The BEST Lower Cost Tablet You Can Buy Right Now! Tab 11 Pro Gen 2 Hands-On

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Foreign Hey you what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're Going to be taking a look at a really Awesome tablet now I will tell you that This isn't going to break the bank and It's putting out some amazing Performance for what you're going to pay Here this is the Lenovo tab P11 Pro gen 2. keep that in mind because uh when you Compare it to gen 1 this is offering a Giant leap in performance and given the Price tag here this is one of the best Deals on the market right now when You're looking at Android tablets Considering the price of some of the Higher end stuff on the market we've got An 11.2 inch 120 hertz OLED display quad Speakers and a really powerful eight Core CPU And first things first this display is Absolutely beautiful coming in with a 2.5 k resolution so right there over 2K Wide Vine level one so we can get HD Netflix and all of our favorite Streaming apps we've also got enough Power to play any Android game on the Market right now it'll even emulate PS2 GameCube and Wii games so taking a look Around the tablet down here in the Bottom we've got USB type c for charging Up the unit plus it supports display out This has a desktop mode built in and That's something I really look for when

I'm checking out newer Android devices Personally love using these with a Larger display as kind of a desktop Replacement over here on this side we've Got our volume rocker and moving around Top you see we've got two more speakers Quad speakers built in here with Dolby Atmos plus it supports an SD card I've Gone up to one terabyte with this unit With no issues whatsoever Taking a look at the specs initially I Was a little skeptical about this new SOC it's the mediatek companion 1300t It's an 8 core arm SOC and I haven't Tested it on the channel yet but we do Have four cortex a78 cores at 2.6 Gigahertz and four cortex a55 corset 2 Gigahertz through all of my testing the CPU sided things is about five percent Slower than the Snapdragon 870 but when It comes to the GPU we've got the Mali G77 mc9 GPU performance is about nine Percent faster than the 870 and given The price here coming in at 229 for the Lower end 4 gig model this is looking Like a really good deal when it comes to Android tablets you can pick this up With four or eight gigabytes of RAM and Just like a lot of Manufacturers with The four gigabyte model we're going to Get Less storage coming in at 128 eight Gigabyte model is going to give us 256 But they both use ufs 3.1 storage so It's nice and Fast And they support a

Micro SD card and by the way we're Taking a look at the four gigabyte model In this video we've got an 11.2 inch OLED display at 120 hertz with a Resolution of 2560 by 1536 and up to 420 Nits of brightness built-in quad Speakers with Dolby Atmos Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.1 and 8200 milliamp hour Battery with 20 watt fast charging Capabilities and this is running Android 12 out of the box plus we have lenovo's Desktop mode which they call Productivity mode it'll work on the Built-in display or over USB type-c to An HDMI connection I've spent the last couple days with This tablet and it's definitely really Snappy I mean we've got more than enough Power here to run Android 12. everything Loads up really quickly with Wi-Fi 6 Built in and it also supports ethernet Over USB type-c so that's also an option But yeah this thing is really quick here And the speakers on this thing sound Absolutely amazing to tell you the truth I couldn't tell the difference between The speakers on this and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which is a thousand Dollar tablet now the first thing I Wanted to show you was a wide Vine level We're level one here so yes we can get HD Netflix HBO all of your favorite Streaming apps will work in HD a lot of The budget tablets on the market just

Don't support this so you'll be stuck With standard definition quality but you Know I kind of suspected that we did Have level one here given that it's a Lenovo tablet Media consumption is great and I Completely understand that we're not Working with a 4K display but I still Wanted to show you YouTube 4K HDR 60 Hertz this chip has more than enough Power to run these videos at 4K 60 with No drop frames whatsoever also Wi-Fi 6 Is definitely helping out buffer Everything And again I can't get over how good These speakers sound I mean this thing Gets really loud super clean and it's Actually got some bass to it given how Thin this whole tablet is really amazing The next thing I wanted to show off was Desktop mode Lenovo is calling this Productivity mode and from the settings You can actually enable it on the Built-in display of the tablet itself But personally I like connecting to a Larger screen you can do this with a USB Type-c to HDMI adapter or if you've got A monitor that supports USB type-c video In all you got to do is plug it directly In and as you can see on the tablet Itself we're still in tablet mode but on The connected display we're in desktop Mode you can set it up with your Favorite mouse and keyboard you can go

