The Fastest Low Profile GPU With The Power You Need! RTX A2000 Hands-On

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Yeah when it comes to small form factor Builds this is definitely the low Profile GPU I'm going to be going with For now I mean this performance is Amazing Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the most powerful Low profile GPU on the market right now These have been out for a little while And I've been wanting to get my hands on One but the prices kind of stopped me Until now so uh basically a lot of these Have been popping up on eBay and Amazon For a decent deal given the performance That this thing's put now and when it Comes down to it if you're a regular Viewer of the channel you know I love my Small form factor builds and usually I Would recommend something like a GTX 1650 great card it's dual slot low Profile design and you know if you had To go with the single slot you could go With like a GT 1030 that's going to be a Lot less power or even the new Radeon RX 6400 now we've got a lot to test in this Video but before we get into it I do Want to mention that this video is Brought to you by urcd Keys I've Actually been using this site for a Couple years now they do offer steam Keys origin you played they even offer Microsoft applications like office but The main reason that I use urcd key is

For their Windows keys right now their Windows 10 Pro OEM key is 19.84 cents But if you use code ETA at checkout you Can get 25 off and another great thing About buying from here is they do accept Paypal I just did this build here I need To activate Windows I'm going to head Over to my updates and security we're Going to go to activation As you can see I've got Windows 10 Pro But it's not activated so I'm going to Change product key I'm going to paste it in here choose Next choose activate and windows is now Activated we're ready to go my warning Is totally gone and basically that's it So email your code once your payment is Processed and that's basically it if You're interested in picking up cheap Windows 10 keys for your new pc builds I'll leave a link in the description This is the RTX A2000 and it's a PNY Variant doesn't require any extra power It's got a TDP of 70 watts and it's on Par with something like the RTX 3050 at The stock clocks but we can do a bit of Overclocking to this to unlock a lot More performance out of this small car Now when it comes to pricing it's Actually pretty decent when you're Talking about a refurb model taking a Look at the GTX 1650 low profiles right Now anywhere from 249 up to 350 dollars But a refurbed A2000 on Amazon and eBay

249 dollars this is the exact one that I Picked up but there are a few things to Note here it is a refurbished card I've Done a lot of stress testing with the One I got and I haven't run into any Issues I've also done some overclocking With it haven't had it shut down Overheat or anything like that it's Actually in really good condition but a Lot of these do not come with a low Profile bracket so you have to buy that Separately and you can pick it up on EBay for six to twelve dollars I've got One on the way and I will have a full Small form factor build with this card Coming up soon so keep an eye on the Channel but in this video I wanted to Show you what kind of performance this Thing can put out the one I picked up on Amazon did come with these four mini Display port to full size display port Adapters these are the Locking style From Nvidia and you'll definitely need Them because we only have mini display Ports out on this thing and you know Creating a modified bracket from one you Already have might be a bit of a pain so You probably just want to order a low Profile bracket from Ebay that fits this Right out of the box We're working with the same form factors The GTX 1650 so if you've already got a Build that you wanted to do a bit of an Upgrade on then this would fit right in

There with the correct bracket and it Only pulls 70 Watts no extra power is Required for this car and it draws it All from the pcie slot so we've got the RTX A2000 3328 Cuda cores 104 3rd gen tensor cores 26 second gen RT cores and six gigabytes Of gddr6 vram now I've seen 12 gigabyte Models floating around but those are Going to be a bit more expensive even if You wanted to pick one up refurbished But six works out really well and when It comes to core clocks on the official Website it states that 1200 megahertz is The Boost clock but I've seen this Fluctuate between 12 and 1500 megahertz Like I mentioned I will have a small Form factor build video coming up soon Using this card I'm just waiting on that Bracket to come in but uh for this video We're going to go ahead and test this in One of my newer PCS I built this has an I5 13600k we've got 32 gigabytes of RAM And we don't have to worry about any Kind of CPU bottleneck with this GPU We're going to see exactly what can be Done with this thing right now and uh Real quick here it is 13600k we've got a 32 gigabytes of ddr5 running at 6 400 Megahertz and of course we've got the RTX A2000 now when it comes to the Driver you can download the quadro Driver but that's not really made for Gaming so what I did was just download

