on this device I mean it doesn't take much to run this Game and yeah we've got more than enough Power the next thing I wanted to do is Take a look at some benchmarks with this New Snapdragon Gen 2 and we're going to Kind of compare it against the Snapdragon gen 1 plus And the first one we have here is Geekbench 5. now I ran this three times On both devices and I've just taken the

Best score from each of them on the left Hand side we've got the new red Magic 8 Plus with that Snapdragon Gen 2 and on The right hand side we've got the red Magic 7s Pro with the Snapdragon gen 1 Plus now multi-core we beat out the Snapdragon gen 1 plus every single time But the Gen 1 plus did come ahead by a Few points in one of the tests that I Ran now I'm going to chalk this up to Software but when it comes to single Core I think these are going to be kind Of right on par with each other but as You can see that multi-core score has Increased significantly on the New Gen 2. next up we've got a GPU Benchmark I Went with 3D Mark Wildlife Snapdragon Gen 2 3741 on the Gen 1 plus 2931 and finally I ran into two on the Gen 2 we're getting the highest score We've ever seen out of any Android Handset on the market right now coming In with a 1 million three hundred twelve Thousand nine hundred and twenty seven I'm mean this is absolutely ridiculous And if we go down the list here you can See that yeah it did beat out the Gen 1 And every single one of these individual Tests so we are working with more power And we definitely expected this from a Newer chip So personally I'm not a huge fan of Touch screen control so I do like using

A physical controller and of course you Can connect the Bluetooth controller to This no problem at all but I wanted to Test out the Razer Kishi V2 and to my Surprise I mean it fills this controller Out perfectly the 6.8 inch display Inside of this thing looks absolutely Amazing and it does work out really well If you need a physical controller Of course we had to test out a little More native Android gaming on this Device and here's ginshin impact we are Maxed out right now at 60 FPS and this Is definitely some of the best Performance that I've seen out of this Game on Android unfortunately we don't Have the option on Android to go to 120 And we don't have great controller Support but there is a built-in mapper With the red magic software it's really Up to you you could use a Bluetooth Controller or something like that Razer Key sheet but just keep in mind I mean You can run this game at 60 all day Foreign And I am planning on doing a full Emulation video but I will be testing Out a few more here in this one 3DS Using the Citra emulator from Google Play this isn't a hacked version or Anything like that we're at 3x Resolution this uses the opengl backend And we're getting amazing 3DS emulation On the Snapdragon gen 2. I also wanted

To show off a little bit of Wii and GameCube emulation this is the Dolphin Emulator it's actually the official Version from their website 720p with Tatsunoko versus Capcom not a super hard Game to run but yeah I mean this is Great that we can run this at 720p on a Handheld device like this but of course As a lot of us know there are harder to Emulate games when it comes to the Dolphin Emulator and one that comes to Mind is f-zero GX especially on An Arm Based chip but here it is running in the Fire Field track which definitely gives These little chips a run for its money At 720p with the opengl back in we're Not having an issue here with F0 GX on The Snapdragon gen 2. this is really Awesome Moving over to some PS2 emulation using Ether sx2 we've got Gran Turismo 4 at 4X Resolution I haven't been able to run This game at 4X on any Android device That I've ever tested so yeah this just Shows you how powerful this thing is and I've got another one to show you at 4X Which was way more impressive than this One but I'd actually like to show you That in console mode so before we move Over there let's check out some switch Emulation using the skyline emulator as We know there are a couple switch Emulators that work for Android again s Is a big one a lot of people love it

