The GPD Win 4 Emulates It All! An Incredibly Powerful Emulation Machine

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I mean the GPD Win 4 is really like Having a portable PS3 we've got enough Power here with that ryzen chip and the Form factor is amazing [Music] What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at the emulation Performance of the all-new GPD win 4. so I've done a couple videos on this we Actually ran Steam OS or steam deck OS In my last video and in my initial first Look video we were running Windows and Tested out a bunch of PC games but since Then I've had a lot of you asking about Emulation and of course I definitely Wanted to make a video myself so that's Exactly what we're going to be doing With this one if you're interested in Checking out those other videos I'll Leave some links in the description and We will go over the GPD win just a bit Before we get into emulation because I Know some of you might not be familiar With it but before we go any further I Do want to mention that this video is Brought to you by urcd Keys I've Actually been using this site for a Couple years now they do offer steam Keys origin you played they even offer Microsoft applications like office but The main reason that I use urcd Keys is For their Windows keys right now they're Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 sense

But if you use code ETA at checkout you Can get 25 off and another great thing About buying from here is they do accept Paypal I just did this build here I need To activate Windows I'm going to head Over to my updates and security we're Going to go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it They'll email your code once your Payment is processed and that's Basically it if you're interested in Picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for Your new pc builds I'll leave a link in The description so when it comes to the GPD Win 4 the design here is obviously Really reminiscent of the PSP with some Vita tones but we've got a lot more Power here because this is actually Using the ryzen 7 6800u 8 cores 16 Threads and a boost up to 4.7 gigahertz But what makes this chip great are the Built-in Graphics we've got the new Radeon 680m igpu 12 compute units it's Based on rdna2 and we've got a clock up To 2200 megahertz the wind 4 also Utilizes LP ddr5 Ram running at 6 400 Megahertz we've got a beautiful 6 inch Hips display at 1080p it's got an aspect

Ratio of 16×9 and from the operating System we can actually set this to a few Different refresh rates the screen Itself 40 Hertz 60 and at 1080p we can Actually go up to 75 Hertz and the sound On this thing is awesome it's using Double AC super linear dual speakers Here they're front facing and this thing Gets really loud and it's super clean Now obviously there's a lot more to this Handheld so I will leave some links in The description if you want to learn More but let's go ahead and jump right Into it and first up we've got some PSP Emulation using PPSSPP now with this I'm At 4X resolution but with a lot of the Easier to run stuff we can even go up to 10 so if you did want to connect this to Let's say a 4K display you could emulate Your PSP games at 4K On screen now I've got afterburner Running and you can see we're pulling You know seven to eight Watts with this Game here at 4X but you know when we Take it up to a harder to emulate game Like chains of Olympus at 4X using the DirectX 11 back in does jump up there to Close to 13 Watts now if we drop the Resolution down which would still look Great on this hips display let's say 2x We could get around 8 watts with this One and get better battery life out of It but I wanted to upscale a bit more Here and as you can see the game plays

Absolutely amazingly so you're not going To have any issues with PSP emulation on This device Next up we've got some original Xbox Simulation using cxbx reloaded I tested Jet Set and I also tested doa3 but the One I wanted to show off here was Panzer Dragoon now this is a harder one to Emulate especially on these ryzen apus I've actually got the 6800u set at 18 Watts and we're not quite pulling it With this one I mean we're getting close 16 to 17 so just know I mean with these Original Xbox games some of them will Need to go over 15 watts I've got Rogue Squadron 2 running here DirectX 11 back end 1080P and I'm only At 15 watts now even at 1080p with some Easier to emulate stuff it only pulls Around 8 watts but you know on this Display here even though it is 1080 I'd Say 720 still looks absolutely amazing And that's going to give you a maximum Battery life if you don't want to go Down to Native but yeah kind of just Like PSP I mean as long as the game's Compatible with the emulator GameCube And Wii games are going to run great on This system something like f-zero GX on The hardest to run track known as fire Field did pull around 18 Watts at 1080p But we can do under 15 at 720. And of course you know given the form Factor and the look of the Win 4 we had