The RTX driver something that would go Along with let's say the RTX 3050 and it Does work here detects it as the A2000 And again I wanted to talk about these Core clocks because it was a bit all Over the place now on the website it States that 1200 megahertz is the Boost Clock on this card but I've seen it Fluctuate between 1200 and around 1500 a Little over 1500 in game it's got a Maximum TDP of 70 watts and Unfortunately we can't change that TDP At all there's no third-party Application I've been able to find to go Up a little more to get a bit more out Of it but we can statically overclock The core clock by about 400 megahertz Which really unlocks the performance With the A2000 but in this video I kind Of wanted to see what it would do with Just the stock curve it's got here for Those core clocks so we're not going to Do any overclocking while gaming but now I want to jump right into some gameplay To show you what this thing can do and First up we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales okay so with this setup here We're at 1080p very high settings then Dlss set to Quality remember we're on The stock clocks with this GPU but with A 300 megahertz overclock on the A2000 We can actually run this with no dlss High settings at an average of around 71 FPS but personally I still think it

Looks just as good with that dlss set to Quality and this game is fully playable On the A2000 I mean we're getting some Really great performance given the form Factor and power of this car Dinner mom The next thing I wanted to take a look At were some GPU benchmarks so here we Have 3dmark night raid coming in with a Total score of 50 781 fire strike Managed to fifteen thousand five hundred And forty one and finally we have time Spy here with the 6674. now these were all at the stock Clocks but I did a little bit of Overclocking with the A2000 and in time Spy with just the 300 megahertz Overclock we were able to score 7500 with this card here I've taken a Look online and I've seen some people Manage to overclock this by about 500 Megahertz on the core which is going to Really up that performance but I'd say a Conservative overclock 300 megahertz we Don't have to worry about a fan curve or Anything like that does work out really Well on the A2000 I always like to throw at least one Fighting game in here and with this After I did the overclock it didn't Reset itself so I had to reboot the Whole system but we're overclocked right Now at 1440p totally maxed out from the Settings and we can run this game at

Full speed I mean we're not having an Issue whatsoever with Injustice 2. but Uh like I said I'm Gonna Save all of This overclocking for my next video so We're gonna bring it back down to the Stop clocks and we've got cyberpunk 2077. This is definitely exceeding my Expectations 1080p High settings with Dlss set to balance and I probably Should have just set dlss at quality Because we definitely get over 60 with It but with it set up like this we got An average of 86 FPS And in my next video I definitely want To do some 1440p testing I know it's not Going to run it you know Max settings or High settings on a lot of these newer AAA games but I think we could get away With medium settings on some of this Stuff at 1440p with the a2000. It's been a while since I've tested dirt 5 and this one is always given lower end Systems a run for its money or lower end Gpus a run for its money but with the A2000 stock clocks here we're at 1080p High setting so we can get an average of Around 73 FPS not bad at all for how Hard this game is to run in the first Place Next on the list we've got God of War 1080p High settings dlss set to Quality We can get an average of 68 FPS so maybe Taking dlss down to balanced you know if

You want a little more out of it would Work out or with a lot of this stuff Locking it right at 60 is probably the Way to go and with a little bit of an Overclock I think we can get rid of dlss On a lot of these games that we've Tested I also wanted to test out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and this little card is Definitely Trucking along with this one We're at the recommended settings so Once you boot the game up it's going to Ask you if you wanted to go with Recommended I just chose yes and with it Set up like this we got an average of 131 FPS a low of 92 and it did turn dlss To balanced but I still think it looks Great and this is some awesome Performance coming out of this small Form factor card Here's the Witcher 3 I know it's an Older game but it's still super fun to Play and we recently got an awesome Update we're using the DirectX 12 back In we've got a lot of new settings that We can mess around with like dlss it's Set to Quality right now and high Settings 1440p perfectly playable And the final game only to test here was Elden ring we're at 1080p High settings Unfortunately we don't have any dlss That we can mess around with but if you Take a look at the core clocks on the A2000 they're jumping up to close to

1600 megahertz here with this one Foreign So I've still got some testing that I Want to do with the A2000 in a smaller Form factor build but as it sits right Now this thing is putting out some Amazing performance for its size and TDP Coming in at 70 Watts we don't need any Extra power I think this is an awesome Card especially if you can pick it up For 249 which is kind of the going price For these used cards right now really Wish it was single slot but I don't Think we're going to see this kind of Performance for a little while when it Comes to a single slot card but this Will definitely get us by with a small Form factor build and we can go super Tiny with it now and have some great Performance but that's going to wrap it Up for this video I really appreciate You watching if you're interested in Learning more maybe pick one of these up I'll leave a couple links in the Description and if you want to see a Mini PC built with this card here make Sure you hit that subscribe button and Think about turning notifications on so You know when I post the next one but That's it for this one like always Thanks for watching

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