The F11 Edge Is An All New Powerful Mini PC With Dedicated Nvidia Graphics! First Look

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To tell you the truth I actually wasn't Expecting this kind of performance out Of this little mini PC now God of War is A newer AAA game that's definitely hard To run on these lower end PCS but as you Can see this little thing is Trucking Along What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at a really interesting Mini PC that I recently picked up on AliExpress now I always do searches Every other month for new Mini PCS Hitting the market and this one Definitely popped up on my radar and I Knew I had to get it this is known as The f11 Edge and I picked this up on AliExpress from a company called ton top And they do sell a bunch of different Mini PCS but I don't think they're the Original manufacturer of this because I Have seen other sellers with this same Listing but we do have some pretty Interesting specs when it comes to these Mini pecs because we've actually got a Dedicated Nvidia GPU in here it'll also Support a 5G connection with the correct Module and given the form factor we've Actually got a lot of i o here and we Could add more down the road due to the Motherboard layout now inside of the Box Obviously we're going to get the mini PC We also get some rubber feet for the Standoffs some extra Hardware to mount a

2.5 inch drive along with the cabling And mounting bracket plus we've got a Vase amount and a 90 watt power supply Before we go over the specs and jump Into some testing I wanted to give you a Quick look at the internals here they do Offer a few different variants of this I Picked up the Bare Bones model so I did Have to add my own storage and RAM but You can pick this up to 64 gigabytes of RAM and I think two terabytes of storage But in here we've got a nice little Layout it supports ddr4 sodium Ram up to 3200 megahertz it's got two m.2 slots Plus we can add that 2.5 inch drive with All of that mounting hardware and Cabling that they sent along with it It's got an odd little uh cooler layout And that's because it's actually cooling The CPU and the dedicated GPU that's on The board this is actually using an Nvidia GeForce mx450 and it's the 30.5 Watt version so it's the most powerful Version that they released and I believe It clocks up to around 1850 megahertz Now it's not the most powerful dedicated GPU on the market but we should be able To get some gaming out of the way and When you compare this GPU to something Like the Radeon 680m igpu it does beat It out in a lot of games and even in Benchmark but uh you know with those six ADM Graphics they are paired up with a More powerful CPU given that the ryzen

6800u 6800h and even 6900 Ajax is an 8 Core 16 thread part but with the f11 Mini PC here we've got four cores and Eight threads now when it comes to IO up Front we've got two full-size USB 2.0 Ports and from the motherboard we could Actually add four more USB 2.0 ports We've got enough headers we just don't Have enough room on the case moving Around back we've got our power input Gigabit Ethernet four more full-size USB 2.0 ports we've also got two full-size USB 3.0 ports two full-size HDMI ports We've also got audio in and out and USB Type c and this port here is where it Gets a little weird because in every Listing that I've seen for this f11 Mini PC it states that this is a thunderbolt 4 Port but for the life of me I cannot Get it to work as a thunderbolt Port it Does work as a full functional USB 3.2 Port we can do display out but Unfortunately I just don't think that This really does support Thunderbolt or Usb4 and for me I think that's a big let Down because I did want to test out an E-gpu with this but when it comes to the Specs for the CPU we've got the Intel i7 11378 four cores eight threads and this Was before they did the performance and Efficiency cores with the 12th and 13th Gen base clock of 3 gigahertz and a Turbo up to 4.8 we've also got built-in Intel Iris XE Graphics that 30 watt

Nvidia GeForce mx450 with two gigabytes Of dedicated gddr5 vram this will Support up to 64 gigabytes of ddr4 at 3200 megahertz we've got room for two M.2 drives one 2.5 inch Drive I've added Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 module and I'm Going to be running Windows 11 Pro and So far it's actually been a pretty Snappy little system I mean we've got Four cores and eight threads here on That 11th gen i7 Intel CPU we can change The TDP from the pi if you wanted to out Of the box it set at around 45 Watts Taking it up just a bit more does help Out with those boost clocks but I'd say The most interesting thing here is that Nvidia mx450 now you'll see laptops on The market for around 850 dollars paired Up with this same CPU and same GPU combo I think Dell Lenovo did it I actually Reviewed an Asus with a lower end mx450 I think it was their 25 watt version and In that little laptop it was paired up With the ryzen 5 500u performance wasn't Bad and with that mx450 it did Outperform Vega Graphics but you know Now that we've got ryzen 6000 in these Mini PCS that's really what it's going To be compared to and I can tell you Right now that in certain games this Mx450 does outperform the 680m and in Terms of using this as an everyday Desktop it would work out great you Could definitely get some 1080p video

Editing out of the way on this 4K video Playback's great and by the way we've Got a 4K 60 HDR video right here this is Using the built-in Intel Iris XC Graphics we don't even have to touch the Dedicated Nvidia card to do 4K at 60 With this machine I will move over my game capture in just A second so we can get a better look at This but I wanted to test out a couple Games here and show you what's going on And performance here is actually way Better than I thought it was going to be Forza Horizon 5 1080p medium settings With ssao off I usually like turning This off with lower end gpus and igpus We can get an average of 75 FPS out of This game with it set up like this and If you take a look at afterburner you Can see that our GPU clocks are at 1900 Megahertz so we do have a little bit of Boost and the only other time I've ever Tested the mx450 is in a laptop and I Believe it was the lower wattage version But we've got the 30 watt version here And since we're not confined by you know Those power limits of a laptop and heat Constraints I think this is kind of Stretching its legs a little bit now It's still far from a high-end GPU but With games like this it's actually Performing really well moving over to God of War 720p original settings and FSR set to balanced I know we're not on

