The GPD Win 4 Runs Steam Deck OS Like A PRO! An All New Handheld With The Edge We Need?

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Okay so yeah the GPD Win 4 handles Steamos 3 like a boss I mean it's just Really awesome to see the steam decks Operating system running better on this Smaller device [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at Steam OS 3 Running on the brand new GPD win 4. now If you're not familiar with this device I've done one video on it checking out Some windows performance if you're Interested in seeing how it performs in Windows I'll leave a link for that video Down below but basically what we've got Here is an x86 powered gaming handheld This is actually using the new ryzen 6800u so we've actually got a lot of Power and as you can see here we've got A beautiful six inch hips display and I've managed to install Steam OS 3 Otherwise known as Steam DAC OS it's the Same operating system but I'm using kind Of a variant called Hollow ISO basically They've taken the steam deck recovery Image and reworked it so we can install It on other systems and I gotta say it Actually performs really well on the Wind 4 and to my surprise I mean Everything here is working with steamos 3 except for the fingerprint sensor the GPD added to the win 4. and that's kind Of a given right now because steamos

Doesn't offer an option for a Fingerprint sensor it would be pretty Cool to have a login like that like we Do with Windows on the Win 4 but right Now it's just not implemented in the OS But we've got everything up and running Here with no modifications to the Operating system Wi-Fi Bluetooth the Built-in controls the keyboard and even The optical trackpad on the Win 4 are Working in Steam DAC OS and it's a Really pleasant experience to use it on This handheld volume control and when it Comes to the speakers and the Win 4 These are some of the best that I've Heard in a handheld I mentioned that in My first video but it's really hard to Ignore these things are super clean very Loud we've got that qwerty keyboard here Everything's working I mean the Operating system detects it as a regular Keyboard like I mentioned we've got that Optical trackpad right here and this is Something I've been getting used to it Works out really well in Windows and it Fully works here with Steam OS we've Also got touch screen functionality and Obviously the built-in controls and Buttons are working here and one of the Cool things about the GPD Win 4 is we Have a dedicated menu button which is Kind kind of mapped as an Xbox home Button so we can actually bring up the Menu and the performance overlay really

Easily in this operating system on the Win 4. now before we get into testing Here I wanted to give you a quick Rundown on the specs because this might Be the first time some of you are seeing This but when it comes to the CPU or Rather in this unit the Apu we've got The AMD ryzen 7 6800u 8 cores 16 threads And we've got a clock up to 4.7 Gigahertz this is utilizing the Radeon 680m igpu we've got 12 compute units It's based on our dna2 and we've got a Clock up to 2200 megahertz you can opt To pick this up in a couple different Storage and RAM variants 16 gigabytes to 32 gigabytes of LP ddr5 Ram running at 6 400 megahertz this one here is the 32 Gigabyte model you can also opt for a One or a two terabyte m.2 SSD right out Of the box we've got that six inch hips Display with a resolution of 1080p it's Got an aspect ratio of 16×9 and it Actually fully supports supports a few Different refresh rates so we don't have To do any kind of modifications or Anything like that we can go to 40 Hertz 60 or at 1080p we can go to 75 Hertz but 40 and 60 will work at any resolution And this is using a 45.62 watt hour Battery with 65 watt fast charging Capabilities now there's a lot more to This handheld if you're interested in Checking out the full specs I'll leave a Link to their website and Indiegogo in

The description but let's go ahead and Check out steamos 3 on the GPD win 4. Alright so check it out this little menu Button over here comes in really handy We can head right into settings just by Pressing this once or if we press it and A at the same time it'll bring up our Performance menu we can actually turn on Our overlay if we want to and we do have System wide FSR the only thing from this Menu here that won't work with the GPD Win 4 right now is the TDP control and Unfortunately at the time of making this Video we don't have an easy to use Third-party application in the past we Were able to use an application called Crankshaft and then from from there we Could install handheld power tools which Was really great because we could change The TDP on the Fly and we could actually Turn off multi-threading and even CPU Boost which really helps out with Battery life but with the latest updates Of steam crankshaft no longer works and The developer is working on a way to get This up and running with something like Decki so at the time of making this Video the easiest way to control the TDP In Linux is actually from the BIOS on The win 4. and right now I'm at 15 watts And in this video we will be testing a Few games at 15 we're also going to go Down to seven for an indie game and then We're going to take it up to 28. that's

