The MoreFine M9 Has The All New N100 CPU An These Low Cost Tiny PCs Are Fast

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So apparently these new low-cost n100 Chips can emulate PS2 at 720p not bad at All for the price point of these little PCS [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at a really interesting Mini PC from morphy known as the M9 now What makes this little PC so interesting Is uh this is one of the first ones that I've seen with the new Intel n series Chips these CPUs released at the Beginning of 2023 and these are here to Kind of phase out Jasper Lake if you're Familiar with Jasper Lake you know you Can pick up really cheap mini PCS with Something like the n5105 and it's not a Bad little setup but coming in to kind Of sweep it under the rug are these new In-series chips and these are now based On Alder Lake and judging by what I've Tested so far we've actually got a Really nice uptick in performance across The board beat the CPU and GPU from Single core to multi-core with this new N100 and one of the main reasons I'm Really excited about these chips here The new n series is emulation and light Gaming on these lower cost mini PCS So with the M9 for morphine inside of The Box we're gonna get the M9 n100 Mini PC we've also got a mounting bracket With some Hardware to get that mounted

Up on the back of your monitor bottom of The dash or even on a wall and we also Get a 12 volt 32 watt power supply now Don't worry this isn't going to pull Anywhere near 32 watts by the end of This video we'll take a look at total System power consumption because it's Actually really really low for the Performance we have here and as you can See we're working with an ultra small Form factor Mini PC in fact it's 0.5 Liters might be coming in a little less Than that When it comes to i o up front we've got Two full-size USB 3.2 gen 1 ports and Around back we've got our power input 3.5 millimeter audio jack dual HDMI both Of these will do 4K 60 out two more USB 3.2 gen 1 ports and 2.5 gigabit Ethernet Moving over to the specs for that CPU We've got the brand new intel n100 four Cores four threads with a clock up to 3.4 gigahertz remember this is based on Alder Lake Graphics are handled by an Intel UHD igpu with 24 execution units Clocked at 750 megahertz this will Support up to 32 gigabytes of sodium Ddr4 running at 3200 megahertz Unfortunately it's only single channel In the M9 would have been really nice if We had dual slots here but we will pull The bottom off in a second it's got Wi-Fi 6 and this supports two m.2 ssds You can use a 2280 and a 2240 at the

Same time if you wanted to now you can Pick this up Bare Bones from more fine Or you can get it with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 500 gigabytes of storage up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and 2 terabytes of Storage but to tell you the truth I Would probably opt for the Bare Bones Unit ddr4 Ram is actually really cheap Right now you only need one stick and It's a little unfortunate was really Hoping for dual Channel because it does Help out with igpu performance but as You can see we've got a 2280 m.2 in here We've also got enough room for a 2240. Okay so like I mentioned I've actually Been really excited about these new Lower end Intel chips and obviously We've got the n100 here four cores no Extra threads we've got a base clock of 800 megahertz and a boost up to 3.4 all In this will pull around 14 watts and That's what the GPU maxed out and CPU at The same time but the CPU itself is Around 9 Watts adding any more wattage To it really isn't going to help out Because I mean we can just kind of Max This chip out in all four cores at nine Watts this one does have 32 gigabytes of RAM single Channel like we saw 3200 Megahertz we've also got a one terabyte Drive and the Intel UHD graphics with 24 Execution units the n200 has the higher End GPU but I was only able to get my Hands on this but I gotta say I mean for

What we have here and the price these Are going to be coming out the door at It's really not a bad little setup Wi-Fi 6 makes it really Snappy when browsing The web we'll just head over to more Finds website real quick I mean it loads up everything really Quickly for being such a low end chip oh We'll head over here to the PC section The M9 n100 is what we got here Bare Bones unit coming in at around 200 Bucks and it's actually really easy to Add RAM to this as we saw four screws on The bottom it uses so damn ddr4 so you Can get out really cheap picking up the Bare Bones unit Next thing I wanted to show off here was Some 4K video playback from YouTube so We're going with the 4K 60 video and uh Going into this I did have a great Feeling it was going to handle it just Fine because even last generation of These lower end chips that Intel Released known as Jasper light did a Great job with 4K and n100 is no Different got a few drop frames on the Initial load in but through this whole Video by the end we only had 12 drop Frames really great performance here and Keep in mind I am using Wi-Fi 6 right Now you could always go with ethernet if You want to it would buffer out a bit Faster and you know if I just let it Buffer a little more before we even hit