An AMD platform but it's just basically Resolution scaling but usually when I'm Testing this out on let's say Radeon Integrated Graphics I turn FSR to Performance and with its setup app Performance we can get an average of Around 79 FPS out of God of War for a Mini PC I think this thing's doing a Great job like it sits but you know There are other games that we need to Test and I also want to run some Benchmarks on this system so the first One is geekbench 5 and you got to Remember we've only got four cores and Eight threads but single core is looking Great coming in with a 1420 multi does Leave a bit to be desired you know given That we've been testing out eight core 16 thread CPUs for a while now but it Did come in with a 5482. moving over to some GPU benchmarks With 3D Mark we've got Knight raid Coming in with a total score of 23 670 and when I run this on let's say the 6800u at about 35 Watts we get a 26 032 Now the GPU on this mx450 was beaten out That 680m but uh the CPU with that 6800u Just has more oomph to it I mean we've Got those extra cores and newer Architecture checking out fire strike we Got a total score of 5 380 on the 680m 6470 and the graphics are now beaten out The mx450 and finally we've got time spy 2 585 on the 680m at about 35 Watts

2731. so when it comes to synthetic Benchmarks the 6800u with those built-in Radeon 680m graphics is beating this Whole little system out but let's get Into some real world gaming and see what Happens here and first up we've got the Witcher 3 1080p low settings and by the Way this is the new DirectX 12 version We are using Dynamic resolution scale I Think it is scaling it down to around 720p but it's very playable like this And we've got it set at 75 FPS Right Next up Injustice 2 had to throw one Fighting game in here 1080p medium Settings and going into this I didn't Think we'd have an issue with it to tell You the truth I'm pretty sure we'd be Able to take a lot of these settings up To high 1080p I just left it at medium And we're not having an issue running This whatsoever so overall this little System is going to handle these fighting Games quite well Street Fighter 5 Mortal Kombat 11 and we can go up to 1080 with It You probably saw this one coming but we Definitely had to test it out GTA 5 1080p normal settings we can get an Average of around 84 FPS out of this I Know it's an older game but it's still a Lot of fun to play and we could probably Take some of the settings up to high Here I just left it at normal to see

What it would do and we get an average Of 84 which is definitely playable on a Little system like this Here's cyberpunk 2077 and when it comes To these lower end gpus we definitely Have to drop some of these settings down And the resolution we're at 720p low Settings and we're getting an average of 69 FPS out of this we can run this at 1080 but you're going to have to lock it At 30 to 35 FPS I figured we'd get a little better Performance out of Doom Eternal but Unfortunately I did have to drop this Down to 720p no Dynamic resolution scale We're at low settings but I was hoping We could do 60 FPS at 1080p with this Unfortunately we'll only get an average Of around 54 at 1080. I also wanted to test out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. unfortunately I muted The unit while it was playing so I Didn't record the sound but uh we're at 720p balance preset with Nvidia scaling It was able to be turned on from the Settings here we got an average of 91 FPS a low of 54 and when it comes to That Nvidia scaling it was set to Performance And finally we've got Spider-Man Miles Morales now I was pretty impressed by This but uh unfortunately we do have to Lock this at 60 with Dynamic resolution Scale set to 60. if we try to overrun

This little GPU and CPU combo this kind Of falls on its face we only get an Average of around 54 but with vsync on We can get a constant 60 out of this Game at 720p low settings Another thing I wanted to take a look at Here was total system power consumption Now remember this comes with a 90 watt Power supply and I think we could use at Least a 120 with this at idle this thing Pulls 16 Watts average gaming 74 watts And this is at the stock TDP we can Still take this up a bit on the GPU and CPU and the maximum that I could get This to pull was 88 Watts from the wall So with a little bit of overclocking or Some TDP adjustment on that CPU we will Need a larger power supply and I think 120 would be perfect for a little system Like this Another thing I was worried about with This Mini PC were CPU temps given that The GPU and the CPU are cooled by that Same system inside of the box but at Idle we averaged 38 degrees Celsius Gaming 78 degrees Celsius and within Four minutes of running cinebench this Did hit thermal throttle at 91 degrees Celsius but you know under everyday Normal use I didn't hit thermal Throttling and even gaming was great Given that we had that average of around 78 degrees Celsius so far it's turning Out to be a pretty capable little system

Now one thing that really disappointed Me was the fact that they do advertise This with Thunderbolt 4 but I cannot get That port to work as Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4. might be a driver Conflict but the way it looks right now I don't think it's running at those Thunderbolt speeds I think it's only USBC 3.2 now if anything changes like I Find a way to get this to work as Thunderbolt I will post it in my Community section but I am planning on Doing at least one more video with this I want to do some mx450 overclocking and I can do some TDP adjustment on that 11th gen i7 I know we can get better Performance out of the CPU and GPU but I Also have to take a look at the CPU Cooler here or the CPU GPU cooler if I Was to up the wattage on that CPU I'd Probably want to repaste this thing I Mean I'm just using it Factory spec Right now but putting some knock to it Might help out and we can also adjust The fan curve from the BIOS which will Make it a bit louder and the way it's Set up right now it's actually not bad You can hear it but it's not like a jet Engine it's not like some of the other Mini PCS that we've taken a look at on The channel and I might have to you know Up that fan speed to keep it cooler Taking the TDP up to let's say 65 Watts On this CPU and overclocking that GPU by

You know 100 150 megahertz but that's Going to wrap it up for my first look Video at the f11 I'd like to know your Thoughts about this little mini PC in The comments Below in the end I would Probably still go with the 6800h or an HX Mini PC with usb4 that way we could Connect an egpu they're really not that Far off but when we're talking about I O This thing is loaded down and there's Actually more that we can add from this Motherboard in here but yeah I'd like to Know what you think about this little Thing down below and if you're Interested in learning more I will leave Some links in the description but that's Going to wrap it up for this one like Always thanks for watching

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