To test out a lot of PlayStation here It's really given off that PSP Vibe if You ask me and PS2 games run amazing on The 6800 view here's Ratchet and Clank DirectX 11 back in now you could go with Their new development build or their Nightly build and use the Vulcan back End but I've always had really good luck With DirectX 11 and to keep it under 15 Watts with ratchet and plank 720p is Kind of a sweet spot but moving over to Something like Gran Turismo 4 we can do 15 watts even at 1080P and I think it Looks great on this display I really do Like this design here it definitely Makes for a really awesome portable PS2 System Here's the simu emulator for some Wii U We've got Bayonetta 2 Vulcan back in I Am using async shaders and we're at 1080p here and I've got it set at 15 Watts if you take a look at after Burning here running great 60fps 1080p With this game but not every single game Is going to be able to do 1080p 60 at 15 Watts you're either gonna have to take That TDP up so we can get a little more Out of the CPU and GPU or you could just Drop these games down to 720 like breath Of the wild so here it is at 15 watts 30 FPS the original frame rate 720p plays Just fine here now it will run at 60fps 720 at about 22 Watts but if you want to Save that battery life and still have a

Great time 15 watts 720P 30fps Next on the list we've got some Xbox 360 Using Zinnia now this is the canary belt That you can pick up from their GitHub Forza 2 with vsync on running at 60 and I did have to take it up to 26 watts to Get full speed out of this game now with Vsync off this will actually run at About 90 FPS and it's pretty awesome Seeing these 360 games running a Handheld like this And even something like Red Dead Redemption is playable on this handheld At around 26 Watts we never really got a True Port of this to PC and I wish they Would go back and do it but again we've Got vsync on here unfortunately the 6800u even at 35 watts is hard pressed To run this at a constant 60 so leaving Vsync on is definitely the way to go but It is playable A couple months back AMD released some New Radeon drivers and since then They've really been implemented in all Of the new updates and we got a really Good performance boost when it comes to Opengl on these apus so now when it Comes to 3DS emulation using Citra we Can go up to 2X and even 3x depending on The game at the beginning of 2022 we Were hard-pressed to run this on an APU Even at 1X resolution and it really came Down to the fact that this only uses the Opengl back in and we didn't have great

Support at least in Windows but now with These newer Radeon drivers we're getting Awesome performance now it's time to Check out some PS3 emulation using rpcs3 Demon Souls we're at 720p Vulcan back in And if you take a look at afterburner We're only at 15 watts and I'll tell you There are a lot of games that are going To run really well at 15 watts but as we Already know there are harder to emulate Games that just need a little more and In order to get more out of the 6800u we Will have to up that wattage which is Going to affect battery life but we can Get a nice boost in performance to play Harder to emulate games like skate 3. I've just taken the Apu on the Win 4 up To 25 watts here and yeah I mean it's Actually working really well but there Were a few areas where it did dip down Into the mid 50s at 25 watts so you Might end up just wanting to go to the 28 watt TDP which is what all of these Manufacturers are kind of considering Gaming mode on the 6800u And finally at least for this video We've got some switch emulation using Yuzu doc mode Vulcan back in 18 Watts With this game so yeah it actually does Perform really well I was kind of Expecting to have to go up a little more Here given that we're in dock mode at 1080P and of course with other games you Will have to go up a little more with

That TVP and Doc mode here's Odyssey I'm Set at 26 watts and this is one of those Games that does require just a little More to run in handheld mode which is Going to lower the resolution we don't Have to pull that 25 watts out of this Apu with this game So overall the GPD Win 4 does an amazing Job with emulation it can basically do Anything we want to throw at it it's Just a matter of getting that TDP right And in order to adjust it you can Actually do it directly from the BIOS or You could use a third-party app it's Really up to you but when it comes down To it I've been loving the GPD win for Form factor here is great screen is Beautiful and it's got amazing sound I Know it's one of the smaller handhelds Out there coming in with a six inch Display but I think GPD has done a Bang-up job putting this thing together But if you're interested in learning More about the Win 4 or you've been Thinking about backing the Indiegogo I'll leave those links in the Description and like I mentioned I've Got a couple videos already posted my First look video consists of just kind Of a whole overview of the unit we did Some Windows PC game testing and the Other video I posted we had steam deck OS running on this so Linux gaming is Also possible on the GPD win 4. but

That's gonna wrap it up for this video Let me know what you think about this Thing in the comments below and you know If you're interested in seeing more make Sure you hit that subscribe button and Think about turning notifications on so You know when I post the next one this Does support an egpu and that's Definitely a video I wanted to get out Of the way if you have any questions or You want to see anything else running on This unit let me know down below and Like always thanks for watching

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