The Best Steam Case Is Back! Now With 100% Fewer Magnets! Kill Switch Hands-On

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at dbrand's kill Switch case for the steam deck now you Might be familiar with this and we've Actually taken a look at it on the Channel before but that was kind of Version one that used magnets in the Rear and if you're familiar with the Kill switch you know they did run into a Few issues with those magnets basically This is how it goes at the time they Were initially going to release the kill Switch with the magnetic kickstand and Down the road they were going to offer Some other magnetic accessories they Found out it affected the fan speed in Certain steam deck models that used a Certain fan now I was able to use it With no issues whatsoever on my original Steam deck but I did test it on a newer Steam deck I got and sure enough you Could actually hear the fan slow down Once you put it on and I'm going to tell You right now I've got a lot of use out Of this case it's been great I've got Kids and they dropped this thing all Over the place this the one that has the Magnet in the rear we've got that travel Cover so it does cover up those analog Sticks you're not going to mess those up And I'll tell you I will miss this Magnet system now I can still use it on

This older steam deck if I ever need to Swap this fan out I probably won't be Able to find the fan that's not affected But they've come up with a new design And I've actually got it here along with A couple other accessories that they're Going to be offering like the dock Adapter now this was specifically Designed for valve's first party steam Deck dock but I've actually had this Work with other ones and I'll show you That in a second comes with a USB type-c Extension and we've got this little Cradle here so the steam deck when it's In the kill switch case will sit right In here and this will sit inside of the Dock unfortunately I don't have the First party valve dock but I do have a Couple other ones like one of my Favorites here the jsox m.2 dot this Actually supports an m.2 Drive which Does come in really handy in dock mode And yeah this uh dock adapter does work With it so this is just going to sit Right there and when your steam deck is In that kill switch case it just kind of Fits right in there not an issue docking This thing and this one actually does Fit with the the stock USB type-c cable But they've got this extension that Comes along with it Another accessory they're offering over On their website for the steam deck are Screen protectors and you know I

Completely understand you can get these On Amazon not the dbrand versions but uh There's a lot of companies out there Making them these are actually really Great they're glass screen protectors And they go on super easily but uh the Main claim to fame here for this video Is the new kill switch Now one thing I'd like to mention here Is they offer two different kits so you Can get the essential kit and they do Have some really nice skins now I Actually really like this one here or You could go with the switch deck 59.99 is going to get you the case Kickstand and skin The travel kit is going to include all Of that plus you get the stick grips and The travel cover you can also add Tempered glass right here so it's Definitely a bit more to get that travel Cover but I'm going to tell you if you Do move around a lot with this it's Definitely worth it so we've got the Full travel kit over here and uh the Skin that was included is the switch Deck skin but you know just looking at It on this paper here kind of giving off Avoid the Noid Vibes I know they were Going for that you know Nintendo switch Look and it'll probably look a lot Better once it's installed on a steam Deck and I will do that by the end of The video looks like we also get a

Microfiber cloth but the real meat and Potatoes is the case and the travel Cover So obviously this is the version with no Magnets whatsoever you don't have to Worry about it with your steam deck They've got a new locking mechanism back Here for the kickstand and they can Still add accessories but I will miss Those magnets but to tell you the truth You know if they wanted to add like a Battery pack accessory to this having a Locking mechanism would be much more Stable than a magnet and uh you know I'm A huge fan of magnets but I completely Understand where they're coming from With this so once you pull it off They've got this little coded message Here and I actually thought it was Pretty funny and they've got every right To say something like this I mean the First iteration did cause them a lot of Headaches the case itself is made out of A harder rubber it's very durable super Comfortable to hang on to and if we look Closely here there's thousands of Thousands of these microscopic ridges so It's not going to slip out of your hands And with the original one I actually Spent hours and hours playing with this Thing so you know sweaty palms and Everything like that it's not going to Be an issue and since this is the travel Kit we also get these analog stick

Covers or these analog stick caps got a Nice grip to them and they fit on there Really nicely the travel cover snaps Right on the kill switch it's not going To go anywhere once it's on here and It's made out of a hard plastic we've Also got those raised analog stick areas So if you do drop it on the front it's Not going to damage those And yeah down to the kill switch itself So like I mentioned it's got a little Bit of a flex to it the mid section on The interior is kind of like a felt so It's not going to scratch up the back of The steam DAC and uh that midsection is Also made out of kind of a harder Plastic than the outer edges And uh yeah I mean I love the material They used or just the texture they chose To use on this it feels really nice Personally I can't wait to see what kind Of accessories are released for this Thing with this new locking mechanism I Mean there's a lot of things that can be Done with this first thing that comes to Mind is kind of an external battery pack That locks right on here So I'm just gonna go for it with these Switch deck vinyls and if it doesn't Turn out to look much like a switch then I could just tell everybody I love Domino's Pizza but you know if that's The case I wish they would have sent Over kind of a Papa John's color scheme

So first thing I wanted to do is just Clean this up with some isopropyl Alcohol I've got my heat gun going right Now just to kind of dry it off and you Will need heat for these vinyls Definitely don't follow what I'm doing Here check out their full tutorial over On their website it's actually really Easy to get this installed but to do it Properly you'll need at least a hair Dryer So I'm just going to try to line this up And doing it on camera not so close Might not work out but I think I can get It I've done one of these before and I've put on two vinyls so far for these Steam decks so it might work And you know you can peel this back up And you know reapply it but getting it Down the first time is really the way to Go they do use some top-notch vinyl here So it does apply really nicely Put a little heat over here And this is actually attached to my Soldering station so I've got full Control over the temperature not going To get it too hot just kind of want to Soften this up and basically we're going To go around the top Edge and get this On So it actually came out really nicely Now it's time for that track pad and This is kind of the easiest part you Just need to line it up and place it

Right down But I'm going to go ahead and get that Other side applied and we'll see how it Turned out All right so to tell you the truth it's Definitely given off a switch Vibe here Looks a lot better than I thought it was Gonna you might notice that it's not Covering the full front and that's Because uh the kill switch itself Actually covers that area so we don't Need vinyl there anyway we're just going To slide it right down in here And now from the top we've got a little Bit of flexibility with the case push Those triggers in make sure it gets up Over there And this does fit really nice and snug I've tested a few silicone cases from my Amazon and you know some of them did Kind of slide right off this one is Definitely going to hang on and I will Tell you up at the top here where we Applied heat to that vinyl just make Sure you kind of pull the case up a Little more just make sure you get over It so it doesn't roll it off but yeah I Mean it looks great in the case Some people might not be into this look And you know I might just go ahead and Swap this out later on but for now I'll Leave it like it is they do offer Several different options so if you do End up getting one of these you've got a

Lot to choose from and just a quick Comparison between the old one and the New one basically the same case with Just a new locking mechanism and by the Way the steam deck on the bottom is my Main steam deck I've got a couple Modifications done to it like the jsox Transparent rear shell with that new Heat plate and the extended rear buttons And I didn't have any issues putting This case on it with those accessories Already installed so yeah huge fan of The kill switch I think dbrand has done A great job with this one I know it's a Bit more expensive than some of the Other cases on the market right now but In my opinion it is well worth it and You know if you're not feeling the Switch deck skin when you order this you Can just swap it out for something else Over on the website so you know if You're interested in learning more maybe Picking one up I'll leave some links in The description and if you've got any Questions let me know in the comments Below but that's it for this one and Like always thanks for watching

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