The KT-R1 Is Here! The Fast EMU/Gaming Hand-Held We’ve Been Waiting For? First Look

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime pack here again today we're going To be taking an early look at an Upcoming handheld known as the ktr1 now This is actually one that's been on my Radar for a little while and a lot of People have been talking about this and Earlier this year we did get some leaked Images and leak specs and since then we Really haven't heard much about it until Now so about two weeks ago the developer Actually reached out and sent one over And I gotta say I'm actually really Impressed here with the build quality Now the first thing they mentioned was You know this is an earlier prototype Unit but uh it's not that Rough Around The Edges when it comes to build quality I mean this thing is actually really Nice as you can see it's made of Anodized aluminum they will be offering A few different colors and keep in mind This is their higher end variant but to Keep costs down they will be offering a Plastic version and you know if you want To get out really cheap with this I Would definitely go with the plastic one But if you're looking for that premium Feel just keep in mind they do offer a Metal variant and I gotta say it does Feel really nice in the ham it's Definitely going to come in bit heavier Than the plastic version but it gives it

Some heft and it really does make it Feel like a premium device so I've had This in my possession for about a week Now and I've been doing a lot of testing I personally like to run launchbox as my Main launcher here or my main front end But she could always install something Else if you want to it's really up to You or you can just launch your favorite Game stand alone but basically what We've got here is an Android 12 powered Handheld with a three by two aspect Ratio display now it might sound a Little odd to some people and at first I Was a bit skeptical about the aspect Ratio here but after testing out some of My favorite retro games that use a 4×3 Aspect ratio display they actually scale Very nicely and one thing that scales Almost 100 perfectly on this are GBA Games I'll give you a quick look here We've got Sonic Advance 3 and as you can See we're using the same aspect ratio as A Game Boy Advance so that scaling is Perfect on this display these games look Absolutely amazing on the display they Chose to use and we've got plenty of Power here to run GBA in fact we've Actually got enough power here to play GameCube games and PS2 games now we're Not going to be able to cover the whole Catalog between PS2 and Gamecube or Wii But there's still a lot of games that Are going to run at full speed on this

Device and that's because the ktr1 is Powered by a mediatek helio g99 also Known as the Mt-6789 you can pick this up in a couple Different storage and RAM variants from Four gigs all the way up to eight but All of them are going to be using LP Ddr4 64 gigabytes of internal storage up To 256 but all of them do support micro SD card storage we've also got AC Wi-Fi Bluetooth 5.2 and on the highest end Model it will support 4G now like I Mentioned we've got that 3×2 aspect Ratio display and it's coming in at 4.5 Inches with a resolution of 1620 by 1080. it's an IPS LCD touch screen that Actually looks really nice we've also Got front-facing dual stereo speaker and A 7 000 milliamp hour battery so the Lower end models are going to charge at 18 Watts that's the maximum quick charge On these but if you opt for the higher End model it'll go up to 35 watts and When it comes to the operating system This is running Android 12 but keep in Mind I'm using early testing firmware Right now we don't have access to Google Play so I've just been side loading my Apps and using a third-party App Store I'm digging the overall design but you Know if you're not into those smaller Analog sticks or the joy-con style Analog sticks then this might not be for You but you know behind the buttons and

The d-pad itself they are using Conductive pads and I gotta say they've Done a great job with the d-pad here We'll take a look at some testing in a Fighting game in a little bit but it Actually works very very well up top Here we do have our triggers and our Shoulder buttons and this is very Similar to some of the other handhelds That we've seen on the market in 2021 And 2022 but with this design Unfortunately they don't offer analog Triggers so we're just going to have Them on or off and you know that's fine With me in a little handheld like this But it would have been nice for some Racing game to have analog Triggers on a Handheld like this and by the way we do Have some ventilation here for the Built-in heatsink and it's not actively Cooled it's actually a passively cooled System it uses a VC heat sink and it Does transfer heat quite well they did Mention something about maybe releasing A kit later on that would allow you to Add a fan yourself but I don't think it Would need it it actually does a pretty Good job at cooling this g99 and when it Comes to emulation on this device I've Been doing a lot of testing for the past Week Sega Saturn N64 PSP dream cast Anything under that all of that's going To run just fine we've even got access To GameCube Wii and PS2 but I have to