What GPD and a lot of these Manufacturers consider gaming mode on The 6800u All right so first up we've got Doom Eternal 720p low and I've got the TDP Set at 15 watts we can get up there in The 80 FPS range here and you know when It comes to a handheld locking it at 60 Is the way to go for battery life but I Kept this one unlocked and it's doing a Great job at 15 watts but if you're Familiar with these new ryzen 6000 chips You know they love a little more than 15 Watts and it really comes down to having Four more cores than the steam deck and A higher clocked igpu so uh you know Taking this up will increase performance But I wanted to keep it right there and Here's Left 4 Dead 2. now with this at 15 watts we can run it maxed out at 1080P and we've got a 1080p display here So it does work really well but uh in Order to kind of keep that power down And save battery we're gonna go ahead And lock this at 60 and it's going to Run it like this all day at 1080p maxed Out I mean it's an older Source game It's going to run all of these just fine And when it comes to 2D games and indie Games I mean we can take this down to Seven Watts here's Shredder's revenge And we can run this at 60fps and we Could probably even go down to 5 Watts With a game like this and you know with

This setup at 15 watts we're going to Get around the same battery life that The SteamVac does but this does have a Lot more to offer and it's going to come At a cost of battery life because uh Like I mentioned this ryzen 760 800u Does like a little more wattage so I Just went ahead and took it up to 28 Watts from the BIOS and of course we're Going to get a lot less battery life Going uh up to 28 from 15 but here's the Witcher 3 and by the way this is the Latest update and they have implemented FSR in the game itself so we should Actually see a really nice jump in Performance on the real steam Deck with This game I've actually got it Installing right now and I can't wait to Test it out but as you can see it does Perform quite well on the GPD Win 4 at That 28 watt TDP now we could take these Settings down at 15 and still get a nice Little 60 out of it but I wanted to go Up with the wattage next up I've got Spider-Man Miles Morales and with this I've actually locked it at 40 Hertz Remember we've got got that 40 and 60 Hertz display here so it actually does Perform really well and I don't have FSR On right now and we're at a medium-high Mix so at 28 Watts we can get a much Cleaner picture out of this game and I'll tell you what this Apu can run this Game at 60fps but we need to go up to

Around 35 watts and even then we're Going to be at low settings with FSR set To Performance One of my favorite racing games still We've got project cars 2 and we're Getting over 100 FPS medium settings 720p this is one of those games I would Usually just lock down at 60 and I Probably just should have taken this up To 1080 and lock it at 60. it will run Like that quite well at 28 Watts on the GPD win 4. And finally here we've got cyberpunk 2077 we're at 720p low settings and We've got FSR set to balance we can Actually get over 60 this average 71 FPS With all of the new updates that project CD Red has put out for this I mean this Does perform really well on these apus Now So overall steamos 3 does run really Well on the GPD Win 4 and you know in Order to get better performance than the Steam deck we just have to put a little More wattage to it but we can kind of Match the performance at 15 watts with This unit right now and in the end I Mean it's totally usable but in the Future we will see more optimizations For steamos 3 when it comes to the 6800u On basically any handheld or laptop with This chipset but personally I'm just Super happy to see that everything on The Win 4 out of the box is working with

Steam OS right now it's just a matter of Time before we get the tools we need to Get those optimizations set up with These power profiles and this Apu with This operating system and with those Tools even at 15 watts we can see a nice Boost in performance on the 6800u Because basically what's happening here Is you know it's kind of a power Struggle between the CPU side of things And the igpu side of things we've got Eight Zen 3 plus cores and that 680m Igpu fighting for 15 watts and there's Really just not enough there for the Clocks that they want to go up to so With some optimizations or even just the Third party application we can set the Clock on the igpu we can set the clocks On the CPU or even tell the CPU not to Use for the course we can go ahead and Park those and in turn it won't be such A power struggle at 15 watts but yeah I Mean definitely taking the wattage up on The 6800 you really does kind of liven It up but we've also got battery to Worry about But that's going to wrap it up for this One I really appreciate you watching if You're interested in learning more about The GPD Win 4 I'll leave some links in The description you can actually go over To the Indiegogo right now and back this And who knows I mean by the time this Releases to the public we'll have those

Optimizations we've been talking about With Steam OS I will have a couple more Videos coming up with this handheld We're going to do some egpu testing and A full emulation video so if you're Interested in seeing something like that It'd be really cool if you could hit That subscribe button and maybe turn on Notifications so you know when I post The next one but that's it for this one Like always thanks for watching

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