USB or Bluetooth it's really up to you It supports multi-app multi-window you Can connect game controllers and Basically turn this into an Android Powered desktop PC it's also got a snap Feature which really comes in handy to Get a little more screen space we'll go Ahead and open up another app at the Same time and I've opened up about seven Apps haven't really noticed an issue Here running benchmarks in desktop mode Versus tablet mode doesn't affect Performance either now if you're not Into desktop mode or productivity mode You could always mirror the display but Keep in mind you're going to get black Bars on the top and bottom on that Connected display because it's not the Same aspect ratio but even like this we Could play our favorite games on a Bigger screen and yes we can go full Screen with these applications if we Want to Next thing I wanted to take a look at Were some benchmarks and first up we've Got geekbench 5 which wasn't as Impressive as I thought it would be Given the performance here single core 793 multi 2768 I actually thought we'd Score higher on that single core Moving over to 3dmark Wildlife this is a GPU Benchmark that tests the Vulcan Performance we got a score of 4203 and finally and 2-2

Coming in with a 588 110 not bad at all and if you take a Look at that GPU score we're right there At 189 000. So of course we had to test out some Native Android gaming first up we've got Asphalt 9. not a super hard game to run But you know this does struggle on lower End tablets I'm not calling this a lower End tablet at all they consider this a Mid-range tablet but given what's on the Market right now I'd put this you know In higher mid-range Minecraft super easy to run but I did Want to show you that uh you can connect Your controller just using a simple Xbox One controller connected over Bluetooth Fancy Graphics is on we're at 14 chunks Minecraft Roblox you're not gonna have a Problem running it on this tablet Foreign That runs really well on this tablet is Call of Duty mobile we're at high Settings 60fps and I am still using that Controller but if you wanted to use the Touch screen you could I just personally Like using a physical controller and Since this game supports it why not And the final native game I wanted to Test here is definitely a harder one to Run we've got gen impact but this does Run at 60 FPS medium setting every once In a while you will see a stutter here And there so you might want to take a

Couple of the settings down below but Overall it does perform really well and Again we're at 60fps you can go to very High 30fps or high 45 FPS but I Personally like running it at 60 so Medium is kind of The Sweet Spot here Now it's time to move over to my Favorite part of these videos emulation Testing and this little chip really does Shine with emulation this was one of the Things I was kind of worried about but Uh overall I've been having some amazing Performance we're starting out here with PSP using the Standalone version of PPSSPP we went right into it with chains Of Olympus Vulcan back in 3x resolution And it's running at a constant 60 FPS I Haven't seen it dip under so you know This game is definitely harder to Emulate when it comes to PSP the easier To emulate games here will run at 7x Resolution Taking it up a notch to GameCube with Automotive Lista one of my go-to tasks We're at the native resolution Vulcan Back M and I'm super surprised to see That this is running at full speed and I'm not using a modified version of the Dolphin Emulator this is official from Their website it's their development Version but you could go with MMJ or Mmjr if you wanted to and since the Dolphin Emulator also does Wii games I Figured we'd test it out here tatsunoko

Versus Capcom Vulcan back in 1X Resolution it's fully playable here now I'm sure that some harder to emulate GameCube games will struggle on this Device but you're going to have a Majority of them run at full speed this Is looking really awesome so the next Thing I wanted to do was test out some PS2 emulation using ethers X2 And the first one we have here is Gran Turismo 4 using the Vulcan back end and We're at 2.5 x resolution so we're Upscaled over the native res of the Original PS2 and it's looking really Good on this OLED display but of course Gran Turismo 4 isn't a super hard game To emulate I consider it a mid-range Game when it comes to PS2 so let's move Over to God of War 2 1.5 x resolution Vulcan back end this game is running Really well To tell you the truth you know going Into this tablet I didn't think we were Going to get this kind of emulation Performance out of it but lo and behold GameCube Wii PS2 PSP Dreamcast you want To do some 3DS at 1X resolution it's More than possible on this tablet So overall I think this is a great Tablet and I do consider it a budget Tablet given the price of other tablets On the market right now for instance the Galaxy Tab S8 starts at 500 of course It's on sale all the time for 450 but

This was 229. the S8 is going to Outperform this but you know that's a Big price Gap there and when it comes to The Amazon tablets I understand that Those are really budget tablets this is Three times more powerful than the HD 10 That they have on the market right now So I would definitely spend a little More money to get this kind of Performance I'm going to be diving a bit More into desktop mode with this tablet If you're interested in seeing a full Video on that let me know in the Comments below there's a lot of stuff we Can do over there but that's going to Wrap it up for this one I really Appreciate you watching if you're Interested in learning more I'll leave Some links in the description I pick Mine up on eBay directly from Lenovo Selling it you can also go to their Website if you want to if you've got any Questions or if there's anything else You want to see running on this let me Know in the comments below like always Thanks for watching in

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