Personally I'm not a huge fan I did test It and I can tell you it does perform Really well but for this we're gonna go With the skyline emulator and we're just Going to test out cuphead now another One that I did try to run here was Mario Odyssey with Skyline but remember it's Still early for this emulator lots of Graphical glitches but we were at 60fps In handheld mode full speed not a Problem I mean this actually ran pretty Well on the Snapdragon gen 1. I think I Did test this on an 888 and it wasn't Bad at all all but Skyline has Definitely come a long way and I can't Wait to see what's out there in the Future for this emulator I'm personally Not a huge switch emulation fan just Because you know the console is still on The market and I mean you can pick up a Switch light for 199. it's already a Handheld So gaming on the built-in screen with The red Magic 8 Pro is awesome but uh One of my favorite things about this is The fact that it does support display Over USB type c now we've got a couple Different modes as soon as we plug it in We're going to be in mirror mode we've Got a wired connection we don't have to Worry about any kind of lag now you Could cast this if you want to but you Will run into latency but we've got Another mode here known as console mode

As soon as we flip this switch we're now In console mode gives us a full screen Picture it's going to scale all of our Applications up and this is running at 1440p supports controllers it supports a Mouse and keyboard and by the way this Monitor here does have USB type-c video In but you could always use a USB type-c To HDMI adapter so basically once you Plug this phone in we've got a console We can play our favorite native Android Games we'll launch one here And as you can see no black bars on the Top or the bottom it's going to scale it Up to 16 by nine or whatever aspect Ratio your monitor is I think it'll do 16 by 10 and 16 by nine I haven't tested An ultra wide monitor just yet we've Still got some performance functionality Down here in the lower left hand corner So we can go to rise mode with it but I Do think that this is great especially For emulation and we've also got some Settings for our keyboard and controller We can change the sensitivity over a Mouse or you could use the built-in Trackpad on the phone's screen we're Going to test out Asphalt 9 here and I've got an Xbox controller connected Over Bluetooth And basically any emulator or game is Going to scale up just fine and by the Way we do have plugins to kind of map Our controller in case the game doesn't

Natively support controllers or you Could even map a keyboard and mouse if You wanted to really awesome features Here built in with the red Magic 8 Pro But my favorite thing to do on this External display is emulation Ether sx2 with some more PS2 and this is The game I was talking about God of War 2 as we know even on the Snapdragon gen 1 this one did struggle a bit but on the Gen 2 we're actually at 4X resolution With the opengl back in and we're Running this at full speed 60fps I mean This thing is definitely going to be an Emulation beast and I will have a full Video coming up soon So yeah this is definitely putting down Some really great performance it is the Most powerful Android device that we've Tested on the channel so far and in six Months maybe a year we'll get something A bit more powerful that's how Technology works but as it sits right Now the Snapdragon Gen 2 paired up with This cooling system here is an absolute Powerhouse and the red Magic 8 Pro is Definitely a gaming phone I love the new Design I'm glad they didn't go with the Old red magic look on this one here I Think it was time for a change and I Think they did a great job I personally Love the screen that they have here I'm A huge fan of these AMOLED displays and Coming in at 6.8 inches at 120 hertz is

Perfect for a mobile device like this Now I know some people out there might Be upset that they didn't go with 144 or 165 but there's not a lot of stuff that We're going to be running at 144 and 165 On a mobile device right now but overall I think it's a great device and like I Mentioned I will have a full emulation Video coming up so if there's anything Specific you want to see let me know in The comments below and I wouldn't mind Making you know a full console mode Video testing out a bunch of stuff there For you if that's something you're Interested in it'd be really cool if you Could hit that subscribe button and Maybe think about turning on Notifications so you know when I post The next one but that's going to wrap it Up for my first look video if you're Interested in learning more about the Red Magic 8 Pro Plus or even the red Magic 8 Pro I'll leave links to their Website in the description and I'd also Like to know what you thought about the Performance of this new Snapdragon Gen 2 In the comments below I was actually Hoping for a little better single core Performance when it comes to those Synthetic benchmarks but you know I'm Going to chalk it up the software right Now there is a chance we will get a Little better when you compare it to the Snapdragon gen 1 plus still on some

Early firmware here but for what we have This thing is definitely putting the Power down but that's going to wrap it Up for this one like always thanks for Watching

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