Mention it again it's not going to run The full library of PS2 GameCube and Wii We do have more power than something Like the retroid pocket 3 plus but this Isn't on par with something like the Snapdragon 888 I mean these are getting Closer and you know in a year or so We're gonna get some super powerful Handhelds but right now this is putting Out some really good performance for What we have here So the very first thing I wanted to show Off here was a little bit of Dreamcast Simulation and while we're here we can Test this d-pad out I really do like the Feel of it we've got a little bit of Play here it's not a loose d-pad at all And it's definitely not too tight I Really do like the way they've got this Set up and it is using a conductive pad Underneath we're not working with micro Switches or anything like that great Feedback here and you can definitely Pull off your favorite special moves in Fighting games and you know if you Needed the d-pad for a platformer it's Going to be as accurate as anything else On the market right now Next thing I wanted to show off was a Little bit of GameCube emulation and This is kind of one of my go-to tests Here we've got Auto modelista which is a Harder one to emulate we're at the Native resolution Vulcan back in and

This is running at 60. I mean there are A few hiccups every once in a while Dipping down there to the high 50s but Overall I kind of wasn't expecting it to Be able to run this game at full speed Actually pretty nice [Applause] And since we're running Android we do Have access to Android games ginshin Impact Call of Duty mobile but Unfortunately with something like Call Of Duty mobile it does require a first Party controller or a third-party mapper So with this one here in order to play This game with the controller it's got To be a PlayStation controller or an Xbox controller I'm actually really Hoping that they do add a built-in Mapper that way we don't have to install Any third-party apps or anything like That we can just map the built-in Controls to on-screen touch points so we Can play games like this but when it Comes to the performance of Call of Duty Mobile I'm at medium settings running at 60fps right now and it feels great Ether sx2 for PS2 emulation is another One we can have a lot of fun with on This device Gran Turismo 4 Vulcan back In I don't have any cycle skips going on Right now 1X resolution and it's running This game just fine and when it comes to Scaling these PS2 games on this 3×2 Display I think it turns out really

Nicely we've got those pillars on the Side but it's not as huge as something With a 16×9 aspect ratio display and we Don't need to stretch this out to kind Of fill the display up because these Were meant to be run on a 4×3 aspect Ratio screen but at three by two gives Us a little room here and I think they Look great [Applause] And so far I've tested about eight Different PS2 games it's a bit hit or Miss with the harder to emulate stuff But even something like God of War 2 Actually runs pretty decently One X Vulcan back in and uh as you can see It's really close to just sticking at a Stable 60fps So far given that I'm testing on early Firmware I'm really impressed with the Performance here when I first heard that It was using that g99 I actually got Pretty excited given the handhelds that We've seen so far on lower end chips I Know what kind of performance this can Put out it's not top of the line like a Snapdragon 888 but from my experience so Far this is on par with something like The Snapdragon 835 or 845 and I really Do like the way they've packaged this up Now of course I do have the aluminum Version which is probably going to come In with a better fit and finish than Their plastic version but if you wanted

To get out a bit cheaper you could Always go with that and when it comes to Pricing they will be doing kind of a Pre-sale or crowdfunding campaign and For the version with four gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of internal storage 179 retail on that it's going to be 199. Six gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of Storage 209 229 retail and for their Highest end model with eight gigs of RAM And 256 gigabytes of storage 239 dollars or 260 when it goes retail So far I've been having a lot of fun With the ktr1 and when it comes to Battery life I've been getting around Seven hours out of this thing with the Screen brightness at 75 percent and That's running 3D games so I'd say with 2D stuff we could stretch this to around Nine hours and I'll definitely have at Least one more video coming up once the Official firmware is ready I want to Show you all the neat little features That are planned to be built into the Firmware or the new operating system That's coming out still based on Android 12 but they should have some really Awesome stuff in there you know specific To this device but that's going to wrap It up for this first look at the ktr1 uh If there's anything else you want to see Running on this as soon as we get the Latest firmware let me know in the Comments below and I'd also like to know

Your thoughts on this device is the Price too high is the price right is This something you'd be interested in And I will be leaving some links in the Description in case you want to learn More about this or maybe pick one up but That's going to wrap it up for this one And like always thanks for watching

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