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So this is the brand new MSI Titan gt77 Hx13v beautiful name rolls right off Your tongue something I'd probably name My next child but either way this laptop Is meant to showcase the best of Intel Nvidia in one single package but it's a Big boy and it really questions on Whether or not this is really pushing Towards desktop territory or is this Even still considered a proper laptop Because I imagine most people looking at This are probably not going to buy it Just because of the price tag alone like This is a laptop that retails anywhere From four thousand to five thousand Dollars depending on what you're putting Inside of here and the problem is it Doesn't offer a lot of the laptop Features that you'd want like good Battery life low fan noise portability This is truly a desktop replacement with Laptop features now granted there is Tons of ports on this guy like if you're Rocking a lot of accessories and you Don't want a desktop then this is Probably the laptop to look at because You have everything over here USB 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports Mini DisplayPort HDMI 2.1 RJ45 and then on the other side You have your full SD card slot two more USB ports a combo audio jack just Everything you need to plug stuff in the Overview design of this MSI product is Very stealthy black it has like this

Batman Vibe going on RGB everywhere the Build quality is not too bad you know You have a metal lid the hinges are nice And strong the back extends all the way To the end just so that you have more Room for cooling it's a heavy laptop Though like I think this is what 3.2 3.3 Kilograms but then you add on to this Insanely massive power brick which is 330 Watts like this is the size of a Thin and light notebook you're literally Carrying three laptops in your backpack Granted I would say this laptop is also Partly made of stickers because there Are so many stickers on here that I Think this is being held up by stickers Alone I do like this keyboard though Like this is one of the best keyboards I've used on a gaming laptop like these Keys are so clicky it's a mechanical Keyboard it's using MX Cherry switches And when you type on this thing it feels So good there is a bit of keyboard Flex Though I would have loved a bit more Rigidity in the middle but you do have a Full size numpad and the overall layout Doesn't feel cramped just because There's so much space on the deck of the Keyboard now because this is a black Laptop you're going to see a lot of Fingerprints everywhere like you can Tell right here there's four pounds of Grease on the touchpad already the Touchpad feels smooth very nice it's

Glass moving the mouse around the screen Is nice and accurate fingerprint scanner On the right hand side and there's tons Of speakers to listen to music but the Problem is when you are gaming on this Thing the fans get loud right like There's a lot going on in here that it Needs to continuously cool the CPU and GPU so the fans are on over 50 decibels And if you're gaming that can be very Annoying like you're gonna have to have A good pair of headphones they're gonna Have to be passively blocking out noise Or the fans will get to you but there's A few things that make this product Really stand out and the first one is This display this is a mini LED display We're going to see a lot of these on Laptops this year and this one happens To be super gorgeous like we're talking About 908 nits of brightness and SDR Mode it just makes games look so good You know like the HDR pops on it just it Just gives you a different visual Experience compared to before compared To some of the regular IPS panels that We're currently used to now Unfortunately this is not a 16 by 10 Display so it is 16×9 which is obviously More favorable if you're a gamer but if You're someone who's delving into a Content creation world but also less Game you probably prefer a 16×10 display Instead the webcam is 720p so not the

Best I'd expect a more high resolution Webcam on a laptop this expensive but I Don't think a lot of people will be Using this webcam probably their own Personal one if they decide to stream With this thing but look you're not here For this laptop specifically you want to Know how well this thing performs Because let's face it this is the best Of Intel and Nvidia getting together Okay and one big massive chassis and Overall the performance is impressive It's insane like this 13 980 HX process With 24 cores is faster than a desktop 12 900k that is absolutely Bonkers then You pair that with an RTX 49 do you get One of the fastest products that are Currently on the market in fact this is Probably the fastest laptop I'm going to Be testing this year but here's the Thing this RTX 4090 is not as fast as a Desktop 4090 like there's still a big Gap in terms of performance which is Expected this is a laptop after all but It's definitely a massive Improvement Compared to the RTX 3080 TI that I Tested in the same chassis last year so If you're coming from an older device You're going to get a massive Performance bump but I feel like this Sort of product overall is for a very Very niche market but doesn't mean we Can't appreciate the performance that Intel has provided here now granted the

CPU does require a certain amount of Cooling and obviously a chassis this big Kind of does that but when you have this Style of cooling you can really push These things because you're literally Getting desktop CPU performance which is Crazy to see in a laptop like this now MSI does have a few different Performance profiles you can mess around With most of my testing was done with Extreme Performance mode but if you Don't want fans to be as loud you can Reduce it to silent but just note that You will be reducing the amount of Performance you're getting with this Laptop so I'd probably only use it if You're not gaming but balance also works Very well super battery mode is if you Want the best battery life as possible And if you want to use the mux switch And switch between discrete graphics or Ms hybrid graphics mode it does require A reboot but since we're talking about Battery life that's one area this thing Just does not Excel on I mean this is a Massive laptop that requires a 330 watt Charging brick the CPU is running at 55 Watts the base and then it can boost up All the way to 157 so it needs to be Connected all the time like if you're Just watching simple movies and doing a Lot of idleness on this laptop you can Push to six hours but if you're gaming On this thing I wouldn't expect more

Than 30 to 40 minutes of battery life Before needing to charge now you have to Check out these internals because we're Using four fans at the top the CPU and GPU are both using liquid metal plus There's more copper running back and Forth that I probably have in my entire House we have three slots for drives one Is populated two are empty you could Potentially run RAID 0 swappable Wi-Fi 6E card and of course we have four ramp Slots upgradable to 128 gigabytes of RAM Just note that if you decide to go with Four you will reduce the speed of the Ram so keep that in mind if you want the Fastest possible running laptop I'd Probably stick with two sticks instead So what what this laptop tells me is That Intel is nervous because they're Coming out guns blazing they're Releasing some of the fastest processors We've seen from them in years and when You pair that with an RTX 4090 which was A big jump this year in the desktop Space and then you translate it to a Laptop version you get a very powerful Laptop now granted I do think this Showcase is a bit misleading for most People out there because generally those Individuals are buying gaming laptops That are a bit more portable products Like the blade 15 products like the Asus G14 stuff they can travel with but still Have enough power to game like this is

Truly a proper desktop replacement so Don't expect this to translate down to Thinner and lighter notebooks those Notebooks are obviously going to be Using more power constrained CPUs but This just tells me that the 40 series in General and the 13th Gen processor this Year is going to be a nice jump from Previous years and if you're up for an Upgrade and you're looking at a gaming Laptop it's a probably going to be a Good year to buy one if you have any More questions let me know in the Comment section down below like the Video if you liked it subscribe if you Haven't already and I'll see you guys in The next one

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