Play we probably wouldn't have any of These drop frames here Next thing I wanted to do was check out A couple benchmarks and first on the List we've got geekbench 5. so these Scores might not look super impressive If you're working with a more powerful Desktop CPU but for these lower end Chips we're actually seeing a big uptick In performance single core on the n100 960 multi-core 2658 to put it into Perspective for you comparable Jasper Lake chip would be the n5105 single core 587 multi 2078 moving over to some GPU benchmarks And again single Channel Ram is going to Hurt this igpu but with wildlife and Those 24 execution units 2929 and Knight raid 4536. definitely not going to win any GPU benchmarking Awards but these are Synthetics and now I want to see if this Thing can handle lighter or older games And then we'll move over to some Emulation Here we have Skyrim low settings 720p I Think we could have taken this up to Medium settings here uh we're not Totally maxing out that GPU and I didn't Use After Burner because it does use a Little bit of resources and we're Already working with a lower end chip But yeah I mean we could run this game At 60.

I also wanted to test some older valve Source base games so here we have Half-Life 2 high settings 1080p getting An average over 100 FPS actually over 120 FPS on average so far looking pretty Good but these are older easier to run Games and when it comes to these uh Source based games Left 4 Dead portal You're not going to have an issue with It so let's move up to something a bit Newer in comparison to the other games We just tested Grand Theft Auto 5 720p low settings we Can get an average of around 33 FPS was Hoping for a little more out of it but I Didn't think we were going to get a Constant 60 even at 720p with this game Given what kind of eye GPU we're working With now there is a chance if we got our Hands on the n200 with dual Channel Ram We could get up there you know mid 50s But with this set up here even with dual Channel I think we're only going to get Up to around 41 on average so when it Comes to AAA gaming it's just not going To cut it we don't have enough power in The CPU or GPU but where this thing Really shines is emulation first up We've got some PSP using PPSSPP chains Of Olympus kind of our go-to task we're At 3x resolution DirectX 11 back in not An issue to run these PSP games and you Know seeing how well this is running at 3x the easier to run stuff is going to

Be able to be taken up to about five and Even seven depending on how hard the Game is to emulate next up we've got Some GameCube emulation using the Dolphin Emulator and I wanted to show You here we're going to take this up to 720p this is F0 GX on the hardest track To emulate fire field And at 720p we're getting 60 FPS at Events very impressed by seeing what This little chip can do with Gamecube Emulation so I figured we'd go ahead and Test out some PS2 at 720P So here's pcsx2 720p DirectX 11 back in I also tested god of war 2. with that I Did have to drop it down to 1.5 x Resolution so not quite at 720p but There's a lot of stuff we're going to be Able to run at full speed on this chip I Think that these little mini PCS are Going to be great for a smaller Emulation boxes and I will be doing a Bottocera test on this or emulation Station I'd like to see how it handles All this stuff in Linux also but the Last one I wanted to test was Wii U now I think what's holding this back here is That single Channel Ram Bayonetta using Simu 720p if you take a look at my Windows performance overlay in the top Left hand corner you'll see that my GPU Is maxed out at 100 I got a feeling if It supported dual Channel Ram we could Run this game here at 60fps and windows

But I still want to test out some Linux Simulation just to see what we can do With the M9 and that M100 CPU If you're somebody who needs a low power Consumption Mini PC then this would Probably be for you this n100 chip is Rated at 6 watts and at idle this is Pulling four Watts from the Wall average Gaming it jumps up to 16 and the maximum That I could get it to pull while maxing Out basically everything on this PC was 18 Watts so yeah I'd consider this a Very low power consumption Mini PC and CPU temps were also really awesome this Is an actively cooled system so there is A fan but it really doesn't get that Loud at idle around 39 degrees Celsius Average gaming 66 and the highest temps I saw out of this through all of my Testing was 71 degrees Celsius that was Even running cinebench R23 so far really Liking these new n-series chips for These lower cost mini PCS now I can't Wait to get my hands on something with An n200 or even an n100 with dual Channel Ram but like I mentioned we will Be doing a full Linux emulation test on This thing because I think it's going to Offer some great performance but that's Gonna wrap it up for this one really Appreciate you watching if you're Interested in learning more about the More fine M9 I'll leave some links in The description and keep in mind if

You're looking for something a bit more Powerful they do offer ryzen 6000 series Mini PCS but they're going to come in a Bit more expensive than this one if You're looking for a low power Consumption super small form factor PC For web browsing 4K video playback Document editing then this is something That I could recommend and 32 gigabytes Of RAM is going to be Overkill 16 is Really all you're going to need with This definitely keep an eye on the Channel because I will have another Video coming up with the M9 that's it For this one and like always thanks for Watching

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